Fun Math Riddles for Kids

May 10, 2023


51 Easy Math Riddles for Kids to Make Math Learning Fun

Many children say math is boring. You can argue, but it really is, assuming that students spend their time in math classes yawning at the chalkboard. But you can make math a bit funnier and cheer kids up before homework or math classes using fun riddles. Check these 51 simple math riddles for kids and […]

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January 10, 2023

Math Tests

Basic Math Diagnostic Test

A basic math test is a helpful tool for assessing one’s math skills and identifying any areas of weakness that need to be addressed. By understanding the concepts covered in the test and practicing ahead of time, grade-school students can increase their chances for success. Whether you are a student preparing for an upcoming math […]

Homeschooling Statistics

January 4, 2023


Homeschooling Statistics in 2023 – USA Data and Trends

We all know about the age-long public schooling vs. homeschool debate. For a very long time, it seemed that public schooling always emerged victorious in every heated argument. However, the tides have begun to change. Recent statistics on home schooling show that more parents are taking this path and pulling their kids out of public […]

Math for Kids

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6th Grade Diagnostic Math Test

January 3, 2023

Math Tests

6th Grade Diagnostic Math Test

It is expected that students entering sixth grade will have a solid understanding of math concepts. So, many schools administer a diagnostic math test to ensure that students are on track and prepared for the math state test grade 6 challenges. These 6th grade math state tests inform educators if their students comprehend fundamental math […]

Math Skills

January 2, 2023


What Are Basic Math Skills and How Can You Improve Them?

Dear Student, I’m not a terrible subject. I can be fun and easy. Sincerely, Math. If math could speak to every student across the globe, what do you reckon it would say? Chances are its speech would be something like the epigraph above. Many kids fear or outrightly hate math, and we can’t blame them. […]

3rd Grade Diagnostic Math Test

December 27, 2022

Math Tests

Diagnostic 3rd Grade Math Test

Have you ever heard of diagnostic 3 grade math tests? If your child is about to embark on a learning journey, chances are they’ll need one of these assessments. The truth is that most young learners have a hard time grasping math concepts and may need an extra nudge from tutors or their parents. A […]

1st Grade Diagnostic Math Test

December 26, 2022

Math Tests

1st Grade Diagnostic Math Test

Many exciting mathematical concepts are introduced to students in the first grade. The ideal math test for 1st grade covers a wide range of topics, including counting, addition, subtraction, measurement, shapes, and size. Teachers use the first-grade math test to check students’ understanding of their lessons. Most of the time, these tests contain multiple-choice and […]

4th Grade Diagnostic Math Test

December 23, 2022

Math Tests

4th Grade Diagnostic Math Test

4th grade marks a point in your child’s life where they’re ready to learn advanced math concepts like decimal numbers, factors, complex operations, and measurement. It’s a time when kids need a lot of help to handle the new curriculum as they may tackle some problems while studying. The 4th grade math test is one […]

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