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    Everyday teaching methods often include games, particularly in mathematics classes. Teachers can include engaging activities that help students develop strong fact-power and arithmetic skills, such as computation techniques and mental calculations with decimals, whole numbers, and fractions.

    According to Common Core Standards, math games for first graders are designed to develop four critical elements in a child. First, math games develop a child’s understanding of addition, subtraction, and inventive addition and subtraction strategies. Secondly, a child’s comprehension of place value and whole numbers is also developed while first-graders play relevant games. Additionally, math games aid in a child’s development of linear measurement. Finally, the use of games in the studying process enhances a child’s ability to reason about properties, composition, and decomposition of geometric shapes. Keep learning enjoyable and your child interested in numbers by using the below 1st grade math games.

    Easy Math Games for Grade 1

    First graders are extremely playful and want to learn everything. By using the following fun math games to teach your students math concepts in an engaging manner, you have a chance to reveal the creative sides of your students.

    1. Play Shut the Box

    Play Shut the Box

    There have been shut-the-box math games for more than a century. To help your students learn addition facts, let them play this amusing and cunning game. The aim of the game is to “close” each available number in the box, starting from one to nine by rolling the dice.

    For instance, if a player rolls a 10, they must close the numbers 2, 3, and 5 because the three numbers add up to 10. The rules of the game require players to pass the play to the next person if they can’t see the numbers that add up to the dice total. This must be done until someone “shuts the box” by closing the last number.

    2. Fill in a Number Grid Puzzle

    One of the math games for 1st graders is called Fill in a Number Grid Puzzle, and it aims to inspire young students to use a variety of skills to fill in the missing numbers in the puzzle. Students should be acquainted with skip counting and number counting to 100.

     3. Assemble a Domino Puzzle

    Assemble a Domino Puzzle

    You can find free math games for 1st grade on many online learning resources, including Brighterly. Parents and teachers can sign up at this platform to access a variety of interesting math for first graders games.

    After printing this game from the math website, you can give your students printed sheets and some dominoes so they can complete the puzzle one piece at a time while placing the domino and adding up to the specified number in each rectangle.

    The game’s catch is that standard domino rules are in effect. Each given number must therefore touch a domino that also contains that same number.

    4. Star Wars Face off Dice War

    This is a great math game for first-graders to play in class. To help students practice addition facts and subitizing, teachers can use the Star Wars Face off Dice War game.

    In the game, the face off concept is straightforward. Each participant must roll the dice and add their results before continuing. Each round’s winner is the player who has the highest total.

    One of the fantastic math games for 1st grade that you can add a third die to is Star Wars Face Off Dice War. Playing cards are also an option for this game.

    5. Knock Down the Pins with Dot Arrangement Bowling

    Math Bowling

    For the game Knock Down the Pins with Dot Arrangement Bowling, you can use a cheap toy bowling set. A different option is to use plastic bottles to create your own bowling set and then decorate it with sticky dots.

    Simple rules govern the game. To find out how many dots are available on the pins they’ve knocked down, participating students must roll the ball and quickly subitize. A student receives the points if their guess of the number of dots is accurate.

    6. Assemble Time-telling Puzzles

    Time telling is a fundamental math concept that first-grade students learn. Time-telling puzzles are made to provide students with a fun way to learn about telling time. When children have free time, teachers, parents, and other adults can encourage them to practice with this clock game.

    Both digital and analog clock times must be matched in puzzles. Teachers can help students practice saying the matching time out loud after the students have finished matching the time on an analog and digital clock.

    7. Work on Tens and Ones Using “I Have, Who Has”

    Work on Tens and Ones

    This math game for first graders is made to boost confidence in understanding of tens and ones.

    To play this game, you can print out free playing cards. Simple rules govern the game. The first player announces, “I have…” and then shows the number on the card in the block. The player will then call out the number at the bottom, and anyone with a card bearing that specific number takes control.

    8. Scavenger Hunt

    For students in first grade who want to have fun while solving math puzzles, scavenger hunt is a free math game for 1st grade available online. Using this game, parents and teachers can explain to students the concept of place value.

    When playing a scavenger hunt game with kids, parents and teachers can give hints about what to look for, which could be anything from pictures in books or magazines. You should include numbers in the hints you leave. You could instruct students to “Find a number with 2 in the ones’ place” or “Find a number with 5 in the hundreds’ place,” among other things.

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    Online Math Games and Apps for First Graders

    Math in first grade is very interesting. With the online math games 1st grade listed below, a child can learn so many new ideas:

    1. Arkanoid Math – Numblocks Hunter

    Teachers can use the educational free math game Arkanoid Math to help first-graders learn calculus while practicing a variety of operations in real time.

    The math game Arkanoid Math has an easy-to-understand design. Players must aim for the correct outcomes when performing the operations of subtraction, addition, division, multiplication, averages, rounding, and number factors.

    In Arkanoid Math, you shoot layers at the bottom to cause blocks to fall. The objective of the game is to keep the blocks at a distance so that the player can carry on playing and practicing math.

    2. Addition Jigsaw Puzzle

    A fun online addition and subtraction game Addition Jigsaw Puzzle is made to help students sharpen their math skills.

    Players can select from a variety of modes in the Addition Jigsaw Puzzle. A child has the option of competing in the sums up to 10 simple, up to 20, up to 100, or up to 1000 mode.

    Players can choose a range of numbers to add and subtract while solving puzzles using a setting wheel in this game. Once the addition is complete and the sentence is true, the player can move the next piece of the puzzle to the right number.

    3. Addition Pyramid

    Addition Pyramid

    The Addition Pyramid game was created to assist grade 1 students in practicing addition and subtraction while completing gaps in the pyramids with the appropriate numbers.

    The Addition Pyramid is very clear in its instructions. The two numbers at the base must match the numbers above them, so players must add and subtract to make this happen. Students perform a quick calculation to determine which number is required to complete the empty square in the mathematical pyramid.

    4. Dolphin Dice Race Addition

    Kids can play the Dolphin Dice Race Addition online game, roll the dice, and complete sums while learning math. To keep the game simple, a child can pick a level before starting. Alternatively, a child can proceed to answer mathematical sum questions when the dolphin begins to drop on the question box.

    On the one hand, a player has the option to choose in the gameplay mode to play against the computer. On the other hand, a player can engage in competition with two additional friends. When competing, the players must roll the dice in different ways.

    The top math apps for first-graders include the following:

    5. Monster Math

    Monster math

    In this game app for first graders, Maxx, a monster, aids students in learning fundamental math concepts like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

    As they work together to battle the adversaries, save Maxx’s friends, and explore, kids are kept occupied while learning a variety of skills. Additionally, students can participate in “Multiplayer Mode” and compete against other players online.

    On Google Play and the App Store, you can download the game Monster Math for your kids.

    6. Kids Math

    By responding to ten math questions on each level of this kid-friendly math game app, players must complete all eight levels of the game within a set amount of time.

    In the game, you have a set amount of time to respond to each question. The amount of time a player has to correct incorrect answers increases by four seconds. For each incorrect answer, a player will lose five seconds.

    Questions are generated dynamically in the Kids Math app. As a result, new questions are posed after each time a student responds to a question, either correctly or incorrectly.

    7. Moose Math


    Moose Math can be a great solution if you’re looking for free math games for 1st graders. Learners will embark on a “mathematical adventure” with the help of this app.

    After completing five multilevel activities in the Moose Math game, kids earn rewards. Players can construct their own cities using the reward.

    A “report card” feature in Moose Math allows parents to keep tabs on their kids’ development.

    8. The Math Tree

    The Math Tree has appealing visuals that will keep players interested in the game. By laying, adding, and subtracting owls, bluebirds, plums, peaches, and a variety of other fruits, students develop their fundamental math skills. A child can play The Math Tree by tapping the screen once, which will cause objects to start falling from the trees.

    9. Marble Math Junior

    Marble Math Junior

    Marble Math Junior is yet another outstanding app and one of the popular first-grade math games. This application guides users through a marble maze as they collect bonuses and numbers to solve a variety of math problems.

    Three challenging levels, 16 different marble styles, and a unique design distinguish Marble Math Junior. The games can also be modified by teachers and parents to match the personalities and abilities of students. In order for parents, teachers, and students to focus on the areas that need improvement, the application also allows for game customization.

    10. Identify Turn Around Facts Game

    In the “Identify Turn Around Facts Game” on SplashLearn, first graders can master the concept of addition through an interactive and visually engaging game. This game is a fantastic resource among math games for 1st graders, focusing on the commutative property of addition by encouraging students to complete addition sentences using pictures. As students interact with the game, they learn that numbers can be added in any order to get the same result, enhancing their understanding of basic addition facts. This fun and educational game is perfect for young learners to develop their arithmetic skills in a playful environment.

    Through online math games for 1st graders, SplashLearn offers an immersive math learning experience for 1st graders, covering key topics such as number sense, addition, subtraction, geometry, measurement, and more. Its adaptive algorithm tailors learning to each child’s pace, enhancing understanding and retention. With progress tracking for parents and teachers, SplashLearn ensures a solid foundation in math, making learning engaging and effective for young students. The platform is enriched with vibrant visuals and intuitive gameplay that captivate children’s interest, transforming math into a delightful adventure. This approach fosters a love for math and prepares students for higher-level concepts with ease and confidence.

    11. Khan Academy Kids

    With the help of adorable animal characters, Khan Academy Kids skillfully enables students to enjoy math. Another set of programs for problem-solving, writing, learning  language, reading, social-emotional development, and motor development are also included in the app. The app also has adaptive features that let teachers personalize games for their students and guarantee that students get the most out of playing video games.

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    One of the foundational academic subjects is mathematics. Students must, therefore, research and understand math concepts. It would be beneficial to encourage students study math at a young age. Teachers and parents can have an impact on kids by making learning math concepts enjoyable with the help of simple math games for grade 1.

    There are plenty of valuable games you can purchase or get free online that can impact your kids and improve their skills of problem-solving. Thus, children learn to solve complex problems in the future and develop a sense of accomplishment.

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