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Math for 1st Graders

Math for 1st Graders

Learning 1st grade math is fun. But what if your first-grader whimpers every time they have to do math homework? School math classes might not give your child the necessary knowledge since lifeless math drills kill their desire to discover new things. The good news is that your kid can learn math while having fun at the same time. Search no more - our online first-grade math classes will help your child get A + in math regularly.

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Operations with numbers up to 10 with known dinosaurs

I will progress towards fluency with addition and subtraction of numbers to 10, it will help me to learn and count the most famous species of dinosaurs.

Get a free lesson Operations with numbers up to 10 with known dinosaurs

Number system in the Plants of the Ice Age

I will continue my pass from problem solving within 10 to work within 100, as I will learn to solve addition and subtraction problems involving – teen numbers by counting plants of the ice age.

Get a free lesson Number system in the Plants of the Ice Age

Utilizing length measurements alongside the Incas

I will learn to manipulate and compare length units and I will wander around the Machu Picchu and say hi to the Incas.

Get a free lesson Utilizing length measurements alongside the Incas

Learning place value, & adding, subtracting numbers to 40 while discovering America

I will learn place value in numbers, and to add, subtract, and compare numbers up to 40 while en route to discover the American continent.

Get a free lesson Learning place value, & adding, subtracting numbers to 40 while discovering America

Exploring and working with shapes through the lens of first airplanes

I will learn how to identify, compose, and slice shapes, and I will see how first airplanes were build and will organize an air race.

Get a free lesson Exploring and working with shapes through the lens of first airplanes

Addition up to 100, coins and space station

I will learn how to count, add and subtract within 100, use math language, compare numbers and count U.S. coins. I will find out about the NASA, human in the space, International Space Station.

Get a free lesson Addition up to 100, coins and space station
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How Does Brighterly’s Math for 1st-Graders Work?

Need online math help for your first-grader? Check how Brighterly’s math for first grade works:

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You don’t have to pay upfront. If you’re unsure whether our math help works for you, you can order a FREE demo lesson. If you like the way our online tutors teach math to your first-grader, you can subscribe to our lesson packages.

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Fill Out an Order Form

Complete an order – specify the best time for an online class and your kid’s math level. Once you place an order, relax and wait for the online lesson.

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Watch Our Tutors Work

You can take part in the online lesson and watch the process. We encourage parents to discuss the math content plan, decide on the subsequent classes, and more. At the end of the class, our teacher will give detailed feedback on your kid’s performance.

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Keep on Learning with Us

If you like the demo lesson, you can subscribe to one of our packages. Get up to 20% off your order if you buy 144 math classes.

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What Parents are Saying About Us

Anita Avila

Brighterly help a lot to my son

Brighterly help a lot to my son, he is learning division right now really well. teacher Christina is very kind and understanding she always make sure my son understand well the lesson, I highly recommend Brighterly to all mom out there to use a full learning screen time for their kids.


Good learning plan

The teacher what my kid's strong and weak sides in math were after the first free lesson and than suggested the curriculum that would be the best fit for my kid to improve in those areas.Son Henry now admits actually enjoys learning math (math used to be a bit of a struggle to him in public school before Brighterly).


Better to start now if you seek better results in high school and college

We have 2 sons. When the older one was getting ready for college, my husband and I paid for private tutoring for him. At some point, the tutor said that if we started earlier, the son would've already been better prepared for college.So we decided it was better for our youngest son to start tutoring earlier.Now he is in grade 5 and he started learning math in Brighterly. He likes his lessons, and we like from our progress reports he's doing well in math.


She's a little behind in school because…

She's a little behind in school because of the pandemic thing and the online studies. At Brighterly she has been having 3 lessons per week for 1 month, and we already see the result: she got better not only in math but in the other subjects too.Our school teacher told me Emma seems more confident during school lessons, too.


Experienced teacher, interesting lessons. Good school

Experienced teacher, interesting lessons. Good school.But it's expensive if you go ahead with the 8 lessons.


Lessons are tailored to younger children

Lessons at the Brighterly are tailored to younger children, so I was pleased too see then not boring for my 1st graded. I wished she learned more math, but I lacked knowledge to help her.So now she studies twice a week at Brighterly.A good experience that I recommend to others.

Juliana Aroh

Am impressed in all ramifications

Am impressed in all ramifications, my son was happy, relaxed throughout the teaching…. Keep it up!!!

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  • Kindergarten
  • Grade 1
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  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
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Why Choose Brighterly’s Online Math for 1st Grade?

At Brighterly, we aim for meaningful education that delivers measurable results. Check how we teach first-grade math online below:

Professional 1st Grade Math Tutors

We are committed to the highest quality of education. Our experts have outstanding experience in teaching math in 1st grade online. Our tutors have many years of professional experience. They apply the most efficient teaching practices to help students grasp math concepts without effort. Brighterly teachers find approaches to students individually, offering highly personalized math classes. Our tutors meet your kid’s needs instead of forcing repetitive, generalized tasks on everyone.

Outstanding First Grade Learning Math Practices

At Brighterly, we believe math practice should prevail during the class. We arrange our math lessons to let our students perform engaging first-grader math drills 90% of the class time. We use time-proven approaches combined with technological advancements to demonstrate children how math works in real life. As a result, kids learn math procedures and successfully apply them to math problems they’ve never solved before. We develop logical thinking and decision-making skills in children this way, guiding them through math solutions without declaring answers straight away. We explain all “whys” and “hows” of math concepts to our students so that they build a bigger picture.

Easy Math Learning for 1st Graders

Math connects to life to an unbelievable extent – it describes how our world works, and we project this vision into our students. We make math fun using real-life references and illustrative digital assets. Additionally, we’re committed to play-based learning as children understand and interact with the world around them through play. Our tutors skillfully integrate learning-through-play teaching methods so that students can enjoy math classes and look forward to more lessons in the future.

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Brighterly is an online math learning platform dedicated to primary school students. We offer comprehensive math lessons for pre-K and K-5 students. Brighterly doesn’t provide just math classes – we make math learning fun and engaging to all students, helping them love this subject and apply math skills to real life.

Math for 1st Grade: How Can Your Kid Study Numbers Online?

Your kid can learn math online by:

  • Watching educational videos on YouTube or specialized math websites.
  • Completing math practice tests.
  • Playing math games.

However, to do so, your child will have to show immense time management skills and a desire for self-education. Homeschool first-grade math implies that you guide your student through all these activities, spending a couple of hours each day besides homework. In theory, it sounds good. But in practice, you will end up searching for online math tutors.

Brighterly’s Online Tutors Care about Children

Due to strict application procedures only the most qualified applicants eventually become our tutors. We rigorously check our applicant’s qualifications, teaching experience, educational background, and more.

To join our team and stay onboard, our tutors must:

  • Have an academic degree.
  • Complete intense training courses. Our candidates learn the ropes of working with us and adjust their methodology to align with our objectives and policies.
  • Improve their skills regularly. Our tutors stay up to date on the best teaching practices and study the frontiers of pedagogy.
  • Undergo a regular quality assessment to meet the highest teaching standards.

However, we believe that a good teacher should also love kids – our tutors care about students and understand that every child is born a genius. We help them discover their capabilities and succeed in math learning.

Brighterly’s Online Math for 1st Grade: What Makes Us Different?

We understand that current school practices can’t fulfill the needs of all students due to 100-year-old teaching approaches. Essentially, school math is limited to a notebook and a pen. We teach math for grade 1 differently, helping kids understand and love this subject. We help students build a solid math foundation, and here is why:

We Hint at Solutions Instead of Giving Answers Straight Away

Brighterly’s tutors don’t give straight answers – our students work on math problems themselves while we guide them, hinting at solutions if kids meet the dead end.

Our Students Do Real Math

The strongest students solve math problems on the blackboard, while the rest of the class writes down the answers – that is what happens at school.

Consequently, most children have no time to digest math problems themselves due to a lack of meaningful math practice. With us, students solve plenty of math problems and develop essential math skills – math practice accounts for 90% of the class time.

We Create a Mistake-Free Environment

At school, kids with math difficulties prefer to be quiet. If they solve math problems the wrong way, they will face the teacher’s condemnation followed by the giggles of their peers.

We act differently, aiming at a mistake-friendly environment. We don’t judge kids for wrong answers. We inspire them to try until they succeed and gain experience without the fear of mistakes.

Will The Tutor Also Help My Child with Their School Homework?

Brighterly’s tutors teach math topics independently of the school progress. We help kids strengthen specific math skills. Therefore, our curriculum will be different from the school one. However, if you choose 144 math classes, our tutors will help with school homework. 

Do I Need to Attend the Classes with My Child?

Our tutors use the best teaching practices to engage students and keep them interested in the taught math topics. Parents can stay during the demo class to see how online tutorship works. Most adults prefer to leave their kids with tutors starting from the second lesson.

Are These Classes Safe for My Child?

Our online lessons are entirely safe for your kid – we value your privacy, safety, and comfort above all. You can check the process at any time. Our professionals undergo meticulous background checks. Therefore, your child will be entirely safe during the lesson.

When Will My Card Get Charged?

Our demo lesson is free. We will charge you 24 hours after the demo class once you subscribe to one of our packages. You can cancel the subscription at any time, and we will refund the rest of your order without asking questions.

How Do I Schedule a Class with a Math Tutor?

You can schedule a math class with a tutor in a few clicks. Choose the math course you want your child to attend and select the appropriate time. Our system will automatically select the best tutor for your child.

Can I Reschedule a Class?

This option is available for 48 and 144 classes packages. For more information you can contact support team.  

Can I Choose a Math Tutor?

All our tutors have equally stellar teaching experience. There is no need to select a specific teacher. Our system automatically assigns the tutor to match your needs to the fullest.

Does Brighterly deliver classes for special-needs students? 

Brighterly provides math classes for all children and the relevant teaching approache assures the best learning environment.

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  • Kindergarten
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5
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