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Grade 2 Math Objectives

You should have a couple of goals for your kid’s math journey by the second grade. These objectives follow the custom curricula. Brighterly tutors also focus on teaching them skills that will help them achieve those goals, which include:

Money & Time
Word Problems

Introduction to money and time

A second-grader will start working with money and learn how to count money, calculate change, subtract and add money. These kids will also learn to tell time to the nearest five minutes from a clock. By the end of the 2nd grade, your child should be able to tell the difference between AM and PM.

Solving word problems with numbers under 100

The 2nd grade math lessons will focus on adding and subtracting two digits and understanding word problems focusing on numbers below 100. In this grade, your child will learn how to count, add and subtract up to 20. They will learn to solve word problems and count up to 100.

Count within 1000

Second graders will learn to count up to 1000. Later on, they will improve their addition skills when they know how to add by composing tens, hundreds, tens & hundreds. Your child will also learn to subtract by breaking up tens, hundreds, tens & hundreds. Finally, they will learn how to solve world problems within 1000.


Your second grader will learn how to estimate length and measure with different units. They will learn to compare measurements by adding and subtracting the dimensions of objects to determine which one is longer or shorter. Math for 2nd graders will be their introduction to proportions.

Lines and Charts

Your child will learn to read and represent data on a plot line in second grade. They will also study picture graphs, bar graphs, and charts. While they won’t learn the in-depth workings of charts, they will learn to differentiate between the various pictorial representations of numbers.

Place Value and Number Sense

Math 2nd grade involves understanding place numbers and representing three digits numbers. Your child will learn how many ones, tens, and hundreds are in three digits numbers. They will also learn to count by 2s, 5s, 10s, and 100s while honing their ability to tell odd numbers from even ones.

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What Will Your Child Gain By Learning Math For 2nd Graders on Brighterly?

As good as it sounds, you may be wondering why your kids need to use Brighterly. Looking out for your child’s wellbeing is a main part of parenthood, so you’re doing the right thing. By using Brighterly, you get:

Image Expert Tutors

Expert Tutors

Brighterly has trained tutors who will introduce your child to the fascinating world of mathematics. These math teachers are devoted to developing your child’s problem-solving skills even beyond 2nd grade math. They all have years of experience in the field and use modern, innovative methods to ensure that your child's grades improve. They will teach your children math in the most joyful and captivating manner, leaving them eager to learn more.

Image Outstanding Knowledge in Mathematics

Outstanding Knowledge in Mathematics

Math teachers from Brighterly will explain the most complex math problem in the simplest words for your kid’s convenience. They will teach your child tricks and hack to help them solve math problems faster. At the end of the year, your child will be one of the best students in math class at their school.

Image Easy Learning

Easy Learning

Your child will learn math for second graders easily and excitingly compared to how they teach them in school. The idea behind Brighterly rests on children’s preference for interactive games and activities during learning. So, the tutors incorporate these into their teaching methods.

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Brighterly Has Experts Tutors Who Care!

All Brighterly tutors have experience in the education field and the associated degrees. They are seasoned tutors who have experience with children, including special-needs kids. They are devoted to improving your child's skills with innovative teaching methods that captivate your child's attention and keep them eager for every math class.

How Can My 2nd Grader Learn Maths 2 Grade Online?

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How Can My 2nd Grader Learn Maths 2 Grade Online?

How Brighterly Works?

Book a Demo

You don’t need to pay upfront when you sign up for math tutoring for 2nd grade with Brighterly. Your child can learn second grade math free when you book a demo. So, start math for 2nd graders free trial and only conclude if they think it’s worth their money.

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Fill Info and Best-Fit Time

You need to fill in your name and that of your child, your phone number, email, and other essential details. Then, select the most suitable time for you and your child.

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Enjoy a Math Class

Your child can enjoy free math for 2nd graders interactive class when you have created a demo account. They will get the full experience with attentive teachers and fun math games.

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Keep On Learning With Us

When your free trial is over, you can choose a package so that your child can continue learning fun math with us. By then, you would have no doubts about the value of your investment in your child’s education.

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Will the Tutor Also Help My Child with Their School Homework?

It depends on the package you choose for your child. If you select the 144 classes package, the assigned tutor will help your child with their school homework.

Do I Need to Attend the Classes with My Child?

It is not necessary to attend all classes with your child. You can attend a few lessons with your child and assess what your child is learning and how the platform works. After that, you don't need to attend the rest of the classes with your child.

Are These 2nd Grade Math Classes Safe for My Child?

Brighterly classes are safe for your child. Your child doesn’t need to leave the house to learn, and there is no chance that they will experience online bullying on Brighterly.

When Will Brighterly Charge My Card?

When your demo expired, the classes will stop until you pay for a new learning package for your child so that they can continue learning with us. Brighterly will charge your card after you have chosen any of three learning packages for your child.

How Do I Schedule a Class with a Math Tutor?

When registering for a Brighterly 2nd grade math tutor, you will pick a time and date that is most suitable for your child. Brighterly provides a flexible weekly schedule, recommending two math classes per week at least.

Can I Reschedule a Class?

A class reschedule option is available depending on your package. Currently you can reschedule a second grade math classes if you choose 48 or 144 classes packages.

Can I Choose a 2nd Grade Math Tutor?

Brighterly assigns a math tutor to your child based on grade and skill level, so there is no need to do it on your own. The math tutor will assess your child's skill level and decide on a teaching method that enables your child to learn math more excitingly.

Does Brighterly Deliver Classes for Special-Needs Students?

Our answer is “Yes”, because Brighterly has a personalized teaching plan that adapts to your child's needs. They will know where your child needs improvement after assessing them during the first few classes.