20 Math Games for Grade 4 Kids

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    As kids go through grades, their grasp of concepts widens, and they can handle more advanced math. In grade 4, they move on to factors and multiples, patterns, and more significant numbers through addition or subtraction. Therefore, you have to consider games as one of the teaching methods for them to understand math concepts even better.

    4 grade math games make studying more fun and encourage kids to want to study because it’s the way to success for any child. If you want your kids to become excellent mathematicians, break the mold; go about things in a way that makes them feel at ease, using gameplay.

    If you’ve been wondering what math-teaching games there are, relax; we have compiled a long list. We created two categories of games — math activities you can play in class and online math games for 4th grade.

    Physical Math Games For The Fourth Grade

    There are numerous offline math games for 4th-grade kids, and here are some:

    Remainders Wanted

    Remainders Wanted

    Remainders Wanted is one of the fun math games for 4th graders who don’t mind a little brain work. To play, you must first download the printable game sheet online. Several different three-digit numbers wait to be divided on this sheet.

    Ask children to roll a die. After that, they must use the number drawn from their roll to divide any numbers chosen on the sheet. The remainder after the division is their score. Once everyone has filled all their remainder (scores) on the scoresheet, whichever person is left with the most points wins.

    Factors Charade

    Divide kids into teams first and headbands with numbers attached secondly. Now, the children must play charades. However, instead of physical movements, they should call out elements that will produce the number inscribed on the headband.

    If the number on the headband is 100, they can say 25 times four or get there by subtracting that from a hundred. A teammate can try if the child doesn’t get it right on the first attempt. The play goes to the next team if the teammate doesn’t get it right. In the end, the team with the highest score wins.

    Round up the Snowball Fight

    Ten snowballs and a bucket

    Write numbers on paper, then underline the one you want to see and round up the whole figure. Squeeze out and hand over in turn. After that, blow the whistle and let there be an epic snowball fight. Take charge of the chaos, and let kids play for a few minutes.

    This is one of the best fun math activities 4th grade students can participate in. The kids should take their paper snowballs out, open an already-closed one nearest them, e.g. 45.8, and round up the figure in parentheses below the table of contents on the inside front cover. Those who get it right have to join another round of snowball fights. And they keep going until it gets to the last two kids; you have your winner.

    Pattern Game-Guess the Number

    Draw a large circle on the board and put some numbers leading to a pattern inside one of them. Have the kids guess what pattern it is. They may not get it immediately; if they don’t, ask them to call out random numbers. If that number fits inside your pattern, write it in the circle; if not, write it outside. Eventually — and after many suspicious numbers — they will find the pattern you are trying to show them.

    Dominoes Fraction War

    Play Fraction War with Dominoes

    Give kids a pack of dominoes to share, and have them arrange the dominoes as fractions in teams. The student with the most fractions takes all of the others’ dominoes. The kids should keep going until one has acquired all the dominoes, and then they win. This is an easy math activity for grade 4; you have to tell the children what numbers those fractions are, and this becomes a teaching opportunity.

    Draw Fractions in Shapes

    Kids should learn what a fraction means when no numbers are involved. So, teach them what a fraction looks like by drawing some shapes on paper. Later, they can use a pencil to shade some shapes representing fractions without numbers. The most remarkable thing about this game is that you can make more than simple shapes. Children may draw planes, balls, or bags and then simply shade out some parts to create fractions. You can teach so many things using this game, particularly how shapes always have real-life representations.

    The Measurement Scavenger Hunt

    Math Scavenger Hunt

    A measurement scavenger hunt is one of the funniest math games for grade 4 that students can play to increase their knowledge of measurement. To get the game going, scatter some different objects — preferably toys. Choose a specific ruler or tape rule, and give kids an actual measurement. Then, send them off to find toys of this length. 

    You can even play this outdoors, like some other enjoyable outdoor math games. For example, ask children to go and seek out 3-inch objects. They will go around their classroom block looking for things to measure and return them to you. Let them go out with different numbers at various times. If a child measures an item accurately, they get to keep it.

    Dice Battles Of Area And Perimeter

    Prepare some dice and get some graph pages. Seat the children in a circle, then hand out those pieces of paper. They should write the numbers they roll in a box when rolling up. They should then sketch their impression of the area and perimeter on a square. If the next kid keeps rolling the dice and rolls a higher number than before, then it’s onto an even bigger square. They go on in this way until they fill up the entire graph.

    A Shape Bingo


    Math bingos are virtually on every list of fun-filled 4th grade math games. So, having children play Shape Bingo off the internet using live definitions should be easy. This game has no time limit, so regulate it as you see fit. As for forms, playing Shape Bingos is straightforward. The kids point at objects that resemble the shape and call it out by name.

    Math Puzzles

    Puzzles in math provide fourth graders with an enjoyable means of developing critical thinking while studying mathematics. Many of these puzzles require the arrangement or juxtaposition of numbers and shapes, focusing on specific mathematical rules; in this way, students are encouraged to develop their logic and strategy. Math ends up being more approachable and fun if you have some little mystery or introduction of interest in it.

    Math Board Games

    A math challenge for fourth graders adds an educational twist to traditional board activity for grade 4 math. Playing Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders becomes an interactive means of studying mathematical ideas. Indeed, by incorporating math problems into gameplay and using these two activities to complement each other, children can enjoy playing with their friends or family members and improve their mastery of critical mathematical principles.

    Math Storybooks

    Storybooks of math are an innovative tool for integrating the subject into a story. Interactive storybooks in which mathematical problems are woven into the plot provide a realistic learning environment. These books combine storytelling and math in a way that triggers children’s imaginations, setting the stage for understanding mathematical concepts within relevant life contexts.

    Math Memory Match

    Fourth graders will have better concentration and memory skills due to playing Math Memory Match maths activities for class 4. In this game, cards are laid out face-down, and the players must guess equations from their solutions. Not only does this reinforce memory, but it also creates a playful and competitive environment for recalling math facts.

    Math Jeopardy

    Making one’s own Math Jeopardy-type game injects a friendly competition into fun math games for 4th graders. With questions of different difficulty levels, students can choose a category for themselves and challenge their intelligence while at the same time training wide-spread math skills. Through the game format, learning becomes a fun activity. This allows students to participate when reviewing and solidifying knowledge.

    Fold Shapes To Learn Symmetry

    Let kids draw shapes on paper. Let them draw hearts, circles, squares, and other shapes. Once they’ve drawn the shapes, they can look for symmetry lines and fold following those lines. But first, there’s a way you can make sure your child learns math the best possible. Brighterly’s tutors teach kids grade 4 math activities and fun videos in addition to their one-on-one teaching sessions. Sign up online to give your child all he can be.

    Having seen various third-grade math games available in class, let us now look at the online ones. Some are free games for fourth-graders; others carry a membership fee. 

    Online Math Games, Apps, And Websites For Fourth Graders

    There is no shortage of math games and apps on the internet for fourth graders, but we will review some worth recommending.

    Disappearing Dinosaurs

    The dinosaurs are almost extinct, and you have the last eight because they were your own creation. But now they are gone, and you must find them. This is the basis of this game. There are eight modules of mathematical puzzles cutting across a range of grade 4 math games. If you use a box to solve the puzzle, there’s one dinosaur; your objective is all eight.

    Division Derby

    Division Derby is a competitive multiplayer game among kids. Several ponies are running the race in the Division Derby. Each pony belongs to a kid whose name you can find on the leaderboard anytime.

    How soon will you win the Division Derby?

    Every child must give their ponies answers to division questions for them to lead the way. Every question you miss puts you behind the other ponies. Each question you get right brings you to the front and keeps you ahead until the game ends.

    Division Derby

    Hungry Puppies

    The puppies are hungry in this game, and you have to feed them. You must add decimals and get the correct answers to feed the puppies. If you don’t feed your puppy, then it is game over. Therefore, if you don’t want your puppy to go hungry, answer all the decimal questions correctly.

    Penguin Jump

    Penguin Jump is a multiplication game that can help kids improve their multiplication skills. The player must complete multiplication problems. If he fails at a problem, the ice cracks; if successful, his penguin jumps. If the player wins again, the penguin keeps jumping. They then move to another level to multiply more significant numbers by 20. The bottom line is, how long can your students keep the penguins jumping?

    Number Candy Challenge

    Suddenly, you lose the price list for your candy shop, and candies are everywhere and not in their jars. If you want to start selling again, first solve the puzzles and determine the prices of each candy; then put them back in their original spots. How quickly can you solve the puzzles that help reestablish your candy business? This game teaches kids to think outside the box. 


    Educators created Sumquest, a math game app, to help kids learn their additions. The game is open to children from the first through fourth grades. To advance, kids must solve addition problems quickly. The point is to find as many answers for the addition problems as possible.

    Far Out Functions

    You are in another galaxy; you discover monsters and numbers. The monsters drive the numbers to a solution, but you must analyze what each of them is doing. There will be number problems and answers, but you must decide which operator or function gave you the number. Is it an =, a >, or < sign? The answers will reveal the monster’s appearance.

    Penguin Jump

    Demolition Derby

    You have to protect your ground from tanks that come in and destroy everything you hold. To protect your land, you divide to keep the tanks away. The aim is to get through all the division problems you have been given as fast as possible.

    Dragon Box Algebra

    Students first solve a logic puzzle and then see that what they are solving is algebra. The book contains 20 chapters with over 200 puzzles. After students complete the game, their understanding of introductory algebra will improve.

    King Of Maths

    In King of Maths, they can solve two or more math problems at a time with the character they chose to challenge themselves in mathematics. The questions it asks are based on fundamental mathematics concepts, and children go through every one of them, especially additions and subtractions.



    With Brighterly, you can find dozens of online math games for fourth graders. The platform offers logic puzzles and word problems that are attuned to different kinds of learners, pushing mathematical concepts in a form that keeps kids interested. Brighterly’s interactive games provide immediate feedback and offer a friendly environment where students can learn how to use different math skills.


    Prodigy is a unique online math environment that adjusts to 4th graders’ levels. It covers almost all areas of math (on a self-teaching basis) and, in doing so, provides an individualized, interactive learning environment modeled on games. Math problems in an intriguing way that makes students want to learn. It cultivates an attitude of love for mathematics that gradually takes the student as far as graduation day and beyond, at whatever pace suits them.


    SplashLearn provides an entire math curriculum explicitly geared to fourth graders. The math activities for 4th grade covering fractions, geometry, and multiplication also look great. Its interactive nature lets you learn and comprehend mathematical concepts, bringing fun back to math.

    Cool Math 4 Kids

    Cool Math 4 Kids is a site featuring many interactive math games for elementary school students (including fourth-graders). The game’s topics are also diverse. 

    Students can practice all kinds of math skills in their own time at school or home using these flexible tools. The Cool Math 4 Kids games are visually attractive and easy to understand, making math fun.


    ABCmouse is an online learning game that takes a total education approach and has several activities in mathematics for fourth graders. This multiplies games, puzzles, and interactive lessons. The well-designed interface and logical curriculum mean mastering math is engaging and fun to learn this way, and it pays off for students.

    IXL Math

    At the fourth-grade level, IXL is an adaptive online math learning platform. Deepening understanding of mathematical concepts: The student receives real-time feedback and a curriculum tailored to each need. IXL Math has a lot of interactive lessons and exercises geared to different learning styles, making it a great classroom tool for individualized instruction.


    Buzzmath is an online platform to make fourth graders love math. Adaptive learning paths and interactive activities help students learn several math concepts. With Buzzmath’s unique content and student-friendly learning method, students can find a space to use their math skills with pleasure.


    Adding interesting games to math education is essential for teachers and parents. Fourth-grade math games are the main thing that nurtures young students’ enthusiasm for learning. These games are valuable supplements to teaching in the classroom, providing children with interactive and fun ways of learning mathematical ideas. As a teacher, such games can liven up the classroom and make it more interactive. 

    Parents should find it helpful to get their children into math with an enthusiastic attitude. Catering to the multidimensional needs of teachers and parents Because there are many games for them to choose from, they can select activities that best suit their students’ or children’s preferences. At both ends, students’ education is combined with fun; learning becomes a reality in an atmosphere filled with smiles.

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