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    Math is complicated for everybody, but eighth graders have it considerably more complex. Every student’s mathematical path reaches a critical juncture in eighth grade. This grade is when most students start getting ready to start high school. Before entering high school, this is the last opportunity for a parent or maths instructor to pique a child’s interest in the subject.

    The question then becomes how to check if they have mastered all the material. Above all else, how do you identify areas where knowledge is lacking? Diagnostic testing is helpful in this situation. The results of an 8th grade math diagnostic test will provide you with all the information you need to help your child succeed in math.

    Here, we will review the basics of 8th grade math tests and even include an example question to help you prepare.

    What Are Diagnostic Tests?

    Imagine this situation. You’ve been sick all weekend and need to learn what the problem is and how to resolve it. You won’t be able to move a muscle by Monday morning, so you must drop by the doctor’s office and request a test to find out what’s wrong. He will diagnose your condition and provide a course of treatment, and eventually, you can return to your usual self.

    The diagnostic math assessment process is similar to that of a medical diagnosis. These tests are specifically made to assess your child’s mathematical understanding to pinpoint how well they’re doing and where they may be falling short. The 8th grade math diagnostic test is a foundation for the “treatment plan” (i.e., further lessons and teaching strategies).

    The Importance of Diagnostic 8 Grade Math Tests

    All students must take diagnostic maths assessments. If you aren’t sure why your 8th grader needs one, here are a few reasons why these assessments are essential:

    To Spot Learning Gaps

    Most of us deal with assumptions about our children and pupils daily. Since they have previously been taught, you may assume that your eighth grader knows certain mathematical concepts. 

    What if that isn’t the case? What if you have yet to notice a hidden knowledge gap?

    You may gauge your child’s progress and identify areas of weakness using a diagnostic test in Math 8. That way, you can identify their weak points and fix them.

    To Ensure That Students Are Taught The Right Way

    It’s not enough to simply spot learning gaps. Now that you have this knowledge, what will you do with it?

    In addition to pinpointing areas of difficulty, a grade 8 diagnostic test may provide light on how a pupil learns best. In most cases, learning gaps exist because students are taught incorrectly. You may learn more about how to educate your child in maths in eighth grade with the help of exams.

    To Provide Progress Reports And Feedback

    Providing parents with feedback is crucial to any tutor’s relationship with them. Most parents look forward to receiving an in-depth report on their child’s academic progress. Using a diagnostic exam, you may keep tabs on your student’s strengths and areas for improvement while providing detailed comments to their parents.

    Eighth Grade Math Tests

    Print out this 8th grade math test before you begin.

    Answer all of the following questions:

    1. John found a smartphone online for $550. However, there was a 20% discount on the phone and a 5% sales tax. How much did he eventually have to pay for the smartphone?
    2. If x=5 and y=3, find the value of y2x +3y.
    3. Mary throws a coin in the air three times.
      a) What are the different outcomes?
      b) What is the probability of getting tails twice?
    4. Mark finds a TV that costs $600. However, after discussing with the manager, he gets 25% off. Which of the following expressions is equivalent to the sum Mark pays after the deduction?
      1. 1800 x 0.25
      2. 600-600 x 0.25
      3. 750 x 0.25
      4. 700 x 0.20
    5. x% of 200 is 30. Find the value of x.
    6. If your car can transport you up to 100 miles away with only 6 gallons of gas, how many gallons do you need to travel 2500 miles?
    7. Solve for x in the following equation: 3x + 15= 30
    8. If x=4 and y=6, what is the value of x2 X y-x =?
    9. Solve the following problem: 33 + 52 = ? A. 33 B. 56 C. 52 D. 15
    10. Solve this problem: (15-3) – (4-10)
    11. If you buy a computer that costs $700 and there’s a 4% sales tax attached, how much do you have to pay in total?
    12. You earn $15 weekly plus an extra sales commission of $0.50 for each customer. However, you want to earn a total of $25 each week. Which equation can you use to find x, the number of customers you need to meet this target each week?
      1. 2x +15 = 25
      2. 0.50x +15 = 25
      3. 50x + 15 = 25
      4. X + 15 = 25.
    13. At Mary’s school, 3 out of every 7 8th-grade girls try out for the cheerleading squad. If there are 175 8th-grade girls in the school, how many tried out for the cheerleading squad?
    14. Mrs Williams has over 400 math papers to grade.
      a) If she has graded 0.40 of the papers, how many has she left?
      b) If it takes her an average of 7 minutes to grade each paper, how long will it take to finish the papers left?
    15. What value of x makes this equation true? 5x -10 = 15.
      1. 15
      2. 10
      3. 5
      4. 7

    NOTE: Students who score 12 or above on this math exam demonstrate mastery of the material typically taught to eighth graders. If your child or student struggles with this assessment, there are learning gaps that need to be filled.

    Printable 8th Grade Math Assessment Test

    Do you need an 8th grade math diagnostic test with answer key? You certainly have a lot of options within reach! Click the links below to get the 8th grade diagnostic test and solutions.

    What Math Skills Are Evaluated in an 8th Grade Math Test?

    We have already established that eighth grade is a pivotal year for all students. In preparation for high school, pupils learn various mathematical concepts this year. Here is a rundown of all the math concepts covered and assessed on an 8th grade math placement test to help you better understand what is being tested:

    Identifying Rational And Irrational Numbers

    One way to express a rational number is as a ratio of two integers. Conversely, a number is irrational if it cannot be expressed as a ratio of two integers. The concept of rational and irrational numbers is thoroughly covered in eighth grade. They will be able to recognize these numbers and tell whether a number is irrational.

    Pythagoras Theorem

    Students in eighth grade start to go more deeply into geometry, focusing on triangles. They will study the Pythagoras Theorem, which states, “In a right-angled triangle, the square of the hypotenuse side is equal to the sum of squares of the other two sides.” It is represented by the formula: a2 + b2= c2.

    This theorem will be taught to children so that they can solve for all three sides of a triangle.

    Radical Roots

    Students continue their exploration of radical numbers and roots in eighth grade. Their understanding of radicals like square roots and exponents and how to manipulate them will be expanded upon.

    The Binary Number System

    In eighth grade, students must master the fundamental concept of the binary (base two) system of numbers. Children will learn how to use the binary system in real life, especially regarding AI and computer technology. They will also figure out how to show numbers not in base ten as comparable numbers in base ten.

    Expressions And Equations

    The focus of eighth grade math is on solving problems and expressing mathematical concepts using equations. A child’s understanding of the connection between two factors will significantly improve. Additionally, they can deal with many kinds of equations, including systems of linear equations, linear functions, and linear equations.

    Look Online for More Math Help

    Ready to take your child’s learning journey to a new level? Arrange for them to take a diagnostic maths test covering transformations in 8th grade. You may ensure that your child has mastered all the necessary math skills by having them take a Math 8 diagnostic test.

    It is possible to get online math help if you are seeking a variety of choices. However, check out Brighterly’s assessment lesson for a direct, practical approach. The all-inclusive tutorial session is a part of this package, and it will evaluate their knowledge and help them identify where they need to learn more.

    We hope this guide helps. Good luck!

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