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    Do you find math difficult and boring? Is it hard to force your children to learn new mathematical equations and patterns? Don’t panic! Nowadays, there are so many new ways to make math lessons positive and the most difficult tasks easy. For example, modern platforms that involve highly qualified tutors and offer an interactive approach to learning. One such platform is Brighterly.

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    Making math fun for kids as the learning key

    Learning new information or gaining skills is always challenging for both adults and children. That’s why when it comes to studying, pupils tend to stay rebellious and protest against gaining new knowledge. Adults realise the purpose of learning, while children see it as the force and the desire of teachers or parents.

    Math belongs to the school’s primary subjects which directly influences the key skills for the rest of life. This science has a lot of directions like geometry, algebra, calculus and others. However, to become a superstar in advanced branches of math, children should understand the subject and become proficient in it from the early school years.

    Despite the fact that math belongs to the exact sciences, it can be easily learnt in a modern way. By making math fun, parents and teachers can upgrade a child’s ability to perceive new information, disrupt fears and increase the awareness of responsible learning. Special online learning platforms like Brighterly exist to provide educators with non-school methods and instruments to find new ways to engage with math, patterns, formulas and equations.

    What makes math learning difficult?

    There are a few reasons why children find it complicated to learn math: difficult information, a lot of homework, boring activities and long lessons at school.

    To launch an engaging math class or make your child’s attitude toward the subject better, you have to figure out the reasons why pupils face difficulties while learning math:

    • Lack of comprehension about the reasons for math learning
    • Bad subject performance and fear of getting a bad mark
    • Demotivating math classes
    • Absence of mathematical skills
    • Prejudice that math is complicated and not a necessary subject
    • The absence of informational technologies and interactive activities in the lesson

    Note: The list of reasons depends greatly on the character of a child, the education system and so on. This list cannot be applied to all children regardless the personality.

    So, after you know the reasons that could have a negative adverse on your child’s math studying, you have to find out tips to make your math class fun and pupils engaging. 

    The modern education tools offered by platforms like Brighterly will light you up simultaneously with innovative and simple techniques to make math fun.

    How do you make learning math fun?

    To make learning math fun you should implement entertaining math activities, attract the students’ attention and show that learning can be both interesting and fruitful.

    Do you find your pupils are bored with the same material, lesson structures and homework assignments? It can be a bad sign resulting in unpleasant situations of playing truant. It directly indicates the necessity to implement fun math activities, attract the students’ attention and show that learning can be both interesting and fruitful.

    Principal ways to help kids love math:

    How to make learning math fun?

    Find out the motivation

    Make children believe in their ability to reach some results and one day you will see it in the class. Despite the different techniques to make math fun, they can be insufficient when the child does not have the motivation. Show the importance of counting money, sweets or other items in real life.

    Feedback sessions

    As one of the ways to encourage the student’s attention to the subject, you can conduct periodical appraisal sessions. Making the rate of students or implementing the special awarding system to the learning will make math class joyful and interactive.

    No fear of mistakes

    Children make a lot of mistakes in their homework, during class and practice. To help them understand the type of mistake and avoid it in future learning, try to puzzle it out as detailed as possible. First of all, no one can be punished or offended for a bad performance. Secondly, explaining the formula in a new way will give an additional understanding of the topic.

    Personalized assistance

    Some pupils need more time to become aware of the topic or theory. In such cases, you can provide individual explanations to the students. It can be made during the breaks or after school.

    Equality among learners

    Among the best ways to make math fun, you will find the universal approach for all students, without justification and judgment.

    Combining such approaches to make math lessons more enjoyable will give visible results and consequences.. Following the principles of trusty tutoring, both parents and teachers can reach the highest level of understanding. Brighterly educational platform is a great example of how the approach and performance can bear productivity and excellent results.

    How to make math more engaging?

    The modern lesson is based on the interaction of the whole class with the tutor. To make the lesson fun, the teacher should take care of the methods to keep students engaged during the class, semester and education year. How to make math interesting for students? Make them feel indispensable in the process.

    Resultative ways of engagement:

    1. Interaction. No one can stay passive during the lesson. Active participation allows the teacher to make the learning process dynamic and students involved.
    2. Create teamwork. The vehicle will go on only when all its parts are working together. The same is true with the students’ work during the class. Divide them into groups of two, three or half and provide them with tasks.
    3. Informational technologies. The latest advancements and updates have always been in the limelight for all generations. Take it into account during the math studying process.

    According to the latest statistics, 75% of high school students report negative feelings about school. The most common emotions to describe the school experience are stress and boredom.

    Children will be satisfied and engaged during the class when they have a feeling of importance. By implementing the engaging math class, you can eliminate the percentage of bad involvement.

    15 ways to make math fun

    Fun ways to teach math make the lessons better, knowledge deeper and results better. Wondering how to reach these results? Below you can find more than ten ways to make math fun.

    Hands-on skills

    Most math lessons and theories result in resolving different tasks and mathematical problems. Children find it hard to trace the connection between the theory and tasks. 

    To help learners to do it, start from elementary daily situations. Obviously, pupils will better understand the task of fare payments in public transport rather than the depth of world oceans. The educational platform Brighterly proposes to learners a great way to make math hands-on.


    Math includes both formulas and specific science words. Some of them are not only complicated by the sounds, but mainly with the meaning. To help children, you can use the association rows. For example, the word “Quotient” you can associate with the quarter which means the same parts of something.

    Daily plan

    Among the ways to make math fun for children, you can find scheduling and routine. If the child has a week plan, the lessons will be anticipated and the pupil will be ready for them. It is recommended to mix the activities, including both entertainment and education. Imagine the child doing work perfectly and then getting the chance to enjoy the music or other lessons.


    The mixture of pleasant and compulsory activities motivates a lot, while rewarding belongs to the most effective way to make math fun for your children. The hard-working person dreams about promotion at work, whereas children will be glad to receive the desirable chocolate, toy or book. Parents can implement an incentive scheme for children which will grant them inspiration.

    Playing games

    The other way to keep the child involved and attentive is implementing different card games in the lessons or leisure activities. Use the game at the beginning of the lesson to draw pupils’ attention.

    Parents can bring the table games as presents and grant them to children. For instance, you can buy a game where cards represent the issue and participants receive the reward in figures. Playing such games in teams, children will feel the competitive atmosphere and try to stay more active. 

    Online tests

    One of the most effective ways to make math fun for your children is the online tests. For example, the Kahoot tool is the platform where all children create names and start answering speed questions.

    Those who take the highest number of scores, will lead the board and become the winners. ByCombining tasks and informational technologies, the interest of pupils will rise. The Brighterly platform offers other approaches your child can test even during the first free lesson with the tutor.

    Real-life practice

    Doing some activities online, you involve children in virtual education. At the same time, pupils like going out and spending some time outdoors. You can go outside to the schoolyard and have a competition between different teams. For instance, the class could be divided into two teams of sellers.

    The team who will collect and sell more leaves will get better marks. Parents can ask their children to help them calculate the water or electricity consumed at home. Some ways to make math fun bear the understanding of subject importance and raising responsibility for learning formulas and patterns.

    Education apps

    It is not a secret that both children and teenagers spend a lot of time online playing games. However, not all tutors know that these math class secrets help you engage with the audience.

    Brighterly platform suggests a lot of applications in the game form, but the rules are connected with math. During the lesson, a tutor can identify the child’s needs and recommend which applications are suitable in each case.

    Toys visualization

    Education deprives children of time they could spend playing with toys and constructors. Use toys for both learning and playing. The easiest way to make fun is the shop simulator. Make the equations with toys, provide explanations and build up associations.

    No bad stories related to math

    As a rule, children want to be similar to their parents. When a mother or father shares negative personal experiences related to education, children can perceive it and implement it as an approach to personal behavior. Tell your children fun math stories from school and give examples of how important math is now for you. It can motivate the child and give the inspiration to never give up.

    Watching videos

    Videos for children are so funny and catchy that boys and girls are ready to watch them forever. Replace the cartoons with animated education videos. You can turn on the videos during lunch or breakfast. The information produced on the screen will be unintentionally caught by the child.

    Debating questions

    Discussing is not the last place among the ways to make math fun for children. Parents can launch the discussion at home or during rides to school, while teachers can organize the tournaments among pupils. 

    To boost interest, you can demonstrate the structure template and limit the time for each speech. It will make learning fun and develop the time-management skills of the participants.

    Party in the class

    Pupils like having a fun time after classes, wandering around the town and speaking with friends. Tutors can prepare some math fun parties for learners to show appreciation and praise for good marks and results. During the party, you can prepare competitions on math topics, involving recent class formulas.

    Interactive tutoring

    Brighterly belongs to the platform where children want to train and learn new materials without boredom. The main approach is to make children interested in science via various interactive materials. Learning new theories from the PowerPoint presentation is quite better than reading a math book. Visualization makes fun and gets right to the brain’s memory.

    No pressure

    How to make math fun for kids? Stop pressing them with worries, threats and punishment. Show your example of what mathematical skills mean in your life and the child will see the results. The freedom of actions is the key principle of effective, fun and enjoyable math learning.


    To sum up, many ways of learning math are funny and interactive. The strategy of gaining fun math activities consists of three parts: the key principles, wise approach and effective methods. Mixing all those components will bring you visible results and funny math lessons. Visit the Brighterly platform to find the prepared strategy and allow your child to learn the material with modern learning tips, unique approaches. 

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