Math Lessons for Kids

Math Lessons for Kids

If you want your kid to excel in math, sometimes, all you need to do is make math fun by switching to individual learning. We offers personalized 1:1 math lessons for kids. Improve your kid’s math performance and help them love this subject.

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What Interactive Math Lessons Does Brighterly Offer?

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Operations with numbers up to 10 with known dinosaurs

I will progress towards fluency with addition and subtraction of numbers to 10, it will help me to learn and count the most famous species of dinosaurs.

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Number system in the Plants of the Ice Age

I will continue my pass from problem solving within 10 to work within 100, as I will learn to solve addition and subtraction problems involving – teen numbers by counting plants of the ice age.

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Utilizing length measurements alongside the Incas

I will learn to manipulate and compare length units and I will wander around the Machu Picchu and say hi to the Incas.

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Learning place value, & adding, subtracting numbers to 40 while discovering America

I will learn place value in numbers, and to add, subtract, and compare numbers up to 40 while en route to discover the American continent.

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Exploring and working with shapes through the lens of first airplanes

I will learn how to identify, compose, and slice shapes, and I will see how first airplanes were build and will organize an air race.

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Addition up to 100, coins and space station

I will learn how to count, add and subtract within 100, use math language, compare numbers and count U.S. coins. I will find out about the NASA, human in the space, International Space Station.

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How Brighterly’s Math Lessons for Kids Work?

Do you feel like your child needs math help? Check how you can receive professional assistance at Brighterly:

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Order a Demo Class

With us, you can order a FREE DEMO math lesson. We offer this feature to help you decide whether Brighterly math tutorship works for you.

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Fill in the Necessary Info

Set up an online class and fill in your child’s grade and math level to complete an order.

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Enjoy a Math Class

Once an online lesson begins, you can sit next to your child and watch the process. Discuss math classes, schedule, and curriculum with our tutors.

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Buy Maths Lessons On-Line

If you like our demo lesson, you can order one of our packages – we offer 8, 24, 48, 96, and 144 online classes. The latter option allows you to save up to 20%.

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What Parents are Saying About Us


Ben's mom, Grade 2

My son has always struggled with math until I stumbled on an ad for Brighterly on the Facebook. After ordering a class, his knowledge of math increased significantly. I would definitely keep booking classes to help him.


Ciri's mom, Grade 3

I am always sitting through my children's classes. It is my way of trying to understand their lessons for me to be a better guardian. However, before Brighterly, it has been hard to schedule a class that works with my time.


Finn's dad, Grade 2

I'll admit, I was initially skeptical about using games and videos to learn math. In my experience, I expected math to be complex for kids to learn. But after watching my son learn math quickly because of these teaching methods, I am convinced that Brighterly knows exactly what they are doing.


Danny's mom, Grade 4

I have always looked for a way to teach Danny math after classes in school, but I get confused because of the new common core standards. Brighterly has been very helpful in his lesson, making him a better math student in school. I will keep ordering more classes for him as long as he does math.


Nina's guardian, Grade 2

Watching Nina repeat games and math activities she learned from her Brighterly lessons has been thrilling. It seems like her math knowledge has widened since we signed up with them. I love how she enjoys her classes and replicates everything she has learned.


Dave's dad, Grade 4

As a single working dad, I sometimes get back, and I am too tired to help Dave out with homework, which makes me feel bad. However, since we signed onto Brighterly, that is not something I place my mind on anymore because Brighterly helps with his homework.


Diane's dad, Grade 3

Diane's math teacher complained that Diane found math boring and frequently slept off during classes. That report worried me, so I decided to sign her up on Brighterly. Soon, I realized the teaching method in her school was the problem because she enjoys learning with Brighterly. She doesn’t seem bored or tired and is more involved than ever.

Kid’s grade

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Who are Brighterly Teachers?

They have a passion for making a difference in the lives of students

Our tutors believe that every child is a different kind of flower that needs careful, individualized treatment to blossom.

They are English-speaking

We carefully select applicants and hire professionals and only expereinced applicants make it to join our team. They are fluent and can command a room in English.

They demonstrate subject matter expertise

Our experts have years of math teaching experience. At the same time, we ensure that our experts align their teaching methods with our student-centered, results-driven philosophy and sincerely love children.

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Why Choose Brighterly?

Brightertly will make the difference for your kid’s math performance, and here is why:

Professional Math Teachers

At Brighterly, we believe kids should learn math from professionals who can turn complex concepts into digestible ideas. Our tutors have years of experience teaching math lessons online and degrees in mathematics under their belts. They can find an approach to students of all knowledge levels as well as the shiest kids who typically shut down in the class.

Exceptional Math Experience

At Brighterly, we realize that mundane math drills won’t make your kid love math. Our teachers incorporate interactive teaching strategies and allow kids to think over problems and find solutions with the help of hints and verbalized thinking. We teach math that connects to reality and relates to students’ experiences. These are approaches we use to deliver digestible and applicable math knowledge.

Fun and Easy Elementary Math Lessons

We believe math should be fun as children learn better if they like the process. For this, our tutors incorporate learning through play approaches – quizzes, math games, flashcards, 3d objects to teach geometry, and more. Our tutors aim to engage students, channel their attention to math topics, and receive an emotional response.

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What Is Special About Brighterly’s Online Math Lessons?

Brighterly is an online learning platform that provides math lessons for kids. We focus on innovative teaching strategies, learning through play, and illustrative math examples.

Brighterly’s tutors develop independence and logical thinking and promote mathematical discussions. Our goal is to make math engaging, easy to learn, and entertaining.

What Differentiates Brighterly from Regular Math Classes?

Here is what regular math classes look like:

  • Children sit tight and silently listen to teachers.
  • Teachers devote little attention to weak students and praise gifted pupils.
  • Kids have little time to think over math solutions. The strongest students declare answers, and the rest of the class writes them down without realizing how math works.
  • Kids are afraid of making mistakes and receiving bad grades but can’t improve their knowledge for the mentioned reasons.

Here is How Brighterly Teaches Math Instead:

We Teach Students Individually

We provide individual, face-to-face math classes several orders of magnitude superior to regular classes. Think of it: school teachers are physically unable to take care of every student. At best, they can dedicate a couple of minutes to three or four pupils during the class. 

Meanwhile, our teachers dedicate 100% of their time to students due to personalized online math lessons. On top of that, no one can interfere with the teacher-student discussion.

Our Tutors Make Friends with Students

At school, pupils treat teachers like enemies rather than friends. Students cheat while teachers shout and give bad grades. How can anyone benefit from this setup? Sure, no one gets what they need. At Brighterly, tutors make friends with students and establish healthy discussions.

Each interactive maths lesson is fruitful because both parties get what they want – students receive respectful treatment and tutorship, while tutors enjoy a smooth teaching process.

Our Students Do Math 90% of the Lesson

School classes smell like deadly boredom because most students see the strongest peers answer math problems. All the class does is write down solutions from the blackboard. Meanwhile, our teachers build lessons around math practice. Thus, our students do math exercises 90% of the time.

As soon as we begin the classes, we welcome our students with math warm-ups and switch to topics depending on the personalized curriculum. Our students discuss and solve math problems, do funny math drills, and play math games.

We Teach How Math Works

Our tutors never declare answers straight away. We promote mathematical thinking and let students come up with solutions, carefully guiding them through all stages of each math problem. As a result, our students understand how math concepts work and learn to modify solution strategies according to contextual math drills they haven’t met before.

Brighterly’s Expert Math Tutors Love Children

We take care of children by meticulously checking the tutors’ math backgrounds and experiences.Only strong applicants with impressive experience join our team due to strict qualification procedures. We ensure that our online tutors value children’s needs and apply mistake-friendly learning ethics. We don’t judge kids for mistakes. We encourage them to try until they succeed.

What is the Trial Lesson? Can I Order Free Math Lessons Online?

Our demo class is about free math lessons. You can get a free 45-minute online math lesson under our trial policy. You can proceed further and subscribe to our lesson packages if you like the demo class.

Can I Cancel the Subscription Plan?

You can cancel a plan at any time, at your discretion – we will make a refund of your order. All you have to do is to contact our support team. 

What Is “Learning through Play”?

Learning through play means that students learn math through fun interactive math activities they naturally enjoy playing. These are math games, math discussions with hands-on examples, and more.

How Long Should My Child Study to Show Results?

Your child will show results as early as the first online math lesson – you will get a report on your kid’s performance at the end of the class.

What Kind of Technical Setup Will My Child Need at Home?

Our online math lessons for kids require minimum equipment. Your child will need a personal computer with a web camera or a laptop and a stable internet connection to support smooth video calls.

What Is the Frequency and Duration of Classes?

Our standard math lesson is one academic hour which equals 45 minutes. However, for 48 nd 144 classes packages a flexible schedule option is available, so you can choose as many classes per week as you need.

How Old Should My Child Be to Join Brighterly?

We don’t have minimum or maximum age requirements. However, our math classes are for kids between the ages of 4 to 10. 

Does Brighterly Offer Offline Classes at Physical Centers?

Currently, Brighterly offers online math lessons for kids only.

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