10 Benefits of Homeschooling

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    One of the reasons why parents decide to homeschool their children is because they want more control over their child’s educational experience. The traditional school system formed during the 19th and early 20th centuries, so it does not cater to many children’s needs anymore, leading more and more parents to look into the benefits of homeschooling.
    If you seek to customize your children’s school curriculum, provide emotional guidance, and offer individualized attention with the help of online learning, this is your guide to homeschooling learning. 

    What are the benefits of homeschooling

    Let’s explore the 10 main advantages of homeschooling for families who decide to opt out of traditional school.

    Benefit of homeschooling #1 – Flexible schedule 

    A homeschooling family creates a certain type of flexibility that allows both parents and children to set their own schedules based on their circumstances and lifestyle factors. Imagine being the one to tell when school is in session, how long the lessons are, what field trips to take, when the best time for a vacation is, and when extracurricular activities will take place. First, this flexibility makes it easier for parents to accommodate existing schedules. Secondly, involving the child in planning their day helps them feel more included in decision-making. 

    Benefit of homeschooling #2 – Better relationship with child

    A child-parent bond gets stronger through homeschooling. As parents take an active role in their children’s education, they will have a lot of opportunities to create shared experiences and foster closer relationships. Not to mention, the parents are the ones who know their child’s character, needs, and attention span best, which leads to a more positive educational experience. This is considered one of the most important reasons to homeschool. 

    Benefit of homeschooling #3 – Comfortable learning environment 

    School can be somewhat of an uncomfortable place for many children, especially for introverts and neurodivergent kids. In that way, homeschooling can provide a more positive and comfortable environment without too many distractions that come along with traditional school. Additionally, children can challenge themselves with new subjects or assignments of increasing complexity due to the fact that they feel more confident in the comfort of their home with an instructor they trust. 

    Benefit of homeschooling #4 – Appropriate learning style

    Every kid is unique and needs an appropriate learning style that caters to their needs, skills, and potential. One of the pros of being homeschooled is that teaching style, lessons, and homework can be tailored to the needs and abilities of each child. For instance, if your kid is interested in biology, you can have more of those lessons. Or if they have trouble understanding math, you could give them extra time to catch up with a professional tutoring platform like Brighterly.

    Benefit of homeschooling #5 – More time for hobbies

    Obviously, homeschooling saves a lot of time. For example, you don’t need to commute to school, prep lunch, carpool, or attend parent meetings. That gives you and your child more space to discover and pursue other interests. Also, many lessons could be done outdoors, which fosters more exposure to natural environments and reduces stress. 

    Benefit of homeschooling #6 – Child-led learning 

    Traditional schools are not places where teachers experiment with their teaching style—especially coming from the fact that they can’t provide a one-on-one approach for those who may need it. With homeschooling, you see what drives your kid the most, which gives you more opportunities for effective learning. 

    Benefit of homeschooling #7 – More safety

    Homeschooling provides more safety in several contexts. To begin, homeschooled kids are less likely to encounter bullying, peer pressure, and other negative social interactions that can happen in traditional school settings. Also, with the increasing incidences of school violence, homeschooling yields a safer environment by removing the child from potential threats present in some schools.

    Benefit of homeschooling #8 – Faster learning pace 

    Homeschooling effects include a faster learning pace than in traditional school. Reduced distractions, customized curriculum, and a more focused learning environment enable children to progress more rapidly, leading to achieving academic goals sooner than they might in school settings.

    Benefit of homeschooling #9 – Limited homework 

    Since all work is homework in homeschooling, there’s no use in leaving some assignments out as homework. By eliminating things like commuting to school and packing lunch, you’ll have more time for actual learning. Not to mention, it reduces stress from having to study all day long.

    Benefit of homeschooling #10 – Enhanced creativity 

    Creativity is a crucial part of a child’s learning experience. Sadly, schools do not allow much creativity in the classroom. Because of that, homeschooling provides a lot more creative drive in the learning process. With much flexibility, you and your child can combine several learning strategies that work best.

    Pros of homeschooling

    That being said, the pros of homeschooling include a flexible schedule, better relationships, a comfortable learning environment, an appropriate learning style, more time for hobbies, child-led learning, more safety, a faster learning pace, limited homework, and enhanced creativity. 

    All of these offer a versatile and supportive learning environment that can cater to the needs and wants of every kid. It’s also beneficial for parents, who, with the help of homeschooling, can better bond with their kids and also have more control over their schedule and values.

    Why is homeschooling better with Brighterly

    Here’s how online tutoring platforms like Brighterly can benefit your homeschooled kid

    Expert tutors

    Brighterly connects you with professional math tutors, ensuring your kids receive the highest-quality personalized tutoring possible. 

    Adjustable schedule

    You can work out your own schedule with Brighterly. This allows you and your child to have one-on-one sessions when it fits best. Additionally, this flexibility is perfect for different learning paces. 

    Personalized approach

    Brighterly’s approach to mathematics comes from the understanding that every child is unique, especially in learning. Our tutors are skilled in handling math for children with adaptive methods that meet children’s needs, and make sure that your kid feels all the benefits of being homeschooled.

    Better engagement 

    We teach your kids in a way that encourages them to ask ‘Why’ before asking ‘What,’ ensuring they actively participate in each task, fostering a deeper understanding of math.  This method has proven to be highly effective and results in better performance for our students.

    Focused attention

    We thrive on giving as much attention to every kid as we can. The one-on-one approach ensures your child is focused and absorbs most of the material they’re given. That is, our tutors let no detail slip while also engaging your child without interactive tasks. 

    What are the advantages of homeschooling?

    Homeschooling offers many advantages to children, including a personalized curriculum, flexibility, more focus, less exposure to bullying, and a more balanced life. In any case, homeschooling is a perfect chance for your children to feel more confident, free, and overall happy. But that is not all that homeschooling has to offer. Research has shown that homeschooled children usually pull off more academic success compared to kids who attend traditional school.
    According to the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), homeschooled students score higher on tests, outscoring children from public and private schools by 3 to 12.1 points. Additionally, homeschooled kids attend college at similar or higher rates and often are more satisfied with their college experience. 

    Furthermore, experts and researchers highlight numerous advantages of homeschooling. Elizabeth Jones, President and Co-Founder of the Institute for Educational Advancement, highlights that homeschooling can be an ideal educational choice because parents can provide a customized and flexible learning experience to meet their child’s needs. She also emphasizes that children feel more confident exploring a topic that is meaningful to them, which might not be possible in a traditional classroom setting. 

    In addition, Elizabeth says that homeschooling can be very beneficial for gifted children because it allows for a customized and flexible educational approach that meets their unique needs, often enabling them to explore advanced topics beyond the standard curriculum offered in traditional school settings:

    “As the co-founder of the Institute for Educational Advancement, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting gifted children, I have personally seen students flourish in a homeschool environment.”

    Gifted children have a special set of needs that our traditional education system cannot always accommodate. With the many resources now available to parents and students, a family can create an individualized program utilizing content-rich classes, curriculums, courses, and platforms to support the intellectual growth of their child. The flexibility that this form of education provides often promotes exploration and discovery, allowing for breadth and depth of learning. For example, a gifted second grader in a traditional school setting would learn basic number grouping and equation skills, but a gifted student might be ready to explore the Pythagorean theorem.
    Author Elizabeth Jones
    Elizabeth Jones
    President and Co-Founder of the Institute for Educational Advancement

    Is it better to be homeschooled?

    For some, homeschooling can be a better option than a traditional school. Families can choose homeschooling for many reasons. For example, some want to spend more time together as a family, while others want to provide a child with a quality education when the public educational system fails. So, the reasons to homeschool are multilayered and highly personal.

    Here are some of the most common benefits families get when they choose to homeschool and why they view it as a better option than a traditional school:
    They can determine their own schedule

    • They are able to incorporate their faith and values into their home learning environment
    • They have more space for creativity
    • Their children are more involved with sports or other extracurricular activities at a level that makes attending full-time school challenging
    • They establish stronger relationships among siblings
    • They get a higher level of academic performance

    To sum up, homeschooled kids enjoy many benefits that public school students miss out on. From stronger family relationships and self-confidence to a personalized learning experience with loads of flexibility and freedom, homeschooling advantages shine through when the families are asked about it.

    Is homeschooling effective?

    Yes, homeschooling is extremely effective. As the researchers have found, homeschooled students are more likely to perform well in college. Research shows that 69% of peer-reviewed studies show that homeschooled students succeed and perform statistically better in adulthood, including higher education, compared to those who attended traditional schools.

    Another study published by the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) found that a clear advantage of homeschooling is the ability to adapt learning to each child. 

    In addition, about 15% of parents prefer homeschooling because they don’t think the public education system is of sufficient quality. At home, you can control and adjust the curriculum, choose your tutors, teach, and do everything to ensure your child learns in the best way.


    To sum up, homeschooling is an effective form of learning and offers numerous benefits, including a flexible schedule, a comfortable learning environment, stronger family bonds, and enhanced creativity. Researchers also found that homeschooled students often score higher on standardized tests and perform well in higher education.

    Homeschooling also reduces anxiety and provides a more personalized educational experience. Making it an effective alternative to traditional schools, homeschooling ensures children thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. For many families, these advantages make homeschooling a great choice.

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