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Math for Kindergarten Students

Math for Kindergarten Students

As your kid heads into kindergarten, you may feel different emotions. You may wonder how your child will cope and what they are learning. Though kindergarten math classes have changed over time, they are still the foundation of a child's education. So, this article will give you insight into the kindergarten math your kid learns.

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Numbers to 10 in the little Dinosaurus life

I will learn how to compare objects up to 10 and how to count groups of objects in different ways to help little dinosaur to organize life in jungle.

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Learning Shapes with floe of Ice Age

I will learn to look for flat and solid shapes in the world. Consider a variety of figures on the example of snowflakes, icicles and icebergs In the Ice Age will be even more interesting!

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Applying measurements with Egyptians

I will learn to manipulate length, weight, capacity and numbers up to 10 all while exploring the lives of ancient Egyptians, traveling the Nile, and building pyramids.

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Adding and subtracting number pairs to 10 at a Medieval carnival

I will learn how to add and subtract number pairs to 10 during my attendance of a Middle Ages carnival.

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Learning counting to 100 & discovering the poles

I will learn numbers 10-20 and to count up to 100 and I will go on an expedition to the North and South Poles.

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Operations with shapes on the Moon

I will learn how to build new shapes, discover about a rectangle and how to make it, explore how to find hidden shapes within a larger shape. I will explore space and learn about the first person on the moon.

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How does Brighterly Work?

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Book a Free Demo

Brighterly does not require you to pay upfront. Rather, you can book a demo class for free kindergarten math to ascertain what you want.

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Fill Info and Best-fit Time

Provide basic information like your kid's math level and grade. Then book an online class at your convenient time.

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Enjoy a Class

You can watch the tutor by scheduling a meeting, following the entire class, learning, and making improvement suggestions. By doing this, you will be confident to leave your child unsupervised with Brighterly’s online tutors.

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Keep on Learning with Us

If you enjoy the demo class, you can book more classes and decide on the teaching method based on your child's math knowledge.

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What Parents are Saying About Us

Anita Avila

Brighterly help a lot to my son

Brighterly help a lot to my son, he is learning division right now really well. teacher Christina is very kind and understanding she always make sure my son understand well the lesson, I highly recommend Brighterly to all mom out there to use a full learning screen time for their kids.


Good learning plan

The teacher what my kid's strong and weak sides in math were after the first free lesson and than suggested the curriculum that would be the best fit for my kid to improve in those areas.Son Henry now admits actually enjoys learning math (math used to be a bit of a struggle to him in public school before Brighterly).


Better to start now if you seek better results in high school and college

We have 2 sons. When the older one was getting ready for college, my husband and I paid for private tutoring for him. At some point, the tutor said that if we started earlier, the son would've already been better prepared for college.So we decided it was better for our youngest son to start tutoring earlier.Now he is in grade 5 and he started learning math in Brighterly. He likes his lessons, and we like from our progress reports he's doing well in math.


She's a little behind in school because…

She's a little behind in school because of the pandemic thing and the online studies. At Brighterly she has been having 3 lessons per week for 1 month, and we already see the result: she got better not only in math but in the other subjects too.Our school teacher told me Emma seems more confident during school lessons, too.


Experienced teacher, interesting lessons. Good school

Experienced teacher, interesting lessons. Good school.But it's expensive if you go ahead with the 8 lessons.


Lessons are tailored to younger children

Lessons at the Brighterly are tailored to younger children, so I was pleased too see then not boring for my 1st graded. I wished she learned more math, but I lacked knowledge to help her.So now she studies twice a week at Brighterly.A good experience that I recommend to others.

Juliana Aroh

Am impressed in all ramifications

Am impressed in all ramifications, my son was happy, relaxed throughout the teaching…. Keep it up!!!

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  • Kindergarten
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  • Grade 5
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What Will You Get with Brighterly?

Many features make Brighterly awesome and different from other learning platforms. And with the platform creators constantly improving its services, there’s no limit to the value you can get on Brighterly. Below are some wonderful features you can expect when your child learns kindergarten math on this platform.

Expert Tutors

Brighterly has a team of expert tutors in mathematics for kindergarten kids. These tutors have years of experience teaching kindergarten maths both online and offline globally including Europe, the United States, and Asia. Brighterly tutors apply the best teaching program to make classes compelling and interactive.

Outstanding Knowledge in Mathematics

Bearing in mind that they train kids, not adults, Brighterly tutors carefully explain the most complex mathematical concepts in a way kids can relate and understand. The pattern of teaching ensures kids' critical thinking skills develop quickly. They learn the simplest ways to solve pressing problems and tricks to calculate numbers rapidly in their minds. The training kids undergo is not just to pass tests, but also to put them on course for future success.

Easy Learning

Most schools make the mistake of not making the math kindergarten learning through everyday activities. At Brighterly, this is not the case. Brighterly believes in fun math for kindergarten and effective learning using objects and games.

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Math for kindergarten should be enjoyable. However, schools make it complex and anxiety-inducing. Brighterly is an online math platform that develops children’s critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, letting them unleash their full learning potential. Brighterly’s kindergarten math online platform opens up an exciting world of math that will help your kids in their daily life.

Math for kids should not be boring; rather, it should be exciting. With Brighterly’s expert tutors willing to explain both complex and simple math concepts, you can be sure that your child will perform excellently in math. Kids learn through captivating interactive games and activities, which Brighterly promotes.

Brighterly Has Expert Tutors Who Care for Kids

Teaching math to kindergarteners is not as easy as it seems; no wonder Brighterly has a high standard for hiring tutors. First, put kids’ interests at the forefront to ensure they are relaxed. That explains why small percent of its applicants successfully pass the hiring test. Also, Brighterly tutors speak fluent English, have acquired the academic degree, and have many years of experience.

How do Kindergarteners Learn Math Online?

There are several ways your kids can learn math online, especially with Brighterly. The Brighterly platform, unlike many other math websites for kindergarten, teaches kids to enjoy math and understand the steps and applications of its concepts. Kids explore basic skills like sorting, counting, addition, and subtraction. Other ways they learn include:


Through animation and real-life objects, online learning can help kids visualize a problem and solve them easily. They learn concepts like addition, subtraction, and geometry by memorizing the movements of the animated pictures or characters.

Finding the Missing Number

You can boost your kid’s counting and knowledge of numbers through online games that require them to find a missing number. For instance, tutors may display an incomplete set of objects to the kids to find the lost object or number.

Count and Match Game

If your child struggles with counting, there’s no reason to be bothered because you can correct that with online games and fun math for kindergarten. Kids can play count and match games to boost their thinking and knowledge of numbers. Also, it helps kids become more confident and proficient. Kids should be encouraged to do math problems relating to number sentences to build a solid foundation in addition.

How Brighterly Help Kids Learning Math for Kindergarten?

There are several ways to make kids learn quickly without them feeling bored. They include:

Teaching Kids to Solve Math Problems Themselves

Rather than watching their teachers solve math questions, kids should solve more math problems themselves. So Brighterly’s tutors explain math equations and concepts on the board for kids. After, the children take notes and solve the questions at the end of the class.

Providing Hints Before Answers

Rather than give answers to questions straight away, Brighterly’s style is to offer tips. When kids encounter questions or math problems, Brighterly tutors give cues that help kids think critically and develop the solution themselves.

Helping Kids Know the Importance of Math and Why It Works the Way It Does

While regular math classes confuse kids with facts without a cause on what lies behind them, Brighterly teaches kids real-life examples that they can easily relate to. Furthermore, kids understand that learning math is essential because it is a discipline that describes important elements of the world.

Will The Tutor Also Help My Child with Their School Homework? 

Brighterly encourages logical thinking and problem-solving skills in kids. If you subscribe to the premium 144-class, the tutor will assist your child in solving complex tasks. Thus, we can help your kids solve their school assignments. 

Do I need to attend the classes with my child? 

Brighterly’s tutors are experienced enough to take care of your kids’ learning. There’s no need to attend class with your kid. However, you can book a meeting if you prefer to and watch the tutor teachs your kids, allowing you to make suggestions for improvement, if any.

Are these classes safe for my child? 

Absolutely! Brighterly classes are completely safe for your kids. They will make them feel relaxed while learning, thus expelling math anxiety. Brighterly has the most caring tutors with years of tutoring experience. You don’t need to be concerned about your child’s safety.

When will my card get charged?

Brighterly will only charge your card if you decide to continue classes after the demo class. After the trial class, you can cancel the program if you do not wish to continue. You can also end your subscription if you feel your kid has learned enough. 

How do I schedule a class with a math tutor?

After entering the information we need to get into the class, you can book a class with a math tutor. Brighterly will set you up with a tutor that suits your needs with the information you provided.

Can I reschedule a class?

To schedule a class, go to the Brighterly website and choose to set up classes at your convenience. Also, if you are not comfortable with the time you picked, you can reschedule. However, the reschedule option is available only in 48 and 144 classes packages.

Can I choose a math tutor?

The hiring policy at Brighterly means they have the best tutors out there. The teachers are absolute professionals and experienced, so there is no need to choose the tutor on your own.

Does Brighterly deliver classes for special-needs students?

Brighterly has professional tutors who can attend to any child’s needs. The tutors are adaptive to the needs and conditions of children and would not hesitate to change their approach to suit your kid irrespective of their special needs. So if you want the most attentive and careful teachers for your child, register for Brighterly’s math classes.

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