15 Best Math Learning Websites

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    There are so many Internet resources and platforms that provide information on different subjects. But what are the best websites to learn math? Short answer: it depends on what you’re looking for. From online math learning programs to tutoring services, you have a lot of options. 

    In this article, we outlined 15 websites that help with math for students of all ages and needs.

    What are some good math websites?

    Here are some good math websites that cater to learners’ unique needs:

    Note: Some students need personal feedback to build a solid math foundation, while others only need math games for daily practice. When looking for math study websites, prioritize accurate, regularly updated, and user-friendly sites for the best user experience.

    What are the best websites to learn math?

    The best websites to learn math are tutoring platforms like Brighterly, free math sites like Khan Academy, and exam preparation websites like Cliff Notes, depending on the learner’s goals. 

    Now let’s check them out in more detail!

    1. Brighterly: The Best Math Learning Website

    Brighterly is one of the best math sites for students between 1st and 12th grades. Imagine personal feedback, interactive slides, and fun games all in one place.

    Here is how it works: you book a free demo and then sign up for a bundle of 6, 16, or 25 online classes. Then, through 1:1 lessons, Brighterly’s expert tutors explain all sorts of math topics in an interactive way. This helps children build a connection with their tutor, while truly understanding math.

    Parents appreciate the personalized and modern approach of the platform — reviews mention friendly tutors, engaging lesson material, and improvement in students’ math grades

    Brighterly Pros:

    • Personalized lesson plans and feedback
    • 1:1 lessons to ensure each student gets 100% of the tutor’s attention
    • Free first lesson to match students with the best tutors

    Brighterly Cons:

    • Not free
    • Only for students from 1st to 12th grade

    2. Khan Academy: Math Learning Website from Pre-K to College

    One of the most popular free math learning websites, Khan Academy, is on a mission to make free education accessible. This goes for math as well. Once you sign up, you can access videos, quizzes, and exercises covering all things math, from addition to calculus.

    As a member, you’ll also get access to the learning dashboard to track progress. This way, you’ll see which areas your child is good at, and which areas need more attention. 

    While the website has a lot of great, free content, it lacks live lessons, so you wouldn’t have personalized feedback as you would in tutoring platforms. 

    Khan Academy Pros:

    • Free
    • Math lessons for various levels, from kindergarten to college
    • Learning dashboard to track progress

    Khan Academy Cons:

    • No live classes, so no personalized feedback

    3. IXL Math: Math Learning Website for Early Learners

    IXL Math holds your child’s hand from pre-K and brings them all the way to advanced topics like calculus. 

    It has over 4,500 math activities, along with interactive questions, games, and quizzes. All of them are tailored for children of different grades, but you wouldn’t have immediate feedback from tutors, which helps learn from mistakes.

    Membership prices start at $9.95.

    IXL Math Pros:

    • Has resources for parents
    • Learners can study at their own pace

    IXL Math Cons:

    • It’s not free
    • There are no live lessons, so no personalized feedback

    4. CliffsNotes: Math Learning Website for Exam Prep

    CliffsNotes helps students prepare for exams. 

    Besides its famous textbooks, it has a website to help with math, as well as other subjects.

    You can use its study guides to revise math subjects like algebra, statistics, and trigonometry. Once you feel comfortable, move on to the quiz section to test your knowledge. 

    CliffsNotes Pros:

    • Study guides prepared by experienced teachers
    • Free website with topic explanations and quizzes
    • Has dedicated guides for SAT and ACT math

    CliffsNotes Cons:

    • No personalized feedback
    • Not interactive, which may make it difficult to understand complex topics

    5. Prodigy Math: Math Learning Website for Grades 1 to 8

    Prodigy teaches math through several interactive games. Both parents and math teachers can access Prodigy’s platform, suitable for Grades 1 to 8. 

    According to a survey, students reported twice the level of math enjoyment with Prodigy, as they completed math-related games with their friends. These games increase learners’ motivation, help them accept mistakes, and make learning fun. 

    Membership prices for Prodigy start at $9.95 per month.

    Prodigy Math Pros:

    • Free as a teachers’ math website, flexible paid membership options for parents
    • Students can play with their friends, making learning interactive
    • The algorithm makes sure students learn at the right level

    Prodigy Math Cons:

    • No tutor feedback
    • Only covers grades 1-8

    6. Math Playground: Math Learning Website for Early Learning Games

    Math Playground turns math into fun and games! 

    The website is free and has games for students between kindergarten and 6th grade. Younger children can start by identifying shapes, while older ones can play multiplication or division games.

    Math Playground Pros:

    • Free
    • Suitable for early learners
    • Gamified learning

    Math Playground Cons:

    • No personalized feedback
    • Only covers grades 1 to 6

    7. SplashLearn: Math Learning Website for Pre-K to 5

    With over 4,000 games and worksheets, SplashLearn offers interactive math practice for children between pre-K and Grade 5. 

    A free math site for teachers, it’s also available for parents, with membership plans starting at $7.99 per month. Kids have fun with math games, parents track their learning, and teachers get lesson ideas. A win-win situation for everyone!

    SplashLearn Pros:

    • Free for math teachers, and free trial for parents
    • Gamified learning, increasing students’ motivation levels
    • Includes progress reports and a parent app 

    SplashLearn Cons:

    • No tutor feedback
    • Only covers pre-K to 5

    8. Mathplanet: Math Learning Website for High School Students

    Mathplanet focuses on high school students in the US. 

    Its courses include core math topics like geometry and algebra, as well as college admission exams like SAT and ACT. You can follow the lessons through texts, diagrams, or Mathplanet’s YouTube channel.

    If your child goes to high school, this is an amazing free resource. That said, it probably won’t be enough to notice and correct mistakes, as there are no live tutors. 

    Mathplanet Pros:

    • Free 
    • Focused on US high school math
    • Offers SAT and ACT practice

    Mathplanet Cons:

    • No live classes
    • No personalized feedback

    9. Math is Fun: Math Learning Website for Gamified Learning

    If you’re looking for a free math website that has both topic explanations and games, Math is Fun is a great option. 

    You can find all sorts of topics, from counting to geometry, which your child can practice at their own pace. That said, if you’re looking for guided learning, you may find the platform to be too independent, as it doesn’t have instructional videos or live feedback.

    Math is Fun Pros:

    • Free
    • Well-explained topics
    • Caters to learners of different levels

    Math is Fun Cons:

    • Can get repetitive
    • Not interactive
    • No videos

    10. Brilliant: Math Learning Website for Advanced Learners 

    Looking for help with more complex math topics? Brilliant’s platform — designed for ages 13 to 113 — has you covered. 

    Start with solving equations and vectors through the foundational math course. Then move on to more advanced math such as calculus and integrals. Besides basic and complex math, the platform also includes data analysis, programming, and science courses — so it’s one of the best math help websites for university students or working professionals.

    Brilliant’s basic service is free, and its premium offer starts at $24.99 per month.

    Brilliant Pros:

    • Interactive learning with fun, bite-sized lessons
    • Suitable for advanced learners
    • Great user-interface

    Brilliant Cons:

    • No live feedback
    • The free service has limited access

    11. WolframAlpha: Math Learning Website for Independent Advanced Learners

    WolframAlpha has over 10,000 entries to help solve mathematical problems of different levels. 

    You can use its search bar to ask what you want help with — it’s possible to type both natural language and math input. For example, you can write “equation solving” to get topic explanations for equations. Alternatively, type in a specific equation for it to give a step-by-step explanation. 

    To access the step-by-step explanations, you need to be a paid subscriber at $5 per month. Although it doesn’t replace math lessons, WolframAlpha is a good website to study math, especially for independent learners who need just a little bit of extra guidance. 

    WolframAlpha Pros:

    • Step-by-step explanations
    • Large database of math topics and answers
    • Suitable for advanced learners

    WolframAlpha Cons:

    • Not suitable for beginners
    • The free version doesn’t give full access to step-by-step explanations

    12. Art of Problem Solving: Math Learning Website for Online Group Programs

    One of the best school math websites, Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) offers courses, books, and an online community. 

    Thanks to its comprehensive network of experts and courses, students can connect with their peers and mentors, ask questions, and join live courses. 

    AoPS has three key products: AoPS Online (Grades 5-12), AoPS Beast Academy (Ages 6-13), and AoPS Academy (Grades 2-12). The prices depend on the course.

    Art of Problem Solving Pros:

    • Online community of experts and like-minded students
    • Serves learners of different levels with age-appropriate content formats
    • Includes live courses, improving math understanding

    Art of Problem Solving Cons:

    • Some courses are expensive
    • Classes are not 1:1

    13. Desmos: Math Learning Website for Graphs and Equations

    With a graphing calculator, scientific calculator, and matrix calculator, Desmos is ready to be a math lover’s best friend. 

    With a user-friendly interface, the website makes it a breeze to visualize graphs and get help with equations. While it’s one of the most helpful math websites for advanced students, it doesn’t provide topic explanations. For the best results, use Desmos alongside other resources, such as online math classes.

    Desmos Pros:

    • Free
    • Useful for calculating certain equations
    • Has an app on Apple Store and Google Play

    Desmos Cons:

    • Not a complete course, which may feel incomplete for those who want detailed feedback
    • Doesn’t have topic explanations

    14. Buzzmath: Math Learning Website for Children Aged Between 6 and 16

    Think of Buzzmath as a virtual classroom as well as a website to help with math. Teachers can give out stars as rewards, send personalized activities to support what’s been covered in class, and use the feedback loop feature to correct mistakes automatically. 

    As for parents, they can sign up to receive interactive math activities and track kids’ progress.

    Designed for students between ages 6 and 16, Buzzmath is trusted by 700,000 students and 34,000 teachers around the world. A family plan with Buzzmath starts at $20 per month.

    Buzzmath Pros:

    • Developed by educators
    • Has over 14,000 activities
    • Extensive features such as immediate feedback and progress reports

    Buzzmath Cons:

    • Not free
    • Only focuses on ages 6-16
    • No tutor feedback if it’s not used in class

    15. MathTV: Math Learning Website for Videos

    MathTV has over 10,000 tutorial videos on arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and other topics. 

    Each video is presented by tutors and instructors, who use a whiteboard to illustrate the topics. This works well for visual learners who enjoy seeing all lesson content in one place. 

    A great free math resource, MathTV is best when used alongside other websites, such as tutoring platforms or gamified subscription websites. This is because it lacks an interactive element, such as a tutor asking questions or giving direct feedback to students.


    • Free
    • Extensive library of free videos
    • Includes diverse topics such as fundamentals, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and statistics


    • No real-time feedback
    • No interactive exercises like quizzes or games

    How to choose the best math learning website?

    To choose the best math learning website, you need to consider the students’ needs, grade level, and learning goals. Here’s a checklist so you can decide:

    • Grade level: Check if the website is suitable for the student’s grade. Some platforms only cover primary and secondary school students, whereas others have a broader range.
    • Previous math knowledge: How good is the student’s math foundation? If there are gaps, choosing a tutoring service will be the best option to build a better understanding of the subject. 
    • Learning goals: Casual practice? Fun games to foster a love for math? Or SAT prep? These goals will hint you what the best math help websites are.
    • Budget: Some services are more expensive than others — consider if you’re willing to invest in tutoring or a subscription service, or if you’re happy using free websites to study math.

    Math learning with Brighterly

    Brighterly combines fun worksheets, interactive games, and expert tutors that give valuable feedback. We can say that it brings together all the advantages of the best mathematics websites, plus personalized lessons.

    The 1:1 lesson structure creates a connection between tutors and students, so math is no longer scary numbers, but fun equations, engaging puzzles, and their favorite subject at school!

    You can book a free demo to learn more about the platform or read our reviews to see what other parents think of us:


    We covered 15 different mathematical websites for students of all ages and needs. For personalized feedback, tutoring websites like Brighterly would be the best choice. 

    You can top that up with exam preparation websites, study guides, and games. This way, math learning would be more of a habit than an obligation! 

    Book your free demo lesson with one of our math tutors today.

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