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    Grade-school math curricula will become more complex and involve more advanced math concepts as your child advances to fifth grade. Parents and teachers should, therefore, be well-prepared to help the students retain interest, enjoy grade 5 math activities, and reduce anxiety. One way to do this is by introducing games.

    The games help in enhancing learners’ critical and logical thinking abilities. That is why you need math games for fifth graders to make it easier for your students to enjoy and understand math. The rest of this article will show you examples of ideal games to introduce to your students in the classroom or homeschool.

    Easy Math Games For Grade 5

    Math activities for grade 5 promote the development of essential math skills. By playing free 5th grade math games, your child will begin to understand new math concepts better while enjoying the games. Most math games 5th grade are designed to enable learners to understand and solve mathematical problems within a fraction of a second.

    Apart from mastering addition and subtraction, fifth graders must increase their math level and explore multiplication, place value, fractions, and decimals. The games below will help your students learn to calculate volume, draw and coordinate planes, and more.

    Number Conundrum

    Number Conundrum is a unique math game to help students learn about decimal numbers. Teachers can use this game to challenge students to work with decimal numbers and employ problem-solving skills to place the correct values in the right places. Each number a student must place should be added to the sum of the two numbers below it.

    Back 2 Back

    Back 2 Back

    Back 2 Back is a competitive 5th grade math game requiring the involvement of two teams and a student to be the caller as the game progresses. The opposing team must stand back and write a number on the game board. The caller in the game will then do the math and shout out the sum of the two numbers. The opposing team members are tasked with running to their opponents to discover the mentioned numbers.

    Turn Numbers Into Decimals

    Your fifth-grade students are young enough to enjoy number lines. Lay out printed lines on the floor. After that, use a playground ball as a decimal point. You can select ten students in your class and hand each kid over a large card with a number from 0 to 9. Instruct another student to write a number to the thousandth place secretly. You can now ask kids to stand with the numbers in the right places. Watch how students will rush to stand in the right places.

    Math Puzzles

    Puzzles are among the time-tested yet fun ways of learning math. Students can choose whether to solve existing puzzles or develop their own, which promotes creativity and a deeper understanding of the subject. Math games for grade 5 problems can also provide them with a sense of accomplishment as we solve them, and this helps to develop a positive attitude towards math.

    Math Board Games

    Games like Monopoly or Fraction Formula make math more enjoyable for Grade 5 students. It also enables social interaction. Monopoly includes mathematical concepts such as financial transactions, budget setting, and strategic decision-making, reinforcing essential skills such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. 

    On the other hand, Fraction Formula is specifically designed for students to learn fractions in a competitive environment. These games are fantastic, and your students will learn many things while playing them. It teaches them to apply fun math games for 5th graders to the real-world scenario.


    Tangrams are an offline solution for scholars to learn about geometry and geometry relationships in grade 5. These games are the best since they consist of seven tiles that can be rearranged into countless shapes for problem-solving and geometric reasoning. 

    Students can construct different images and solve various problems by messing around with the Tangram pieces, enhancing their comprehension of geometric topics such as symmetry and unity. Tangrams build creativity and cater to different learning styles, making it more fun and accessible for students.



    Bingo is one of the simplest yet best 5th grade math games that teachers and parents can use to help students improve skills like division, addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Children playing Bingo can enjoy the game rewards by winning Bingo Bugs as an additional bonus.

    The way it works is that each student gets a Bingo card loaded with words or pictures. When you call out a word, the students scramble to find the square on their card and mark it. You can start with a few cards to build teamwork so everyone gets a shot. They’ll take turns pulling cards and marking off those numbers. After they’ve finished your cards, discuss them to get some feedback.

    Passing The Ball

    This is one of the fun free math 5th grade games. A teacher can take students to a field and instruct them to form a circle. The game instruction is to pass a ball to the person on the anticlockwise side. But the trick is that a teacher will ask a math-related question before a student passes the ball to the next person. 

    For instance, ask a student what 10+5 is, what geometric shapes of items are, the number of sides of a square, and more. If a student participating in the game fails to answer a question correctly or within a stipulated time, they will be disqualified from the game.

    Make A Human Coordinate Plane

    Make a Human Coordinate Plane

    This game is more practical in the classroom with square floor tiles, but you can be creative and design a life-size coordinate plane even if your classroom doesn’t have square tiles. After creating the life-size coordinate plane, you can ask students to assemble in one spot and wait for your instruction to jump to a new place.

    When students arrive at a new spot during the play, they must announce their new coordinates. You can use instructions like “Move five steps forward on the X-axis and four steps back on the Y-axis.” Your students will follow your instructions, think, and move simultaneously. The game is fun and reinforces learning.

    Volume Of Solids

    The volume topic is among the most advanced math concepts your grade 5 child will encounter. The Volume of Solids game is designed to help students grasp volume. Information on cubes and other fundamental 3D figures forms the basis of the game’s questions. The more questions a solitary player or a group can answer, the better. 

    The more a learner plays this game, the more proficient they become at calculating volumes. This game helps students learn to multiply the length, width, and height to find the volume and other formulae related to the topic.

    Play Fraction War With Dominoes

    Play Fraction War with Dominoes

    Play Fraction War with Dominoes is an appropriate fifth-grade core math game to help learners strengthen their knowledge about fractions. The game’s instructions are straightforward. Two layers compete against each other, and a player must flip a domino and turn it to display the most significant number at the top and form an improper fraction.

    Then, the players will create a mixed number and reduce it if possible. The competing player who remains with the more significant number keeps both dominoes. 


    You can introduce Jumpy into your classroom when you want to test your students and determine their understanding of multiplication and division. This fun-filled game can help students improve their math skills while having a good time.

    Students are assigned animal characters in the game and must help the chosen animals reach the birthday point on the opposite side of the pond. Students can also successfully answer the set of questions in the game to win suitable tools and help their animals cross the river.

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    Online Math Games for Fifth Graders

    Students enjoy fun games and hate dull abstract theories that they feel cannot be related to real life. The best way to help your fifth grader enjoy math is through stunning online games for 5th graders and apps.


    Arithmetic is an online math game for 5th graders designed to help learners build various equations. Players will find questions at the bottom of the screen. Teachers can request the class to play the game in pairs, individually, or form groups and complete given tasks successfully.

    Tug Team Tractor

    Teachers and parents can download Tug Team Tractor to help students practice multiplication and improve their skills. The game is designed for playing in a team.

    After forming two teams, students must collaborate to pull the opposite team and cross over the halfway mark. To accomplish the game task, students must solve multiplication sums that continue appearing on the game screen.

    Math Buzz

    Math Buzz is a fun online game that helps fifth graders master addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The game’s concept assumes they are bees about to collect honey from the hive, but they face challenges in reaching the honey spot.

    To get to the honey, players must eliminate the available wasps that are out to cause problems and protect the hive. The only way a player can solve the wasp problem is by solving math problems that keep popping up, thus gaining expertise in addition, substation, and multiplication.

    Creepy Coordinate Grids

    Creepy Coordinate Grids is one of the Halloween math for fifth graders games that teachers can use to educate students on various math concepts, including calculating the distance between ordered pairs, reflecting points over x and y axes, and identifying coordinate quadrants and pairs.

    This creepy coordinate grid game has 16 different task cards that students can engage in and provide their answers on the worksheets. Students can compete in creepy coordinate grid tasks independently or with a partner.

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    Fifth Grade Math Apps 

    Operation Math

    Operation Math is an engaging app for children to access educational games. This app can help a kid practice drills related to four number operations: division, addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

    The catch in this app is that learners must help defeat Dr. Odd by completing three different levels of the timed mission. Additionally, there is a training mode where learners can practice answering numerous questions and develop confidence. Children are rewarded with uniforms and watches when playing games, which motivates them to continue playing.

    King Of Math

    King of Math is an application built to help learners practice math skills and become kings. When students complete each level of the game, they get a piece of new music and a new character. Teachers can use this app in the classroom to identify the topic where the learners are struggling or excelling.

    This free app helps students learn skills for addition and subtraction, fractions, multiplication, division, geometry, and more. You can get this app from the App Store, Google Play, and the web.


    Photomath is an excellent app that helps Grades 5 students solve math problems by photographing them. This also helps them with independent study and homework. Photomath helps solve math problems by providing the answers and explaining the process, which helps students understand and learn independently. This application allows students to work out math problems independently but offers assistance when required.

    Todo Math

    This app is an excellent option for all math-related subjects at Grade 5. The app uses interactive games and tasks to target multiplication, subtraction, division, and addition. The app has an interface that is okay and can adapt according to the needs so that students can learn in a personalized way, and the results will be effective. This provides an educational experience that is quite engaging, especially for young minds who require a lot of enthusiasm to learn mathematics.

    Splash Math

    The Splash Math app offers math lessons that cover over 350 math topics. The app works through interactive games and rewards players with coins they can use later to redeem for virtual pets.

    Parents can access their children’s progress through a Parent Connect app or dashboard. You can also request that your child’s weekly progress be sent to your email. This app works with iPhones, iPads, and desktop computers.

    Moose Math

    Moose Math is another great app that helps students master various math skills like addition, geometry, sorting, and subtraction. Moose Math is designed for kids to enjoy because it takes learners on a mathematical adventure. The app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

    Mental Math Cards

    Mental Math Cards is among the best math apps for students. The app’s designers fully integrated it with Game Center. The game center area encourages your child to test various skills against the rest of the world and share achievements and scores with fellow students and friends.

    Mental Math Cards offers learners step-by-step instruction on approaches to solving the available built-in questions and challenging levels of the games. Every difficulty level is carefully designed to build on the skills players have mastered in the previous levels. You can download this game on the app store.


    Many users love MentalUP because it has the best math problem-solving content that is reliable for learning, educational, and scientifically based. Therefore, the app has been downloaded by over 10 million users. This app covers subjects from fractions to addition, measurement, and multiplication. Your fifth-grader will find enough materials needed for math practice.

    Math Game Websites for Grade 5


    Prodigy is a math program that can change based on how we learn to make math easier for Grade 5 students. The game can change its difficulty level depending on the player’s skill level, meaning it can provide a personalized and challenging educational experience. 

    The game is like a whole new world where we can do extraordinary things like fighting monsters and solving math problems; it’s fantastic! Prodigy helps students boost their math skills and creates an enchanting game environment, making math learning fun and pleasurable.


    The SplashLearn platform provides an extensive and engaging math education for fifth-grade students. It’s beneficial for them in their remote learning journey. As the syllabus dictates, the program teaches many things through fun and interactive games. 

    SplashLearn has an adaptive nature that helps them receive practice in areas where they need improvement the most. An interactive format with detailed feedback allows students to understand mathematical concepts better. The layout and design of SplashLearn are so attractive that it has become more interesting to study math.

    Cool Math 4 Kids

    This website is really cool and provides many fun games to teach math to Grade 5 kids. The educational platform provides many math subjects, making them exciting and interactive through images and features. These games make learning math fun by seamlessly incorporating 5th grade math activities into gameplay. 

    The website is excellent for students because it has a lot of fun games that help them learn math. There are many different games to choose from, so they can find something that interests them and helps them understand the concept they need to learn. Plus, the games are engaging and keep students excited about math.

    IXL Math

    IXL Math is an excellent resource for fifth-grade students to improve their math abilities by solving fun and engaging online problems and games. The platform provides a world of knowledge to students, helping them pick the courses they need to improve their grades. 

    Students can use instant feedback and thorough explanations to further their comprehension and improve their learning experience. IXL Math is a platform that provides a well-defined structure to mathematics practice, enabling students to identify their growth and take pride in their accomplishments as they conquer different mathematical problems.


    Most parents and teachers naturally encourage students to write, read, and speak outside the classroom and school. Yet, a child’s focus and encouragement to learn math skills are limited to a few lessons daily in school. Like everything else, your fifth graders’ math skills, excitement, and confidence can only improve with continuous daily practice, encouragement, and support.

    Using fun math games 5th grade can significantly impact your child’s math skills development. The games give grade 5 learners opportunities to explore fundamental concepts like computation strategies, counting sequences, and one-to-one correspondence and encourage students to explore number combinations, patterns, place value, and other crucial mathematical concepts, the knowledge of which is significant in life.

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