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    Have you ever heard of diagnostic 3 grade math tests? If your child is about to embark on a learning journey, chances are they’ll need one of these assessments. The truth is that most young learners have a hard time grasping math concepts and may need an extra nudge from tutors or their parents.

    A diagnostic 3rd grade math state test is often the first step towards getting a kid the help they need. These 3rd-grade math tests assess their current knowledge and capabilities and will help you ascertain just how much help your child needs.

    In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about 3rd grade math assessment tests and proffer a free sample. Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

    The Importance of Diagnostic Tests

    So, here’s the big question: why do we even need math tests for 3rd graders? Can’t we just wing it? If these questions have been running through your mind, here’s a quick breakdown of why diagnostic math tests are crucial to the learning journey:

    To spot and fill learning gaps

    Learning gaps have existed since the beginning of time. More often than not, kids might have trouble grasping a particular math concept. However, this struggle tends to go undetected in a traditional classroom setting. The tutor might move on to a new topic without realizing that a student is lagging.

    However, a diagnostic math test helps to spot any learning gaps or problem areas. For instance, if a student struggles with fractions, a test will reveal this weakness. Subsequently, you can start taking the necessary steps to help them grasp the concept.

    To receive feedback

    If you’re a math teacher, you’d understand that offering feedback and progress reports to parents is a core part of your job. However, this can be pretty difficult if you don’t have insight into your student’s math capabilities. This is where diagnostic tests come in.

    With a diagnostic test, you can ascertain the point at which your student is currently in their learning journey. Thus, parents receive comprehensive and detailed feedback. In the same vein, the test will help you track your students academic progress and determine if they’re advancing or lagging.

    To ensure that kids are taught the right way

    Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office and gotten medications without a proper test? Picture this scenario: you walk into a hospital with a broken rib. However, your doctor takes one look at you and loads you with antibiotics. What do you think will happen? While your immune system will probably be in prime condition, your broken rib will never heal.

    Math works in the same way. Without a diagnostic test, you’ll probably never figure out the problem and might teach your students the wrong way. However, a math assessment sheds light on the situation and helps you tackle the problem the right way.

    Third-Grade Math Test

    Answer the following questions:

    1. Arrange the following numbers in ascending order:

      3015, 1015, 5015, 9015, 7015.

    2. Peter wants to build a custom bookcase. Each shelf is meant to contain 15 books. If he has 225 books, how many shelves does he need?
    3. Add the following numbers together: 56783 + 97542
    4. You have 87 dollars and you want to buy some apples. If one apple costs 3 dollars, calculate how much you’d have left when you buy 5 apples.
    5. Which math problem will give you the same results as 8 x 3?
      1. 15 + 7
      2. 14 + 8
      3. 14 + 10
      4. 9 + 11
    6. You go into a Mcdonald’s for lunch with only 4 dollars. The menu contains:


      Regular fries…………..$1.80

      Chicken wings…………$1.50

      Chicken nuggets………$2.50

      Bottle of water…………$0.50

      Which two food items can you get with enough spare change for a bottle of water?

    7. Write out the following numbers in words:



    8. How many blocks of 5 can you make with 50?
    9. Fill in the missing numbers: 512, 527, ____, 557, ____
    10. Which number is less than 555 but greater than 460?
      1. 459
      2. 308
      3. 651
      4. 499
    11. Replace the question mark with the >or < symbol:

      805 (?) 991

      59 (?) 45

    12. Perform the following subtractions:

      5540 – 1680 = ?

      9085 – 7820 = ?

    13. John has thirteen apples. As he walks down the road, he finds three hungry children. If John hands each hungry child three apples, how many apples does he have left?
    14. What is ½ of 10 oranges?
    15. You have 300 dollars. Your mother takes half of the money and pays you $250 the next day. How much do you have now?

    Important Information about the 3rd Grade Math Test

    This 3rd grade math test with answer key is a great way to assess students’ knowledge and spot problem areas. No calculators are allowed!

    A score of 12 or above indicates that the student has reached the 3rd-grade math milestone. Students with a score of 10 and below may need further revisions with the tutor.

    Printable 3rd Grade Math Assessment Test

    Looking for a printable 3rd grade math test? These tests will help you track your child’s learning journey and spot any learning gaps or problem areas. Click here to download your very first 3rd grade math test printable guide:


    What Math Skills Are Tested in the 3rd Grade?

    The third grade is an integral phase for learning math. At this stage, young learners are typically introduced to numerous topics and math concepts. With this in mind, math tests for 3rd grade are designed to assess certain skills and milestones such as:

    Basic math operations

    In 3rd grade, young learners are taught how to solve basic math operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They’ll understand the relationship between multiplication and division. They’ll also be able to apply what they’ve learned in real-life situations. The typical math test for 3rd grade assesses their understanding of these operations and thus, will contain relevant problems.

    Word problems involving the four core math operations

    In 3rd grade, kids also work more with word problems. But not just any kind of word problems. Most of the word problems they’ll work with in 3rd grade will involve the four core math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The 3rd grade math tests assess the young learner’s ability to read and understand these problems. More importantly, the assessment will test how quickly they can identify the operation to apply to each word problem.


    Another skill that gets assessed in the typical math test 3rd grade is the learner’s ability to work with fractions. Kids will learn how to work with fractions and identify parts of a whole. They should also be able to show fractions on a number line and compare/ solve different fractions.

    Time to the minute

    In 3rd grade, kids should have mastered the concept of telling time. Thus, assessments at this level often contain exercises that test their ability to tell time to the nearest minute. These exercises will use analog clocks, rather than digital ones, to ensure that a child has a firm grasp of this topic.

    How to Prepare for a 3rd Grade Math Test?

    So, your kid is about to take a math test. How do they prepare? While a 3rd grade math test is nowhere as strenuous as taking the SATs, it does require adequate preparation. Here are some tips to keep you armed and ready:

    Start early

    If your child is taking a math test, the best time to study isn’t the night before or the morning of the test. Start prepping them as early as possible. If you can, set up a regular study schedule to help them stay consistent.

    Look over class notes

    More often than not, your child’s class notes contain a comprehensive layout of all the topics they’ve learned throughout the term. Look over class notes with them and try to go over the topics several times. This way, you can ensure that they have a firm grasp of the curriculum.

    Use math games

    If all else fails, try out math games. Over the years, many scholars have advocated for game-based education as it’s a great strategy for boosting learners’ motivation and performance. Incorporating games into your child’s lesson might bring all the energy they need.

    Try out practice exercises

    Simulations are always the best way to prepare your kid for a 3rd grade math test. Set up practice tests for them. You can either make some up yourself or download the printable tests outlined above. This strategy will certainly work wonders!

    Look Online for More Math Help

    Diagnostic math tests are a great way to ascertain your child’s academic progress and address any problem areas. However, they’re not completely fool-proof. If your child is struggling with diagnostic 3rd grade math tests, it might be time to book an evaluative lesson instead.

    Fortunately, Brighterly offers an evaluation math lesson that not only tests your child’s current knowledge but boosts it as well. With this lesson, you’ll get a comprehensive report and advice on the next steps to take in your child’s academic journey.

    Good luck!

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