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Author Jessica Kaminski

Jessica Kaminski

43 articles

Jessica is a a seasoned math tutor with over a decade of experience in the field. With a BSc and Master’s degree in Mathematics, she enjoys nurturing math geniuses, regardless of their age, grade, and skills. Apart from tutoring, Jessica blogs at Brighterly. She also has experience in child psychology, homeschooling and curriculum consultation for schools and EdTech websites.

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Author Jo-ann Caballes

Jo-ann Caballes

4 articles

As a seasoned educator with a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education and over three years of experience, I specialize in making mathematics accessible to students of all backgrounds through Brighterly. My expertise extends beyond teaching; I blog about innovative educational strategies and have a keen interest in child psychology and curriculum development. My approach is shaped by a belief in practical, real-life application of math, making learning both impactful and enjoyable.

Author Rachelle Bencio Yu

Rachelle Bencio Yu

6 articles

Rachelle Bencio Yu is a qualified tutor with more than 15 years of experience teaching math to children from Pre-K to 12th grade. Currently, she is one of the best teachers at Brighterly educational platform and an author of educational content on the Brighterly blog.

I am a seasoned math tutor with over seven years of experience in the field. Holding a Master’s Degree in Education, I take great joy in nurturing young math enthusiasts, regardless of their age, grade, and skill level. Beyond teaching, I am passionate about spending time with my family, reading, and watching movies. My background also includes knowledge in child psychology, which aids in delivering personalized and effective teaching strategies.

Author Yaren Fadiloglulari

Yaren Fadiloglulari

2 articles

Yaren Fadiloglulari is a freelance writer and researcher. Besides Brighterly, she has written articles for education companies like Preply, Studyportals, and Fluent in 3 Months. She also has publications in Euronews, Time Out, and The Independent.