Learn How You Can Benefit from Knowing the Best Math Activities for Kindergarten

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    Kids love exciting activities, which is why the prospect of learning math barely intrigues many of them. But what if you can change that narrative?

    Children perform better with play-learning, and Brighterly knows perfect math activities for kindergarteners. Including fun math activities for kindergarten in kids’ daily routine is a proven way to help children learn. If you want to learn some of those hands-on math activities kindergarten and engage kids, keep reading.

    Kindergarten Math Concepts 

    Kindergarten is the perfect time for children to learn the basics of math. Firstly, kindergarten kids should learn to count with their fingers. They should also understand the basics of addition and subtraction, being able to add and subtract numbers between 0 and 5. Reciting simple phrases like “addition means putting together, and subtraction means taking away” can help the child achieve that feat. Identifying basic shapes and symbols are also kindergarten math concepts your kids should know. So, use the activities this article recommends to help kids understand and remember the major concepts.

    Math Activities for Kindergarten

    The new Montessori method of play-learning helps ensure that kids now have a better shot at understanding math instead of being bored in class. Here are just some of those math activities for kindergarten math classes that will build your child’s interest in math:

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    1. Counting Kidney Beans

      Counting Kidney Beans is one of the fun math activities for kindergarten kids to learn the concept of numbers. For this game, you need a spoon and dried kidney beans. Your child should place the kidney beans on the spoon until the last one falls off, then count how many beans fit into the utensil. By gradually increasing the size of the spoons, parents can teach kids to count up to double digits.

    2. Throw Ten Snowballs

      Throw Ten Snowballs

      December may be challenging for most parents because their kids have to be out of school for winter holidays. Kindergarten winter math activities will intrigue your child and keep them learning outside school. Throw Ten Snowballs is an outdoor activity where your kids have to make snowballs and throw them into a bucket until the quantity of snowballs gets to a particular number (usually ten). To make the game more fun, you may remove some snowballs from the bucket and have the kids figure out how many more snowballs they must throw to reach ten again.

    3. Match: Subtraction Facts within 5

      Children are fond of gadgets and online games. So, why not utilize that opportunity to get and make math an exciting activity for your kids? Kindergarten math activities online like Match: Subtraction Facts within 5 will simplify learning for your child. Your child will need to match equations to their correct solution in this game – all the equation results in the game fall within 0 and 5.

    4. Treasure Hunt

      Treasure hunting is among the most exciting spring math activities for kindergarten children. The game requires you to hide random numbers around the house. Give the kids clues and channel their extra energy into hunting down the numbers. After your child gathers hints from the garden, driveway, sitting room, etc., they have to arrange the numbers in ascending order. Treasure Hunt can help your kids have a first-hand understanding of numbers and their places while spending time outdoors.

    5. Fingers Counting

      Fingers Counting

      With the rise of online learning, virtual math activities for kindergarten are becoming more popular, especially if you want to keep your kids busy and watch them from a distance. With games that require adding items, tutors can help kids learn by encouraging them to count on their fingers. As the child is conversant with the process, they do not need to look for a counting board or objects while learning their numbers.

    6. Thanksgiving Activities

      Don’t think your kids have to stop learning because the holiday is around the corner. You can teach them math even on days like Thanksgiving by using household items around you. Thanksgiving math activities for kindergarten could include recognizing the colors of holiday dishes, counting vegetables, and tallying condiments used in Thanksgiving cooking. Asking the kids to note how many carrots went into the sauce and the number of guests is a simple way to teach them to count and exercise their memories.

    7. Halloween Counting and Number Games

      Before your kid goes trick-or-treating, you can both decide to play some Halloween math activities for kindergarten. Have your kid count the number of pumpkins around and see how far they can get without getting confused. After trick-or-treating, have your kids count the number of treats they collected. Alternatively, ask them the colors they can recognize on other children’s costumes and which ones are similar to theirs. These games will keep minds sharp and help kids practice math on the fly.

    8. Christmas Games

      Christmas Games

      Let your child have fun with unique Christmas math activities for kindergarten. You can have your kids count the number of Christmas gifts and list all the colors they can find on the Christmas tree. Also, you can print Christmas trees number cards as shapes and have your child identify them. Don’t wait till they are back in school before revisiting math concepts like counting during winter holidays.

    9. Animal Game

      To play zoo math activities for kindergarten, you could first have the kids visit a zoo. Since it is an outdoor activity, the Animal game is an ideal fall math activity for kindergarten kids. You should plan it on days when the temperature outside isn’t too hot so that the kids don’t suffer heatstroke.

      After their zoo trip, ask the children about their favorite animals and the reason they love that animal. With their responses, you can print out animal cards and have the children identify colors, shapes, and so on. They can also count how many times their favorite animal appeared on the list and the number of tails, ears, or paws the animals have.

    10. Counting on Cards 

      The card counting activity is an indoor exercise that you can enjoy with your kindergarteners. First, you need to provide a card to count random things around the house. Teach your kids to record the numbers of different items, and if you ask for the tally of an item, they should attach a clip on the correct number. By doing that often, they will fine-tune their counting skills.

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    11. Build Weigh Stations

      The Build Weigh Stations game will excite kindergarteners by introducing a new concept using everyday items. You can use a hanger and plastic cups to build a weighing tool. After that, the kids should drop objects into the cups to tip the scales in either direction. These kinds of math activities for kindergarten students can help a child understand the basics of weight measurement and scales.

    12. Addition Games Using Playing Dough

      To play this game, get a pair of dice with play-dough. Have your child throw the dice and write down their results. For instance, if they get the numbers 1 and 3 from the thrown dice, they must mold four shapes using the play dough. You can assist your child by writing down an equation like 1 + 3 = __. To get the result, a child must count all the shapes they made from the dough and document their findings.

    13. Sorting Objects

      When engaging in kindergarten math activities with your kid, sorting out objects is an excellent starting point. Start by choosing specific items based on color, size, shape, and weight. Have your child sort out the items according to the parameters you set. This simple activity teaches your child to collate and group data, recognize colors and shapes, and measure.

    14. Plastic Cup Stacking

      Plastic Cup Stacking

      If your kindergartener is a fast learner and has already mastered counting from 1 to 10, you can play a stacking game with them. First, get some cups and number them from 1 to 10. After that, let your toddler begin stacking the cups. For each cup they stack, they need to shout out the number on the cup. When they’ve stacked all 10 cups, they can gleefully topple the pyramid while celebrating the victory.

    15. Completing Patterns

      To teach kindergarteners pattern recognition, gather objects of two different colors; you can use pink and blue for instance. Proceed to arrange the objects in this pattern: pink, blue, pink, blue. After the arrangements, have your child complete the designs by filling in the color that should come next in the progression. These kinds of math art activities for kindergarten are excellent in combination with art classes because they also help the kids remember colors.


    As parents, you have to be involved in your child’s math education. But being available for the games can be challenging if you are busy; so, taking advantage of specific activities to teach your kid math is so important. Brighterly, an online learning platform, boasts tutors who deftly integrate math activities for kindergarten into daily math lessons. So, whether you use Brighterly or learn the activities from this article, you can rest assured of a renewed interest in math in your kindergarteners.

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