Payment&Refund Policy


1. The “User” (also may be referred as “You” and/or “Your”) shall mean an adult individual, who registers an account with Brighterly. In this context, the User is the customer and responsible party for the purchase and usage of the Service, and must have the legal capacity to enter into contracts under applicable law. Please refer to the Terms of Service for detailed information.

2. “Classes Packages” shall mean a structured set of online educational sessions - classes. Detailed information regarding the Classes Packages can be accessed through the Website or within the User's profile or otherwise communicated to the user by Brighterly.   

3. “Unused class” shall mean a class that has been paid for by the User but has not been scheduled and/or taken.

General Payment Rules

1. All prices at the Service are displayed and all purchases are processed in U.S. Dollars. Your bank may convert your local currency to U.S. Dollars automatically upon payment, as well as take the commission for such a conversion and/or other extra fee for the transaction, for which Brighterly bears no responsibility

2. At the moment, the Service uses Stripe as the payment processor. At the same time, it is possible that Brighterly might engage other/additional payment processors for Your convenience.

3. Brighterly offers no services without payment. At the same time, Brighterly maintains the right to initiate special incentive pricing, membership, and other programs, including trial classes and/or periods, which may be provided at a reduced rate or on a free of charge basis.

4. Users may gain access to the Service and to a particular program upon purchasing one or more of the Classes Packages. The Service may provide Users with several options how the Classes Packages can be purchased.

  1. Full payment in advance
    The Service may provide Users with a possibility of purchasing one or more of the Classes Packages with a full pre-payment by the User (i.e., purchasing a Class Package with a single transaction covering the whole price of the Class Package, which is paid in advance, before the User receives access to the Class Package) on the terms and based on the pricing conditions available to the User at the moment of the purchase.
  2. Utilizing the “buy now pay later” (BNLP) option
    It may also be possible for the Users to select the BNPL option, which can be offered at the Service with the involvement of third-party providers. Generally, under the BNPL option Users gain access to a particular Classes Package without making a full upfront payment. Simultaneously, Users enter into a payment plan involving periodic partial payments with a third-party provider. The BNLP eligibility is determined by a third-party provider and not the Service. Specific payment terms, including installment amounts, associated fees, and interest charges (if any), are also determined by the third-party provider.
    Users must carefully examine the conditions for the BNPL option offered by a third-party provider. Brighterly neither regulates such terms, nor is affiliated with any of the third-party providers. Entering into the BNPL arrangement is a direct relationship between the User and the third-party provider. Brighterly offers this option but does not actively participate in the process.
  3. Installment payments
    The Service may offer Users the option to purchase Classes Packages through installment payments plan directly provided by the Service.. Under this option the whole sum of the chosen Classes Package is divided into several installments of equal value, which are paid by the User to the Service over a fixed period of time at the defined time intervals, with the first installment paid by the User at the moment of purchasing the Classes Package. All subsequent installment payments are processed and charged from the User’s account automatically on the specific pre-determined dates. No additional charges are imposed upon the Users by the Service for the use of option with installment payments.
    Installment payments offered by the Service are not and shall not be viewed as a subscription. After the payment of the last installment, no further charges to the User are made. In case the User would like to purchase a new Classes Package, it should be done separately and independently. In case the Service cannot receive a payment of one of the subsequent installment payments from the User, the Service notifies the User using the available communication methods and suspends access of the User to the Classes Package.

6. Brighterly at its full discretion may provide, modify, or terminate discounts, special offer purchases and promotions to the Users.

7. In the event that Brighterly awards bonus classes to the User, they shall automatically utilize regular classes first, and only thereafter shall access any bonus classes awarded to them for free by Brighterly.

General Refund Rules

  1. All and any refund issued by the Service are done in accordance with this Policy.
  2. If You violate the Terms of Service of Brighterly in any manner, the Service shall have a right to decline Your refund requests.
  3. Brighterly does not issue automatic refunds. A refund may be provided only upon a request from the User.

Unused Classes

  1. A refund may be provided for the Unused Classes that were paid for in accordance with conditions of chosen Classes Package and subject to present Policy’s conditions.      
  2. If the User purchases a Classes Package with the BNPL option, as per item 7.2. of this Policy, the refund request and/or the request to cancel further payments under the BNPL option shall be processed through or with the involvement of a third-party BNPL service provider. In cany case, the User may be entitled to a refund for the Unused Classes only, that have already been paid for by the User.
  3. If a User purchases a Classes Package with installment payments, as per item 7.3. of this Policy, they may request a refund only for the Unused Classes that have already been paid for by the User under the installment payment plan.
  4. Furthermore, if the User purchases a Classes Package with installment payments, as per item 7.3. of this Policy, they may request to cancel further installment payments, which are scheduled as per the originally agreed timeline of the installments payments for the chosen Classes Package. In this case, the User will be entitled to schedule and attend the classes they have already paid for.
  5. If there are classes remaining unused in Your balance for a period of 90 calendar days since the last class was held, such Unused Classes are deemed to have been used by You. Brighterly does not provide any refunds for such Unused Classes. In this scenario, the number of Unused Classes from the respective Classes Package will be deducted from Your balance.

Canceled Programs

  1. Brighterly may cancel or terminate a particular program of classes available at the Website for any reason at its own discretion. In such a case, we provide the respective refund for the purchased Classes Packages, which included the program of classes, which was canceled, excluding fees that are non-refundable in accordance with this Policy.

Amount of Refund

  1. Upon the request of the User, Brighterly may consider providing full or partial refund. The amount of the refund shall be determined based on the number of classes on the balance and other circumstances. Brighterly shall also take into account any proportional discounts and reductions in the cost of classes resulting from bonus programs and/or discounts, etc. which have been used by the User at the respective payment.
  2. Please note that classes awarded to the User at no cost (e.g., through a bonus program of any kind) are non-refundable. Bonuses awarded to the Referrer and/or the Referee under the Referral Program are non-refundable under any circumstances (for detailed information on thus, please refer to the Terms of Service).
  3. Furthermore, in the event of applying a discount or participating in other programs designed to reduce the cost of acquired Classes Package(-s), the discount amount is non-refundable; and the discount is calculated in such a way to apply to all classes within the Classes Package equally.

Terms of Refund

  1. If Brighterly takes a decision to provide the User with a refund, the processing of the refund takes no less than 5 (five) business days. We provide a refund in the same way as Your original payment had been sent to us. We may request any additional information from You, as may be required, to process the refund.
  2. If You would like to cancel Your classes, please contact us at email: [email protected].