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What Grades Do We Have a Child Math Tutor For?

We have experts to match every grade of the elementary school. Check what math concepts our tutors teach to children based on their math level and grade:

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5


Our pre-K kid’s math tutorial teaches the basic math concepts – counting, addition, and subtraction. We teach reading and writing numbers up to ten.


Our maths tutors teach kindergartners to add and subtract numbers within ten and write simple addition and subtraction equations like 2 + 2 = 4 or 4 – 1 = 3.

First Grade

Our tutors teach children to count past 100 and extend their addition and subtraction knowledge to 20. We teach place values, the fundamentals of measurements, and time-telling.

Second Grade

Brighterly’s second-grade tutoring teaches counting past 1,000 and improves addition and subtraction skills. Students learn about multiplication and understand more about place values. We help kids recognize how digits comprise numbers up to hundreds.

Third Grade

Our math tutors explain to children how to count within 10,000, multiply two-digit numbers, recognize and classify geometric shapes, and more.

Fourth Grade

Our tutors help fourth-graders understand decimals and fractions. We teach fourth-graders to solve geometry problems, operate with volume measurements, and more.

Fifth Grade

Our online teachers help students achieve fluency in multi-digit numbers, measurement systems, counting, basic geometry shapes and formulas, and more. We help fifth-graders finalize their math knowledge and prepare for more complicated math topics of the following year.

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Plans & Pricing

8 classes

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  • Custom adaptive-learning math curriculum

  • Interactive classroom

  • Tutor assign based on Grade and skill level

48 classes



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  • Custom adaptive-learning math curriculum

  • Interactive classroom

  • Tutor assign based on Grade and skill level

  • Flexible schedule (you can plan your schedule on weekly basis)

  • Personalized teaching plan (we adapt to your childs needs)

  • Personal feedback of your childs progress

144 classes



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  • Custom adaptive-learning math curriculum

  • Interactive classroom

  • Tutor assign based on Grade and skill level

  • Flexible schedule (you can plan your schedule on weekly basis)

  • Personalized teaching plan (we adapt to your childs needs)

  • Personal feedback of your childs progress

  • Tutors help with homework

  • Course materials

Why Choose Brighterly’s Math Tutors?

Brighterly approaches online tutorship differently – we help children understand how math works, show its real-life applications, and evoke children’s curiosity for this subject. Check three simple reasons to choose Brighterly’s tutors:

Image Exceptional Math Teaching Skills

Exceptional Math Teaching Skills

We believe kids should learn from the best people – so we hire professionals only. Our tutors have years of online teaching experience under their belt, supported with degrees, teaching awards, and international certificates. Our experts know what an ideal online lesson should be and apply revolutionary teaching methods to make math fun for kids.

Image Professional Ethics

Professional Ethics

A friendly, stress-free environment differentiates us from school math classes – our teachers befriend students instead of judging them. Our experts know how to find an approach for children with different backgrounds. We help shy kids open their hearts to knowledge. On top of that, our tutors arrange classes based on students’ learning pace and abilities to make them feel comfortable about online math classes.

Image Easy Math Studying

Easy Math Studying

Brighterly believes fun math equals easy learning. Our experts teach math using the learning-through-play approach, describing complex math topics with simple words and examples children can easily relate to. As a result, our students show improvements as early as the first class.

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Brighterly’s Expert Math Tutors Love Children

We take care of children by meticulously checking the tutors’ math backgrounds and experiences.Only strong applicants with impressive experience join our team due to strict qualification procedures. We ensure that our online tutors value children’s needs and apply mistake-friendly learning ethics. We don’t judge kids for mistakes. We encourage them to try until they succeed.

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How to Get Math Tutoring Online at Brighterly?

Need an online maths tutor? Check how you can hire one at Brighterly:

Book a Free Trial Lesson

With us, you get a free demo lesson from our tutors. It’s a full-fledged math class designed to demonstrate how online tutors work. If you like the process, you can learn math with us regularly by subscribing to one of our packages.

Image Book a Free Trial Lesson

Fill Out an Order Form

Fill out an order form to schedule the lesson. Indicate your kid’s math level and the best time for an online class. Complete the order and wait for the class – we will handle the rest.

Image Fill Out an Order Form

Enjoy a Professional Math Class

Once it’s time to join an online lesson with us, park yourself next to your child and enjoy the process. You can discuss the online lesson content, make suggestions, decide upon later online classes, and so on.

Image Enjoy a Professional Math Class

Keep on Studying with Us

You can hire a math tutor for more classes on our website if you believe our trial lesson matches your needs. Subscribe to our packages and get a 7-20% discount. Discuss the math content plan and schedule online classes with our tutors.

Image Keep on Studying with Us
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What Is the Trial Lesson? Can I Get a Free Online Maths Tutor?

The trial lesson demonstrates how our online math tutor works with students, making our services entirely risk-free. It’s a real 45-minute lesson that helps you decide whether Brighterly works for you. If you like it, you can buy online lessons. If you don’t like it, you can continue searching for another service.

Can I Cancel the Plan?

You can cancel a lesson subscription plan at any time. Support team is always ready to guide you through the refund process.

What Is “Learning through Play”?

Play-based learning means that students study math through engaging interactive games and activities. Fun helps children memorize and strengthen math skills.

How Long Should My Child Study to Show Results?

You will see your kid improve their math skills from the very first class. First, you will watch the entire process. Second, our tutor will provide you with assessment and feedback at the end of each lesson.

What Kind of Technical Setup Will My Child Need at Home?

Your child will need a personal computer, a web camera (or a laptop), and a stable internet connection fast enough to support video calls.

What is the Frequency and Duration of Classes?

Our standard online math lesson lasts for an academic hour – 45 minutes. You can adjust frequency – schedule as many classes per week as you need. However, a flexible schedule option is available for 48 and 144 classes packages only.

How Old Should My Child Be to Join Brighterly?

We provide online classes for pre-K and K-5 students – as long as your kid qualifies for the pre-k program, you can order online math lessons for them.

Does Brighterly Offer Offline Classes at Physical Centers?

Brighterly offers only online math courses for children right now.