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    Math is a subject that has instilled fear and fascination in students for generations. Thus, it’s vital to get the best online math tutors to fill all knowledge gaps. Check this article to determine the best math tutoring service for your child.

    Where can I find a math tutor?

    You can find a great math tutor online. We are here to help you with this journey by providing the 10 best tutoring services, such as Brighterly, Princeton Review, Learner, and more. These platforms provide an online experience, so you can start your child’s study sessions wherever you want.

    If you are researching a reputable platform for your kid, you likely have some questions like: 

    • «Where can we find the perfect math tutoring service for our kids?»
    • «What are some good and affordable websites for online math tutoring?»

    We recommend you look for personalized online tutoring services for more convenient and flexible scheduling. In this article, we’ve gathered best online math tutoring programs for kids, which can provide personalized learning experiences.

    What are some good online tutoring services for math? 


    Brighterly suits those looking for a math tutor for their kid. People in reviews often call it one of the best online math tutor services since educators identify areas for improvement for your child and develop a customized learning plan right from the beginning.

    It’s common for kids not to understand current material just because they have a slight knowledge gap from past years. They help you identify and fix this while teaching new and exciting math concepts.

    You’ll see the first results after just a few sessions. Here, tutors use interactive yet proven materials to make math exciting and memorable. Their main aim is to teach your child the concepts behind math so the kid can easily incorporate this knowledge into their routine.

    Brighterly offers you 1:1 studying sessions. That way, a tutor can adjust the study plan even more to close any potential child’s knowledge gaps. The website has no open list of tutors.

    Meanwhile, Brighterly provides a free first lesson to define your child’s knowledge gaps and studying habits. Later, they find the best match for your situation. It saves you a lot of time since you don’t need to spend weeks on finding the right online math tutoring service.

    You can change the teacher along the way if you need more flexibility. This excellent online math tutoring platform will help you find a tutor that will suit your child’s needs even more.

    The price per lesson starts from $28.


    • Customized plan to fill all potential knowledge gaps that can interfere with your kid
    • STEM-focused approach
    • Interactive and individual lessons from professional tutors
    • Adaptive and interactive learning
    • There is no group teaching, only 1:1 sessions
    • The first lesson and feedback after are free


    • As of 2024, this service is only for kids.
    • You can’t pick the tutor as the first step of your journey, so you need to trust the platform’s choice.


    People in reviews describe Wyzant as a «marketplace for tutors», and they are mostly correct. The website functions as a platform to connect students with tutors. It offers options for online and in-person tutoring in a variety of subjects. So, it can be a good choice for students who know exactly what they are looking for and want complete control of the instructor selection process.

    Wyzant is one of the math tutoring companies that connects students with tutors. You can get online and in-person tutoring for various subjects, including math. Beware that you are the only one responsible for finding a suitable tutor, so it may take a while to find a «perfect match».

    However, you should remember that the best online math tutoring services are those specializing in STEM subjects. That way, you can be sure you get the best possible teachers. All-in-one sites are still great, but it may take a lot of time until you find the perfect tutor. 

    Note. Specified math tutoring services, like Brighterly, ask for feedback after every lesson to adapt the study process to meet the child’s needs. If needed, they can find a great replacement even if you are studying the next session tomorrow. It’s nearly impossible on «tutors’ marketplaces». 

    The price per lesson on Wyzart starts from $15/hour.


    • Students can choose a tutor on their own
    • You can find tutors for most school subjects
    • Prices vary depending on the tutor


    • It will take some time until you find the «perfect match»
    • Pricing will vary depending on the teacher


    It is a great service for people who want to close their math gaps with a proven tutor. In Learner, you can book a tutor for both your kid and yourself. As the first step of the booking process, you can select areas to improve.

    Later, a tutor can teach your child under a personalized plan or concentrate on filling the current gap. Beware that this is not always the case. Sometimes, students must dive deeper to fill previous knowledge gaps.

    Students are matched with tutors through a screening process. The first session is free. You can trust the system and let it find the perfect match or search through their tutors’ selection.

    According to the website, tutors are carefully screened and matched with students based on their needs.  At the same time, you should keep in mind the same truth as for the previous service. If the service promotes itself to fit all demographics for multiple unrelated services, it may not have as many teachers for each subject and age group.

    So, if you need to choose the best online math tutoring service that suits your child’s needs, you should look for tutors and platforms aimed at teaching kids.

    The price per lesson starts from $60/hour.


    • Tutors for kids and adults
    • Interactive learning sessions
    • Regular progress reports to ease progress tracking
    • Free trial lesson


    • Not designed for on-demand homework help
    • This service is pricier than most of its alternatives


    Superprof is a popular web platform that connects students with tutors for various subjects, including math, languages and STEM subjects. They have thousands of tutors for each subject, so you can find the «perfect match». Also, you can set your lesson timetable to ensure that it perfectly suits your child’s schedule.

    Here, you can book online and offline lessons with any tutor you like. While it may seem beneficial, this approach has its own risks. The service acts as the tutor’s marketplace, so you are the only one responsible for finding a perfect match. And sometimes this search may take weeks.


    • Large tutor pool
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Focused on closing knowledge gaps
    • First free lesson


    • Tutors’ quality varies
    • Limited student-tutor interaction


    This service provides quick answers to kids’ education-related questions. Chegg also offers on-demand math help and support in numerous other subjects, including algebra and geometry, for students of all levels.

    Unlike other online math tutoring services, this one doesn’t provide personalized learning plans or tutor-matching features. So, you’ll just get an answer to your question. Meanwhile, you can post an unlimited number of questions here.

    While it can be somewhat beneficial at the moment, this approach won’t help your kid fill all knowledge gaps. It means that they will constantly go back to ask for help with homework.

    The basic Chegg Study membership costs $14.95. You can additionally subscribe to the Math Solver and Writing service for $9.95 for each service. This feature allows students to get detailed explanations of solving math problems by typing in or taking a picture of the problem.


    • You’ll get a response from a certified tutor in less than 3 hours
    • Math Solver service can help you even with advanced math
    • Affordable subscription


    • There are no tutors to sit with you or your kid
    • Students need to figure out their knowledge gaps independently

    Tutor Doctor

    Tutor Doctor service promotes itself as a «tutoring for all subjects» service. In Tutor Doctor, you can find teachers for math, languages, and hard science subjects. The «matching» process is similar to Brighterly. You’ll get a first test lesson for free to determine your child’s needs and potential tutors who suit them.

    All classes are recorded and stored on the student’s profile. That way, you can rewatch moments with tricky questions and detailed explanations even after the lesson. However, you should remember that Tutor Doctor is a general tutoring service with all its pros and cons.

    Price starts at $40/hour


    • Personalized experience
    • Recorded sessions
    • There are special needs tutoring services


    • High price for tutoring services
    • Upfront full payment for the lessons


    Skooli is a tutoring platform that connects students with licensed teachers to help solve homework. The platform provides an on-demand service where students can start sessions with a tutor in a digital classroom. 

    Skooli’s on-demand model is designed for students who generally understand the material but require occasional assistance. That’s why many people call it one of the best online math tutoring programs for those who need a slight boost from a STEM expert.

    Skooli charges $0.82 per minute for these sessions; a minimum of 15 minutes is required. To be safe with this on-demand service, you can purchase 60+ minutes of tutoring plans. These minutes are valid for one year after the purchase.

    Just like in Chegg’s case, this service will act as a «patch», but not like a problem-solving solution. You will still need to search for top math tutoring programs to close kid’s needs.


    • Fast, on-demand help from certified experts
    • Short 15-minute study sessions
    • Recorded study sessions
    • You can get expert help in less than 2-3 hours.


    • You get sessions with randomly chosen currently available tutors
    • Per-minute charging system

    Princeton Review

    The Princeton Review service primarily focuses on test preparation for college entrance exams, including the LSAT, MCAT, and GRE. Here you can find online and in-person tutoring and test preparation assistance here. Many people call it «the best online math tutoring service for your child to apply to college this year».

    If you are interested in online sessions for your kid, go to the «Homework Help» section. You have two pricing options here: subscription and one-time purchase. The hourly rate depends on the chosen payment and varies from $29 to $40.

    With the subscription option, you’ll receive the chosen number of hours per month. However, you’ll pay even if you don’t use all the available hours. So, pick a subscription only if you are 100% sure you’ll need regular tutoring.

    The one-time payment option gives you access to 10, 30, or 50 study hours for 6 months. This pricing suits those who prefer full flexibility. Compared to other rivals from this article, they are quite costly. 


    • Large selection of tutors for most common academic subjects
    • Well-structured study programs for kids who prepare for tests
    • A money-back guarantee 


    • Lack of personalization, as their core service is test prep
    • Relatively high prices even in the group classes.


    PrepMaven is known for its star tutors, who help students to prepare for exams. Most of their teachers are Ivy-League grads with STEM degrees. Thus, it’s a good online math tutoring service since its tutors are carefully vetted by the best Ivy League students and lecturers.

    PrepMaven’s individualized approach means students are paired with tutors who match their personality traits and often share interests. You can ask teachers to personalize learning sessions to meet the student’s needs.

    Depending on the student’s goals, tutors can help with homework assignments, review material from class, or provide additional enrichment and challenging material. That way, your kid will fill their knowledge gaps and get extra preparation for vital school tests. But to get the best online math tutors, you should pay a lump sum of up to $350-400 for just an hour of sessions.


    • Your kid can learn from Ivy-League grads
    • There are multiple price tiers, from Princeton University undergrads to the top 1% scorers on key college admissions tests
    • Personalized study sessions


    • High price: from $85/hour up to $350/hour
    • Strong focus on standardized test preparation 

    Free tutoring online without having to pay

    There are just several online math tutoring services students can find math tutors for free: 

    These platforms provide free tutoring for a limited number of students from underprivileged families.

    If you are from an average-income family, try Khan Academy tools, the Prodigy app, Elephant Learning services, and the CK-12 website. They technically do not have tutoring services since your kid will get just interactive tools, but the services won’t cost you a dime.

    However, if you need a tutor’s help, many services offer a free first lesson. Check a list of the top math tutoring providers above. Most of them provide a free test lesson or some basic screening.

    This is the answer to one of the most popular forum questions: «What are some websites that offer free online tutoring services?» If the learning process involves human interaction, in most cases, you can get only a few test lessons for free. 

    Learn to Be

    Learn to Be is a non-profit organization that aims to educate underserved youth in the US. If you need to find the best online math tutoring programs but you are from a low-income family without the ability to pay for tutors, check out Learn to Be. Apply online and wait for 3-5 days until the platform finds you a suitable tutor

    Beware that most tutors here are STEM students just getting their first tutoring experience. They are still good at math. However, they may lack teaching practice, so it may take longer to teach kids concepts.


    • Free for kids from underserved families or communities.
    • Reliable service that has worked since 2008 and educated 10,000+ students
    • You can build a solid and stable educational process


    • Tutor qualifications vary, so you may spend some time until you find a perfect match. 


    Schoolhouse’s tutoring may be a good option if you are looking for a free and fun way for your child to practice math alongside their peers. It allows kids to get tutoring from other students who are strong in math for free. So, if your kid wants to experience the teacher role themselves, it can be the best online math tutoring website for them.

    Qualified students who can volunteer to host small-group tutoring sessions online to help their peers. However, it’s important to note that no adult or experienced instructor is leading the tutoring sessions, and all sessions are in groups open to any student worldwide. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend it to students needing targeted help learning specific math concepts.


    • Your kid can learn math for free
    • Kids-tutors and students can sharpen their math and socialization skills in a safe environment.
    • Focus on learning by teaching


    • May not suit those who are looking for a tutor to explain specific concepts
    • No individual lessons

    Are math tutors’ online services really helpful?

    Math tutors’ online services can help you and your kid fill the knowledge gaps and learn new information. Math tutoring sites provide incredible flexibility to the learning process.

    Your kid can study math on their favorite couch, in the backyard, at a cafe, or while vacationing. Online math tutoring programs save time on commuting, so you don’t need to think about how to fit a drive to the tutoring center.

    Unlike traditional classrooms, math tutoring providers can tailor their lessons to your child’s needs and learning styles. This one-on-one attention can significantly benefit students struggling with a particular concept.

    At the same time, math tutoring sites don’t limit you to the local tutors in your area; you can work with a tutor who lives in a different part of the country. Many online math tutoring websites offer interactive whiteboards, screen sharing, and other online tools to help make math concepts more engaging and easier to understand.

    Are there any online math assignment help services that offer personalized tutoring?

    These are Brighterly, Chegg and Skooli. These three services promote themselves as those that can help with any math assignment. Other services in this list are mostly focused on test and exam prep.

    8 tips to choose the best online math tutoring service

    It’s easy to get lost in this variety of services, so we’ve gathered 8 tips on how to pick a good online math tutoring service. Use them to find the best provider for your situation:

    • Use the help of reputable tutors to ensure that they specialize in specific math areas.
    • Ask teachers/platform managers for credentials and experience, as reputable math tutoring services should provide you only with skilled and certified tutors. 
    • Pick a tutor with a teaching style that suits you since every kid is different. 
    • Decide a preferred study method to suit your lifestyle.
    • Consider the platform’s user-friendliness, such as possible off-session communication scheduling process, etc.  
    • Determine the company’s pricing beforehand by comparing different online math tutoring services.
    • Look for free trials or introductory sessions.
    • Take into account the value for money. 

    Remember to check online reviews. We recommend paying attention to the 3* and 4* reviews, which can help you identify friction points. If available, check the service’s track record of students improving their math grades.


    The best online math tutoring service for today is the service that suits your needs. Consider your potential specifics, as some things that work for your friend’s kid may not be effective for your child.

    Remember that the best online math tutoring service for your child is the one that helps you understand math concepts, build confidence, and ultimately achieve your academic goals. We at Brighterly gladly help your kid become a math genius. We are focused solely on math tutoring for kids, so we have teachers who perfectly suit your kid’s personality. We have tutors for shy and loud kids, introverts and extroverts, fans of STEM classes, and students who prefer liberal arts.

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