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    Math is not the funniest subject. It challenges so many students and even causes anxiety in millions of adults. But you can make studying math less daunting and exhausting. Learn about three simple ways to make math funnier and check 82 hilarious math jokes.

    How to Encourage Children to Learn Math: 3 Ways

    Math is a complex subject, but you can help your child digest it with fun: check three simple ways you can do it below.

    Build Math into Your Child’s Routine

    As adults, we know that math plays a huge role in our lives: we earn money, pay bills, go shopping, plan our holiday budgets, etc. All these actions require knowledge of math. We solve math tasks in our daily routine, but children don’t.

    All they do is solve math equations for getting good grades. Unfortunately, children have no idea what’s the point of this suffering. As a parent, you can make your kids understand the value of math by building it in their day-to-day activities.

    For example, let your child go shopping by themselves. In the process, children will rack their brains to calculate money. “Do I have enough money to buy the stuff I grabbed from the shop’s shelves?” The shop’s setting will foster kids to develop math fluency.

    Let your kid engage in activities that require math skills, and they will boost their math knowledge, self-confidence, and independence. Most importantly, your child will feel the urge to get better at math if they face calculations every day.

    Emphasize Play-Based Learning

    When it comes to learning, scientists and teachers speak the same language – children learn and thrive through play. The same goes for math – play-based learning yields the best results.

    At Brighterly, tutors use a play-based learning approach to relieve tension, establish a friendly connection in the class as well as encourage children to learn math. Many parents give preference to professional math courses, like those Brighterly provides.

    But enrolling your child in a math course doesn’t restrict you from using play-based learning in doing your student’s homework.

    It’s much easier than you think. All you need to do is find digital math games that align with common core and let children play them.

    Math games are a healthy screen time that helps your child develop analytical skills and strengthen math topics they study at school or in online math classes.

    Support Your Child: Crack a Math Joke for Your Kids

    You might not remember how much you struggled at school. After all, your current job may be way more challenging than home assignments.

    Maybe you wish you solved math equations instead of reporting to your boss or running the business. Studying is a child’s play to you. But for your kid, it’s the most complicated thing they’ve ever faced in their lives, and they need your support.

    So, don’t blame your kid for being bad at math or underperforming. Instead, show them that you understand how counterintuitive, perplexing, and exhausting math equations are. Make your child realize you understand their feelings. Don’t push them, but be patient and supportive.

    Instead of punishing children for bad grades, crack math jokes kids will laugh at. Fun jokes for kids about math will help you relieve your student from math anxiety.

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    82 Fun Math Jokes for Kids

    Check these math puns and math jokes for kids as well as fun riddles to rev up their interest in this subject.


    Q: “I have four legs, but I can’t walk. What am I?”

    A: “I’m a table.”


    Q: “I have countless arms but only one leg. Who am I?

    A: “I’m a tree.”


    Q: “How do you make time fly?”

    A: “Grab the clock and throw it away.”


    Q: “Why is an obtuse triangle always so sad?”

    A: “It’s never right.”

    The explanation: An obtuse triangle doesn’t have a 90-degree angle (the right angle).


    Q: “What number always goes on and on, and it’s never over?”

    A: “It’s Pi.”


    Q: “What is the most common figure in a bank?”

    A: “It’s the line.”


    Q: “Why was math so easy for Romans?”

    A: “They didn’t search for X because it was always ten.”


    There are only ten things you can always count on. These are your fingers.


    Thomas showed his teacher he’s good at fractions, but the teacher didn’t like it.

    Thomas did a quarter of his homework.


    How does a calculator cheer students?

    It says: “You can count on me!”


    Q: “What are the oddest numbers?”

    A: “It’s those you can’t divide by two.”


    A student comes back home and tells the news.

    A student: “Mom, I have good news and bad news.”

    Their mother: “What’s the good news, son?

    S: “I got 95 in my math test this Thursday.”

    M: That’s great! What’s the bad news, then?”

    S: “I lied.”


    Q: “What’s the fundamental rule in math?”

    A: “If you think a math problem is easy, you solve it the wrong way.”


    A captain stands in front of the soldiers in the field and asks them: “Are there any mathematicians?”

    Soldiers: “Sir! Yes, sir!”

    Captain: “Nice! Do you see those trees? Take shovels and axes! It’s time to extract roots!”


    Do you know there are three types of people? Those who can count and those who can’t.


    Q: “What should you do if it’s cold in your room?”

    A: “Go to the corner because it’s always 90 degrees there.”


    A teacher left pupils alone for a while. They returned and saw kids doing math on the floor.

    The teacher: “What happened? Why are you doing math on the floor?”

    The pupils: “You told us not to use any tables.”


    Once there was a farmer with a speaking sheepdog that could count.

    The dog reports: “Sir! All 50 sheep are already in the pen!”

    The farmer counts sheep and replies: “But I’ve counted only 48. Where are the rest?”

    The dog replies: “It’s simple, sir! I’ve rounded them.”


    Q: “Why is the equal sign so modest?”

    A: “It’s because it knows it’s neither better nor worse than others.”


    Q: “Why do math classes make children so sad?”

    A: “It’s because they feel bad for the remainders when doing long division.”


    Q: “How do you solve a math equation in a few seconds?”

    A: “Just multiply its sides by zero!”


    Once I met a math teacher who had 16 children. I must admit she knows multiplication better than anyone else.


    A math teacher meets a literature teacher and asks them: “What’s the most tragic love story?”

    The literature teacher replies: “Of course, it’s Romeo and Juliet!”

    The math teacher parries: “You’re wrong. The most tragic couple are parallel lines. They have so much in common, but they will never meet.”


    Q: “Why does nobody talk to a circle?”

    A: “Because there is no point.”


    Q: “Why do decimals always win debates?”

    A: “Because a decimal always has a good point.”


    A pupil asked a math teacher if they would have any problems on the math test.

    A teacher answered: “Honey, I think you will have a lot of problems. But don’t worry, you will solve them.”


    Q: “What do you get if you add two apples and three apples?”

    A: “You will get an elementary school math problem.”


    One student asks another student: “Do you know that math is an abbreviation?”

    Another student: “Really? What does it stand for?”

    The first student: “Mental Abuse to Humans.”


    Q: “Why are math books so intimidating?”

    A: “If you open one, you will get so many problems!”


    Q: “What’s an exotic animal all mathematicians like?”

    A: “It’s Pi-thon.”

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    Q: “What’s the best desk to do math homework?”

    A: “It’s the multiplication table.”


    A student complains about math: “The best I can do about math is count how much is left until the class ends!”


    A student writes in their diary: “Dear math, I don’t want to solve your problems. I wish I could solve mine in the first place.”


    A son asks his father: “Dad, did higher mathematics help you in your life?”

    The father: “Yes, kid, it did. Once I dropped my car keys in the closet and made an integral from a piece of wire to get them out.”


    Some people say they don’t need math in their lives, but then they say: “My life changed 360 degrees.”


    Q: “Why do mathematicians never play the lottery?”

    A: “It’s because they invented it.”


    True mathematicians wake up at 3:14 in the morning to go Pi.


    A mathematician applies to NASA.

    The interviewer: “What’s your best quality?”

    The mathematician: “I can count!”

    I: “Great! You can go to work tomorrow.”

    M: “What are my responsibilities?”

    I: “You will count: five … four… three… two…”


    Q: “Do you know who invented algebra?”

    A: “It’s the X-pert.”


    Q: “What grade are you in?”

    A: “I’m a first-grader.”

    Q: “What do you learn in math classes?”

    A: “I learn to count to ten.”

    Q: “How do you usually get to school?”

    A: “I catch the 145th bus along the 99 highway.”


    Q: “Why did two fours skip lunch?”

    A: “Because they already eight (ate).”


    Students often leave their math tests very sad. After all, the tests stay with so many unsolved problems.


    Q: “What’s the best place for math teachers to hang out?”

    A: “It’s Times Square!”


    Q: “What tree grows in a mathematician’s garden?”

    A: “It’s geometry.”


    Q: “Do you know who invented fractions?”

    A: “It’s King Henry the Eighth.”


    Q: “What snakes do math better than others?”

    A: “These are adders!”


    Butterflies love studying, and Mothematics have become their favorite subject!


    Q: “Why do people celebrate Pi Day?”

    A: “I don’t know. It’s so irrational.”


    Q: “How do cows count haystacks?”

    A: “They use a cowculator.”


    A teacher called Rachel to the blackboard to solve a math problem about money.

    The teacher: “Rachel, let’s assume you have ten dollars and 55 cents. If you asked your mom to give you four dollars and 45 cents, how much money would you have in total?”

    Rachel: “I will have ten dollars and 55 cents.”

    The teacher: “Oh, Rachel, you don’t know basic math.”

    Rachel: “It’s just you don’t know my mom.”


    A mathematician and a statistician read the news reports.

    A mathematician: “Look! They say your colleague tried to cross the river but drowned. Did you hear about that?”

    A statistician: “Yeah, I did. But how could that happen? The river was only two feet deep on average!”


    Two statisticians went hunting elks. The first one overshot three feet.

    The second one tried to hit the running elk but undershot three feet.

    After that, they clapped and said: “We nailed it!”


    Q: “What does zero say to eight?”

    A: “Nice belt!”


    Q: “What dishes do math teachers prepare for Halloween?”

    A: “The Pumpkin Pi.”


    Two statisticians speak to each other in an airliner.

    The first one: “I calculated that it’s pretty dangerous to travel by plane. Statistically, an airplane will more likely crash due to a terrorist’s bomb rather than a disaster.”

    The second one: “Yeah, you’re right. But it’s barely possible that there are two bombs on a plane. That’s why I always carry one bomb with me.”


    A teacher asks a student: “If 40 pounds of tomatoes cost $50, what should you do to determine the price of one pound of tomatoes?”

    A student: “Just look at the price tag!”


    Ninety-nine percent of Americans study math at school to help their future children study math at school.


    Math is amazing – If you fail to find your other half, find two quarters instead!


    A son speaks to his dad: “Dad, can you do my math assignment?”

    Dad: “No, son, I can’t. It’s wrong.”

    Son: “You should have tried better, Dad!”


    Someday you will ask me: “What do you love more, me or math?”

    I will tell you: “Math.”

    And you will walk away without realizing my words were proof by contradiction.

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    Student A: “Do you know you can perform two contradicting math operations simultaneously?”

    Student B: “Really? How can I do that?”

    Student A: “If you cut a worm in half, you will divide and multiply it by two at the same time!”


    Eight people in ten are know-nothings when it comes to math. It’s good I belong to the other 30%.


    A newbie hunter asks a hunter mathematician: “What’s the best shape for an animal’s trap?”

    The mathematician replies: “It’s a trap-ezoid.”


    One peasant talks to another: “Why are people from the nearby kingdom so good at geometry? What do you think?”

    The other peasant replies: “I believe they have a supreme ruler!”


    Q: “Do you know what vegetarians and parallel lines have in common?”

    A: “They never meat.”


    Not all kid’s math jokes are awful. Just a sum of them are.


    If someone gave me a dollar every time algebra helped me, I’d have X dollars.


    Q: “Where do people buy 20 melons, 33 bananas, and 100 apples?”

    A: “In math books.”


    A teacher: “Tell me, please, if two plus two equals four, three plus three equals six, what will be the sum of two fours?”

    A student: “It’s unfair, teacher. Why do you always answer easy questions and ask the hard ones?”


    A teacher reads a math problem: “A five-story building has five stairwells, 30 stairs each. How many stairs do you have to walk through to get to the fifth floor?”

    A student answers: “All of them.”


    A son speaks to his dad: “Dad, my math teacher bullies me.”

    The father goes to school and asks the teacher: “Why do you bully my son?”

    The teacher replies: “I’m sorry, but I don’t bully your child. He doesn’t know basic math. Do you see it?”

    The teacher to the student: “How much is five plus seven?”

    The son: “Do you see it, dad? The teacher bullies me again!”


    A teacher to a student: “If I give you one parrot plus two parrots plus five parrots, how many will you have in total?”

    A student: “Nine!”

    The teacher: “Please, listen carefully – one parrot plus two parrots plus five parrots …”

    S: “Nine!”

    T: “Okay, let’s try another way: one apple plus two apples plus five apples.”

    S: “Eight!”

    T: “Let’s get back to parrots: one plus two plus five…”

    S: “Nine!”

    T: “Why nine?”

    S: “Because I already have one.”


    A statistician, mathematician, and accountant apply for the same position.

    The interviewer asks the mathematician: “Please, tell me how much is one thousand plus one thousand.”

    The mathematician replies: “It will be two thousand.”

    After that, the interviewer rejects her and asks a statistician the same question.

    The statistician: “It’s two thousand plus or minus three percent.” The interviewer rejects her and asks an accountant the same question.

    The accountant shuts the door, leans to the interviewer, and whispers: “How much do you want it to be?”

    In the end, the accountant gets the job.


    News: Two mathematicians argued and fought at New York University. Students call the emergency and say: “Perhaps, these two didn’t divide something up.”


    A teacher writes 3:3 on the blackboard and asks: “Students, what is it on the blackboard?”

    Students: “It’s a tie!”


    A teacher: “Now, I will prove the Pythagorean Theorem.”

    Students: “We’ll take it on trust.”


    A sheep tied to a stake knows more about radius than any eighth-grader.


    If you take a two-sided duct tape and wrap it into a Mobius strip, you will get a one-sided duct tape.


    Somebody asked Euclid: “Would you take two whole apples or four apple halves?”

    Euclid: “I would take four halves.”

    Somebody: “Are you serious? It makes no sense because four apple halves equal two apples!”

    Euclid replied: “I would take four apple halves because I would instantly see if they were worm-eaten. Go brag about math somewhere else!”


    A teacher asks a student: “Five sparrows are sitting on a branch. A shooter hits one sparrow. How many sparrows will stay on the tree?”

    The student replies: “There will be zero sparrows.”

    Teacher: “But why?”

    Student: “Because they will fly away.”


    A mathematician walks along the street and suddenly stumbles upon a group of people gathered around an old man lying on the floor.

    Somebody: “Call a doctor!”

    Mathematician: “I’m a doctor! What happened?”

    S: “This man has a heart attack!”

    M: “I have a Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences!”

    S: “He’s dying!”

    M: “Minus one!”


    The news: “The COVID-19 pandemic spreads in geometric progression!”

    The government: “So we should ban Geometry!”

    Final Thoughts

    There’s no doubt that math challenges minds. But making math fun is way more feasible than some teachers and parents think. At least, you can try making numbers more pleasant with short math jokes for kids, math games, and fun day-to-day activities.

    You can also address professional courses that teach math with fun. Tutors at Brighterly actively incorporate a learning-through-play approach that enables children to absorb and solidify knowledge faster and with pleasure.

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