How to Find a Math Tutor for Your Child

The first step when you want to find a math tutor is to ask yourself a number of questions – What kind of classes will be most convenient for my child and me, where can I find a teacher that will help my child make the most progress, how can I choose the best teacher based on my child’s level, etc.?

This article will guide you in your effort to find a private math tutor, allow you to compare options, and offer other tips in your search.

How can I find the right math tutor? Preparing for the search

To find a tutor, of course, you can simply google and get a list of «finding a tutor for my child» recommendations. However, it’s better to prepare for the search so that you get the best results from the get-go.

  • Ask yourself what makes a good math tutor, from both a parent and child perspective.
  • When you’re interested in finding a remote tutor, you should understand that there are different types of math teachers. Each one teaches at a different level and may offer group classes, individual, or both. 
  • You need to choose a learning format – online or offline. Think about the most convenient and beneficial option for your child’s education.

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Where can I find a math tutor? Needs analysis: Step-by-step guideline

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis and answer key questions
  • Research the types of math tutors & determine your goals
  • Make a choice – online or offline learning

Now, let’s take a closer look at each step in finding a tutor for your child.

1. Conduct an in-depth analysis and answer key questions

When looking for the right teacher, the first question isn’t «How do I find a good math tutor?» but «What kind of a tutor do I want?». Ask yourself – what are the most appropriate questions to ask when selecting a tutor for your child?

A) Questions to identify a good math tutor may include the following:

  • What teaching methods does the tutor use?
  • Does the tutor adapt their methods to the individual needs and child’s learning style?
  • Are there any positive reviews or recommendations from parents/students?

Even though you know what your child likes/dislikes, it may be worth sitting down with them and discussing specific needs or concerns they may have. 

Do they want to take classes online or offline? What kind of teacher do they imagine having? All of this matters in your search because if your child’s needs are not met, the education outcome may not be the most desirable.

For example, your child might not be able to concentrate when there are other students present and is more comfortable with a 1:1 format.

B) Questions to identify a good math tutor from your child’s perspective:

  • Who would you feel more comfortable studying with? Describe to me your perfect math teacher.

This question can give you an idea of who your child will feel comfortable with and will be able to express themselves freely. 

  • How do you like to learn math? Stories, pictures, examples? 

Even if your child says «I don’t like math», or «I don’t care», keep calm and try to reach out to them with «What might interest you?», listing a number of options. 

  • What do you dislike about studying math at school? 

Such a question will help you exclude approaches that don’t work and avoid situations where your child becomes irritated during lessons.

Pay attention. Listen closely to what your child’s needs are and make sure that they are met before committing to any tutor.

C) Before looking for a math tutor, ask your child’s math school teacher about specific issues/problems your child had with math:

  • What are the weak areas in my child’s learning that need to be improved?
  • What resources and topics could you recommend for studying so that my child can improve/excel in the school’s program?

2. Research the types of math tutors & determine your goals

Now that you have answered the questions above, you have a good list of requirements for your future tutor and a vision of what you want. Next, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the types of math tutors available and find one that matches your needs.

Understanding what types of tutors exist and knowing exactly what kind of help your child needs (exam preparation, improving school performance, help with homework, etc.) will help you complete the overall puzzle of who you should contact. 

For example, if you need your child to prepare for a standardized test – e.g., SAT or ACT – then you need to hire a specialized tutor (Test Prep Tutor).

Some of the major types of math tutors

Kind of math tutor

Perfect match for


Pre-K Tutors For teaching basic math (they also can help with simple math-related words) before they start kindergarten. May provide, as requested by parents, important guidance to support children’s development at home.
Elementary Tutors For students in elementary school (from kindergarten to 5th or sometimes 6th grade). If your child needs a tutor for test prep or homework help, this would be the perfect match.
Middle-School Tutors From 6st to 8th grades The teachers adapt their approach to each student’s needs, reinforcing key terms/math topics, and preparing them for future academic tests, including standardized exams.
Test Prep Tutors For students of different age groups, depending on the specific exams or tests they are preparing for. Helps students improve not only their subject knowledge but also their test-taking skills, time management, and problem-solving strategies

So, after you’ve selected among the various types of math tutors, you need to figure out which lesson format will suit you and your child best.

3. Make a choice – online or offline learning

Looking for the best private math tutor is a challenge, whether it is for online or offline classes. However, choosing between online and offline is an important choice. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each before you select. For example:

I want to find a good math tutor online because:

  • I can choose the best tutor for my child as I’m not limited by location.
  • Perhaps my child will be more comfortable emotionally working online.
  • Online tutoring will optimize our time.
  • All we need is an internet connection – no cancellations because of weather, etc.
  • Math classes can be interesting and interactive in an online format at a convenient time for my child. It provides sufficient flexibility, perfect for both the teacher and us.
  • One-on-one online lessons will encourage a strong bond between my child and a teacher. 

What disadvantages might there be with the online format?

  • My child may find it more difficult to focus on an online lesson. They might be distracted by computer games unrelated to the lesson.
  • If we choose a low-quality platform, we may experience internet connection problems.

I want to find a good math tutor in an offline learning format because:

  • My child will feel more connected to the teacher and pay more attention.
  • The lesson won’t be interrupted by technical malfunctions.

What disadvantages might there be if I choose the offline format?

  • I’m limited to those tutors in my geographic area.
  • I need to set aside time to drive to the teacher, and such classes can be more expensive.
  • Offline classes may be less flexible if we need to reschedule or cancel a class.

How to find a math tutor for your child at any grade level?

The best way to find a good private math tutor for your child in order to improve their grades is to choose the right platform on which you can find a tutor. First, however, you need to compare the top ones, and get answers to your questions: Can you get a quick consultation?; Can I book the first lesson quickly and easily?; etc.

Some criteria that should be considered when comparing platforms for looking for a math tutor:

  • Platform reviews from students and their parents.
  • The quality of the platform and the tutor’s teaching style (can be assessed in the first trial lesson).
  • Average price of the different types of lessons – one-on-one or group.
  • There should be a policy regarding cancellations by either teacher or student.

How much does it cost to hire a math tutor for a child?

You can find a tutor for your child with prices ranging from $25 to $80 per hour in the US.

What is the best way to find an online math tutor for your child?

The best way to find an online math tutor for your child is to use the Brighterly platform. We offer an unrivaled team of math experts and an interactive learning approach that provides a personalized learning plan for each student. So you don’t need to worry about where to find a math tutor for your child. Everything you need is here.

Source: Trustpilot

Teachers on the Brighterly work with Elementary and Middle-School levels (grades 1 through 8).

On this platform, you can easily book your child’s first lesson based on their grade and other important criteria.

Enter the required information and the platform will choose a private math tutor for your child based on their needs and personal requirements.

Brighterly’s prices are reasonable and you can even get a discount when purchasing a larger package of classes.

For example, if you buy 25 lessons, it will cost $30; if you buy 100 lessons, it will only cost $25 per lesson.


Сhoosing a private math tutor for your child should be started by analyzing the reasons why you need these lessons, what your requirements for the tutoring are, and what your goals are. Also, don’t forget to talk with your child about their needs so that your final choice is more beneficial and has a more successful outcome. Analyze which learning format is most suitable for your child – online or offline, group lessons or one-on-one.

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