15 Thanksgiving Math Activities

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    On Thanksgiving, we pause to reflect on the blessings in our lives, including our loved ones, our accomplishments, and the gift of life itself. So, why not set up math-themed games for your little one while shopping for the Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkins? In this post, we’ll review some fun math things kids of all ages may do for Thanksgiving.

    Turkey Cups Counting Game

    The Turkey Cup Counting Game is one of the most entertaining Thanksgiving math activities for toddlers to fifth graders. Gather five little balls, turkey stickers, and a cup to play this game.

    The first step is to number the cups from one to five and then attach turkey images to each cup. Then, using the numbers you gave each cup, have your little one place the balls into them.

    For instance, have your child place one ball into the cup marked as “1,” two into the cup marked as “2,” three into the third cup, etc.

    Count And clip Turkey Cards

    As part of your kindergarten Thanksgiving math activities, have your child play the Count and Clip Turkey Cards game to help them memorize math ideas. You may buy pre-printed cards featuring turkeys or make your own by printing stock photos of the birds on blank pages.If you’re looking for free photographs that you can use for anything, Freepik offers a wide selection of free photos. Then, as they savor their turkey dinner, let your youngster practice counting by looking at the cards.

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    Printable Thanksgiving Math Games

    Thanksgiving math activities are available for download in PDF format and may be used as an alternative to making game cards for your kid if you are busy on Thanksgiving. These basic activities will take your child’s mind off of the fact that they are learning. They teach essential math skills like counting, adding, and subtracting with little effort on your part.

    After you and your kid have printed the cards and reviewed the rules, you can sit back and enjoy the game.

    Thanksgiving Hundreds Chart

    Consider making charts if you’re looking for fun Thanksgiving math activities for first graders. The Thanksgiving Hundreds Chart is a colorful grid that displays the numbers 1–100 in an animal-shaped layout, similar to a turkey.

    Your little one may practice number recognition and identification with this grid. Since your little one will need to color in the many shapes and items on the chart, they will also be learning about colors.

    Thanksgiving Hundreds Chart

    Thanksgiving Squares

    Fifth graders may put their math skills to the test with Thanksgiving Squares, an activity centered on the holiday. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing are all part of Thanksgiving Squares. This math Thanksgiving game is a puzzle, so modify the squares according to your child’s needs.

    The first page has a box with numbers, and the second reveals an image of pumpkins with the same numbers next to them. The numbered pumpkin pictures may be cut out and placed on different cards. On the first page, have your kid put a pumpkin card over two numbers whose total or difference is the same as the number on their card.

    Thanksgiving Squares

    Thanksgiving Riddles

    For a change of pace from puzzles, try using riddles as a Thanksgiving math activity with your youngster. Consider this as an example of a Thanksgiving themed math activities puzzle:

    I made eight turkey pies for the family, and we ate all but two; how many turkey pies do I have left?

    Your little one can figure out that you have two turkey pies left if they read the riddle word for word. You may help your child’s focus development with these brain teasers.

    Recognition Game

    Prioritise ease of use over complexity when selecting Thanksgiving math activities for preschoolers. Playing activities that encourage counting and the recognition of numbers and symbols is an excellent place to start.

    Preschoolers may learn to recognize numerical symbols using Thanksgiving feast items like carrots. If you want your kid to learn maths, you may make a plus sign out of two carrots and have them find it.

    Next, tilt the carrots so they make a ✕ symbol, or place peas on each side of a carrot to make a ÷.

    Counting Games

    Thanksgiving math activities for preschoolers may be tailored to each child’s abilities. Kids this age love counting games, and you can make them more meaningful by teaching them how to count the parts of a turkey, carrots, and other Thanksgiving ingredients. Take turns counting when you’re in the kitchen with your little one.

    Colour Games

    Your kindergarteners may occupy themselves with color games and other Thanksgiving math activities. You may do this exercise to find out how much your kid understands about colors. Involve your children in the cooking process by having them name the many colors of foods they will be using, such as beans, potatoes, carrots, turkey, pumpkin, etc.

    Color games

    The “How many pumpkins?” Game

    Asking, “How many pumpkins?” is a fun way to introduce children to the Thanksgiving math game. Get a bunch of pumpkins and see how many your child can count. This game can teach kids how to learn numbers as it is exciting. Also, write the numbers on pumpkins to assist kids with counting.

    Subtracting Plates

    Prepare the table for Thanksgiving and have your little one count the number of visitors to see how many plates you’ll need for this subtraction game. Have the kid remove the required number of dishes from the rack and count how many are left. This activity will excite your child.

    “How Many Pie Fractions?”

    Try asking your kid, “How many pie fractions?” as a Thanksgiving math activity to help them better understand fractions. Divide the pumpkin pie in half after baking, just like a pizza. After that, show your kid how to separate a whole from its constituent parts.

    Turkey Time

    You may help your kid develop a better grasp of time by having them do an activity requiring time operations, such as setting the oven timer. For instance, ask them how long it takes the turkey to roast. Your youngster may relax and enjoy learning with this task since it is simple.

    Turkey time

    Grocery List

    You may assist your kids in getting better with money by getting them involved in clever Thanksgiving math games like creating shopping lists. Get the youngsters to help you with the shopping list by adding up the prices of each item. Take them food shopping when ready, and when the checkout clerk has estimated the amount, have them pay and figure out their total.

    The Measuring Exercise

    If you use the incorrect quantities of an ingredient while cooking, your dish will be ruined. So, measure everything out thoroughly. Make the most of this opportunity to teach your child basic math concepts. Get your little one to help you measure the ingredients while preparing the meal. Numbers and measurements are crucial in the real world, and this practice will help students understand that.


    Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion to gather with loved ones and express gratitude for the many little gifts in your life, including your children. Your children may continue their maths education outside of school hours with the help of Brighterly’s instructors and their fun math activities. You should allow your youngster to participate in the exciting maths learning program on Brighterly.

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