20 Math Games for Grade 4 Kids That Boost Their Math Skills

20 Math Games for Grade 4 Kids

As kids progress through grades, their level of understanding expands and they can take in more complex math concepts. By grade 4, students start handling factors, multiples, patterns, as well as addition and subtraction of larger numbers. To ensure that they get an even better understanding of math concepts, you need to consider games as one of the teaching methods.

4th grade math games make learning more enjoyable and boost kids’ interest in studying because games are a familiar territory for any child. If you want your kids to be great at math, change the status-quo; take an approach that makes them feel comfortable — a game-based one.

If you were wondering what games could help you teach math better, hang in there, we have made an extensive list. We split it into two kinds of games, math activities you can try in class and online math games for grade 4.

10 Physical Math Games for Grade 4 Students

There are numerous offline math games for 4th-grade kids, but we will describe just 10 of them, and here they are:

Remainders Wanted

Remainders Wanted

Remainders Wanted is one of the fun math games for 4th graders who do not mind a little brain challenge. You must first download the printable game sheet from the internet to play. The sheet has different three-digit numbers waiting to be divided.

Give kids a die and ask them to roll it. Afterward, they have to use the number they got from the roll to divide any numbers picked on the sheet. After the division, the remainder is their score.

After filling all their remainders (scores) on the scoresheet, the person with the most remainders wins the game.

Factors Charade

First, divide kids into teams, then make headbands and attach numbers to them. Now, kids have to play the game of charades. But instead of physical movements, they should call out factors that will produce the number on the headband.

For example, if the number on the headband is 100, the kids can say 25 times 4 or 10 times 10.

If a child does not get the answer on the first attempt, their teammates can try again. The chance goes to the next team if the teammate doesn’t get it correctly. The team with the highest score at the end wins.

Round up the Snowball Fight

Ten snowballs and a bucket

Write numbers on a paper, underline the number you would love the entire figure to be rounded up to, then squeeze the papers and give them out. When you have done that, blow the whistle and let a snowball fight begin. Ensure you control the chaos, and let kids enjoy the game for about 2 minutes.

This game is one of the top fun math games for 4th graders. When kids are done, they should pick the paper snowball nearest to them, open it, and round up the figure to the underlined number.

The students who get it correctly must go for another round of snowball fights. And they will continue until it gets to the last two kids, then you get your winner.

Guess the Number for the Pattern

Draw a large circle on the board and put a few numbers leading to a pattern inside the number. Ask the kids to guess the pattern. They may not get it at first; if they do not, ask them to start giving you random numbers.

If the number they gave you fits inside your pattern, write it inside the circle; if it does not, write it outside the circle. After a while — and probably a lot of guessed numbers — they will find the pattern you are trying to show them.

Dominoes Fraction War

Play Fraction War with Dominoes

Get a pack of dominoes and share it with kids; then, put students in teams of twos and have them position the dominoes as fractions. The student with the most fractions takes the others’ dominoes.

Kids should continue until one kid has all the dominoes, which makes them the winner of the game. It is an easy game, but you must explain the fractions’ numbers to the kids to turn the game into a teachable moment.

Draw Fractions in Shapes

Kids need to know what a fraction looks like when no numbers are in the mix. Teach your students what a fraction looks like by drawing shapes on paper. Afterward, using a pencil, they can shade a part of the shape to show fractions without numbers.

The fun part of this game is that you can create more than basic shapes. Kids can draw planes, balls, bags, and other whole items, then shade some parts of it to show fractions. It is fun, and there is so much you can teach kids using this game, especially by showing them the real-life representation of shapes and other math concepts.

The Measurement Scavenger Hunt

Math Scavenger Hunt

The measurement scavenger hunt is one of the best math games 4th grade students can play to improve their measurement knowledge. Scatter different objects, preferably toys, around the class to start playing.

Give kids a ruler or a tape rule and a specific measurement, then send them to go and look for toys that match the measurement. For example, tell kids to go and search for 3-inch objects. They will go around the class looking for things to measure and return to you.

Send them with different numbers at different times. If a child gets an item’s measurement right, they keep the item.

Area and Perimeter Battles with Dice

Get some dice and graph pages, sit the children in the circle, and distribute the pages among them. When rolling the dice, they should write the numbers they get in a box.

Next, they should draw their impression of the area and perimeter in a square. The square gets bigger if the next kid rolls the dice and the number is higher than the initial number. They continue like this until they fill the entire graph.

A Shape Bingo


Math bingos are almost in every list of exciting math games for grade 4 students. Download a printable Shape Bingo off the internet and have kids play it using real-life definitions.

This game has no time limit, so regulate it at your discretion. Playing Shape Bingos is the easiest way to learn about forms because kids can point at objects which look like a shape and identify them.

Fold Shapes to Learn Symmetry

Have kids draw shapes on paper. Let them draw hearts, circles, squares, and other shapes. After drawing shapes, they can find the symmetry lines and fold according to those lines. This game can also be the foundation for learning origami.

Before we proceed to the list of 4th grade math games online, there is a way you can ensure that your child learns math in the most effective way. Brighterly’s tutors teach kids math using relevant games and fun videos to supplement their one-on-one tutoring sessions. Register Now on the online platform and help your youngster reach their full potential.

Now that we have seen some fun fourth grade math games you can try out in class, let us look at the online games. Some are free math games for 4th graders, while others include membership fees. For more options, go to mathgames.com; grade 4 math games are available there.

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10 Online Math Games and Apps for Fourth Graders

The internet is filled with math games and apps for fourth graders, but we will be looking at ten commendable ones.

Disappearing Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are nearly extinct, and you are the only one in possession of the last eight dinosaurs because you created them. But now they are missing, and you must find them. That is the premise of this game.

You have eight boxes of mathematical puzzles to solve, cutting across a series of 4th grade math concepts. When you solve the puzzle with a box, you find one dinosaur; your challenge is trying to find all eight.

Division Derby

Division Derby

Division Derby is a multiplayer game that encourages a healthy math competition between kids. In Division Derby, several ponies are running the race, and each pony belongs to a kid whose name you can find on the leaderboard.

How fast can you win the Division Derby?

Each kid has to answer division facts for their ponies to stay ahead in the race. For every question missed, you fall behind the rest of the ponies. Every question you get right takes you to the front and keeps you ahead until the game ends.

Hungry Puppies

Your puppies are hungry, and you must feed them in this game. To feed the puppies, you must add the decimals and get the correct answers.

If you do not feed your puppy, you lose the game. So, get all the decimal questions right if you do not want your puppy to go hungry.

Penguin Jump

Penguin Jump

Penguin Jump is a multiplication game that helps kids improve their multiplication knowledge. The player must solve multiplication questions; If they fail a multiplication problem, the ice cracks, whereas their penguin jumps if they get it right.

If the player keeps winning, their penguin keeps jumping until they move to the next level to multiply bigger numbers. The ultimate question is how long can your students keep their penguins jumping?

Number Candy Challenge

You lost the price list for your candy shop, so candies are scattered all over the shop and not in their jars. To get back to selling, you must solve the puzzles, determine the price of each candy, and replace them in their candy jars.

How quickly can you solve the puzzles that help you find the prices and resume your candy business? This game helps kids think outside the box.



Sumquest is a math game app that educators created to improve kids’ knowledge of additions. The game is open to children from the first to the fourth grade.

Kids must solve addition problems rapidly to move to the next level. The goal is to solve as many addition problems as possible.

Far out Functions

You are in another galaxy; you find monsters and numbers. The monsters are operators that drive the numbers to a solution, but you must analyze the numbers to figure out what the monster does.

You will get number problems and answers, but you must figure out which operator or function gave you that number. Determine if it is an equal to, a greater than, or less than sign. The answers will uncover the monster’s job.

Demolition Derby

You must keep your territory safe from tanks that want to demolish everything you own. You solve division problems to defend your territory and keep the tanks away. The goal is to solve all the division problems you have been given in the fastest possible time.

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Dragon Box Algebra

In Dragon Box Algebra, students start by solving a logic puzzle, and then as they go on, they realize that they have been solving algebras. There are 20 chapters with over 200 puzzles to solve. When students complete the game, their basic algebra knowledge will improve.

King of Maths

In King of Maths, children can solve more than one math problem at a time while using the character they picked to tackle mathematical challenges. The game sets questions using basic math concepts, and children must go through each, especially additions and subtractions.


Fourth-grade math games will motivate your young students to love and enjoy math. As a teacher, you need these games to supplement the teaching process, and as a parent, you need the games to encourage your children to learn. Out of the 20 games in this article, pick the ones you like and make learning fun for your kids.

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