Our mission

Math is a journey that every kid can take and should take for a successful life. Some take it longer to reach the destination, and others move faster. With a proper pedagogical approach and with professional tutoring, every child can be good in math theory and practice. Our mission in Brighterly is to help every kid aged 6 - 13 complete this journey with fun, ease, and success.

Our mission

How does Brighterly work

Feeling like your kid needs better math understanding? Then check our straightforward order system below:

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Order a Free Math Class

With us, you don’t need to pay upfront. You can order a demo lesson and check the whole process for free. If you like how our experts teach, you can go further and order more classes.

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Fill Your Requirements and Schedule the Demo Class

Give us basic information – your kid’s grade and their math level. Set up an online class time, and you’re good to go. We will take care of the rest.

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Enjoy the Class

Set up a meeting and watch our tutor work with your child. You can be there through the entire class, make suggestions, learn maths for kids specifics, and more.

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Keep Teaching Children Mathematics With Us

If you enjoy our trial lesson, you can schedule ongoing math classes. Discuss classes and decide on the process based on your kid’s math knowledge.

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Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Math should be fun

We at Brighterly want to make Math learning fun. Fun to the extent kids look forward to it. Our curriculum developers are constantly working to make our learning activities interactive and fun, yet effective in Math teaching.

Pedagogy should guide any learning

We believe that any learning should be rooted in pedagogical principles for best outcomes. Our lessons, though fun and joyful, are built by our experienced pedagogs who input best teaching practices and their understanding of child psychology.

Knowledge is power

We at Brighterly have a strong belief that knowledge is the key to success. The earlier a person acquires this key, the earlier they will open the door to successful living. We provide kids with Math knowledge from their early years because we believe it will secure their future.

Learning is best if systematic

Brighterly teaching is built upon a curriculum that enables kids to learn new knowledge after covering the previous topic because we believe that only such a learning approach provides best outcomes. We also believe that regular, systematic attendance will safeguard effective learning.

Our Values

Brighterly’s operations are guided by the vision of a Math genius in every kid if proper teaching and high-quality materials are used.

Brighterly’s work is aligned with time-tested pedagogical principles to ensure every child’s potential is fully revealed.

Brighterly’s fundamental values is every parent’s entrust of their child to us during every lesson, and we never take it for granted, and will always sustain this degree of belief.

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I Tried to Join the Lesson, But the Teacher Didn’t Hear and See Me.

Here you can find instructions for solving video and microphone problems during the demo lesson:

What is a Trial Online Math for Kids Lesson?

The trial lesson aims to determine your child’s knowledge, demonstrate the teaching process, and define the scope of classes if you find Brighterly worth the time and energy. Your kid will have an online meeting similar to our paid services, and you can watch the process from start to finish.

Can I Cancel the Plan if I Feel Like It?

If you believe it’s necessary to cancel the plan for whatever reason, you can do it whenever you want. Check our refund page for more info about package cancellation and refunds.

Can I Reschedule a Class?

This option is available for all our students. For more information you can contact support team.

What Technical Setup My Child Needs for Online Math Classes?

Your child will need a PC or laptop, a high-resolution web camera, and a microphone for online classes.

Can I Choose a Math Tutor?

All our tutors have equally stellar teaching experience. There is no need to select a specific teacher. Our system automatically assigns the tutor to match your needs to the fullest.