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    Problem solving, map reading, buying, and recipe following are all examples of everyday activities where math is used. If parents and instructors can assist pupils in learning to count and becoming more confident with numbers, it is a great aid to children who begin to study arithmetic. Mathematical concepts that are more complicated will be easier for students to grasp with such assistance.

    When your child is in preschool or elementary school, you must help them understand the fundamental premises of mathematics and the ways to apply them. Involvement of students in meaningful counting on a daily basis is the most critical thing parents and instructors can do to promote their children’s development. To make counting entertaining and simple for children, you can use counting math games for kids.

    Easy Counting Games for Preschoolers

    One of the first ideas presented to children when they begin studying arithmetic is counting. Mathematical topics, such as patterns and forms, as well as amount, space, sorting, and measuring, may be taught more effectively when pupils are able to count in context. Help your kid learn to count with the following fun preschool counting games.

    1. The Beanbag Counting Game

    To play this game with your child, you’ll need to take a piece of paper to sketch on and cut out the numbers 1-5. Stick the stickers to the back of the numerals using some adhesive tape.

    Numbers are arranged in a ladder-like pattern at the top and bottom of staircases or on the floor. Toss the bean bag in the area where the numbers are. Encourage a youngster to say the number which is the closest to the spot where the bean bag will land.

    Another option is to randomly shout out a number and have your youngster hurl the bean bag to that particular number.

    The Beanbag Counting Game

    2. Counting Walk Game

    Playing this gorgeous counting game for kids with your children while strolling about the neighborhood is a wonderful way to spend time together.

    With your child, you can settle for an everyday item like a dog, letterbox, garbage truck, etc. A fantastic way to get your children interested in making decisions is to play this game with them.

    Your youngster should be able to count how many goods you settle for. You can, for example, ask your preschooler to count the number of white dogs they come across while out on a walk.

    If you and your kid prefer to spend time indoors, search around the house for household objects that may be used to teach them to count.

    3. Using Food to Count

    Try this chomping counting game if your toddler is a frequent snacker. Counting food activities are great ways to help youngsters eliminate their hunger.

    With this entertaining game, moms may teach their children while simultaneously having a good time. Cereal, sweets, and anything else you believe your youngster would like can be used in this enjoyable game.

    Using Food to Count

    4. Parking Lot Game

    For this game, you require car counters, a parking lot game board, and numerical cards. This is how to play: show your children a numeral card and write numbers on the index cards. Then, instruct the kids to set a vehicle counter on the numeral. The students should continue playing until the parking area is full. This game lets preschoolers learn to recognize digits while having fun.

    Parking Lot Game

    5. Bottle Top Count and Match Game

    Prepare for the Bottle Top Count and Match Game with your kids by collecting and conserving bottle tops, jars, and yogurt pouch caps.

    Using a marker or sticker, assign a number from 1 to 10 to each of the bottle tops or caps you’ve collected. Instruct your students to trace each accessible top and write the matching number down on a piece of cardstock or paper.

    At the completion of the set-up, ask your youngster to match each lid to a number and record the final count. Then, have the children arrange the bottle tops or caps in order and count them when they are finished.

    Bottle Top Count and Match Game

    6. Count the Flower Spring Math Activity

    If you’re looking for an easy-to-make counting game for preschoolers, this one’s for you. Based on your child’s counting abilities, you may use the game in a variety of different ways. If you have a kindergartener, you may not want to use number cards at all.

    This counting game may be played alone by a youngster or with a small group of friends.

    How to play: Line up the pots and place the flower sticks next to them. Say the numbers out loud with your kids and point to each one as you say it. Ask kids to fill each container with the right number of flowers. Once kids get the hang of it, try putting the numbers in a different order.

    Online Counting Games and Apps

    1. Brighterly

    Counting activities offered by Brighterly help kids practice their arithmetic skills while having fun with brightly colored objects. Using games like scary spider printable math games, hopscotch, ten snowballs & bucket, and so on, children may learn to trace and recognize numbers and create good attitudes.

    Brighterly is a free resource for educators and parents who want to provide their students with a fun and engaging way to practice counting and other basic mathematical concepts. You should register to access amazing counting games that help your child learn math.

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    2. Mathematical Marbles

    Among numerous appealing elements of this preschool counting game, there is an option to play previous rounds, which helps kids gain self-confidence as they strive to acquire the correct answers.

    Counting and practicing math may be fun and interesting with this educational tool. In order to go through the maze, children will encounter challenges and receive prizes.

    If you want your preschoolers to learn to count up to 100, this is the game for you. There are many other skills that children can master in addition to counting lessons, such as shape recognition, number word, sequence, and more.

    3. Endless Numbers

    A fun and instructive counting numbers app for kids Endless Numbers includes a variety of educational activities to help your youngster learn all about numbers.

    Endless Numbers aids students in visualizing numerical data while also introducing them to a variety of new and interesting software applications.

    Users may only practice numbers up to 25 in this counting for kids app. Thus, you should use it with students aged three to six.

    If you’re looking for a fun and educational way for your kids to learn basic math concepts while having a good time, this game is for you!

    Endless Numbers

    4. Preschool Math

    The Preschool Math app offers a variety of educational games for kids to play. Counting and pronouncing numbers from 1 to 100 can be taught to your young children.

    Using this software, children may have fun while learning about numbers in a competitive environment.

    In Preschool Math, children learn how to express numbers in a variety of ways. Your kids will also find a variety of games with cute and colorful characters that help them learn to count while having fun.

    This program is great for helping kids learn numbers both in the classroom and at home. The use of this software will help children who are having difficulties with math.

    5. Numberita

    Numberita is a kid-friendly educational game that teaches numbers and their meanings. This app can be used by parents to assist their toddlers in recognizing numbers while teaching them to count and feed friendly monsters that appear to be customers at the café.

    Using Numberita, students will be able to learn about numbers from 1 to 100 without having to worry about the pain of failure. As an added bonus, kids will have a blast counting things up in this app!


    6. Vegetable Math Masters

    Vegetable Math Masters is a free software that includes activities with vegetables. It’s a fun way to teach your kids basic math while they play with real-life vegetable graphics. This software also teaches kids the names of veggies and encourages them to eat more healthy food.

    By using this app, kids may practice tracing and counting numbers from 1 to 10 with veggies, as well as playing a fun card game where they have to match the numbers of vegetables. ​​This app can also help your youngster improve their skills of addition, subtraction, and operations with fractions.

    Counting to 100 Games

    You can keep your youngster from getting bored while learning to count to 100 by playing interesting games that include a large amount of repetitions. Here is a variety of fantastic options.

    1. Counting to 100 Tower

    Counting to 100 Tower is one of the best counting games online for teaching your youngster the value of 10s and 1s and the ways they work together to reach the magical number 100.

    There are just 10s at first glance; however, when you start from 0, the cups can be slipped on top to expose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on. Once you’ve reached nine, you can drop the remaining 10 and continue.

    2. Bingo Counting to One Hundred

    This engaging game uses a counting board to teach your children to count to 100. It is a struggle to get 10 consecutive numbers by flipping the number cards and then cover them with bingo markers or snap cubes.


    3. Spin to 100 Counter

    Spin to 100 Counter is one more amusing tally-keeping activity for young children. With no bright light and a 1 in the viewfinder, you can begin playing.

    Add light when you get to the tenth position after spinning from 1 to 9. With the first light in your home, the number 1 spins between 0 and 9. As long as you keep doing this, you can go to 99.

    4. The Road to One Hundred Puzzles

    The counting game “Road to 100 Puzzles” can be played with your child on a counting board as well. At 100, you must pull out the race vehicles and race to victory.

    Instruct your child to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in an orderly way. Then, task a kid to count while driving along the car track to the finish point. You can use either toy cars or printable cars for the challenge.

    5. Fast or Slow Race to 100

    You and your youngster will have a lot of fun playing this game together. Counting slowly like a tortoise or quickly like a hare are the only options.

    To play this enjoyable game, you’ll flip a turtle card or a rabbit card in turn. Moving ten spaces is possible if you are lucky enough to get a rabbit. Whenever a turtle appears on your turn, you can only move forward in one place. To win, you must be the first to get 100 points. This 100-counting game can be played solo or with a group of students.

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    6. Stack and Count to 100

    Taking part in this enjoyable counting game activity, children must arrange a variety of objects around the classroom or at home.

    As much stuff as possible must be stacked by the students before the tower falls. It’s a good idea to have kids count the number of objects in each stack after the tower has collapsed and note the results on another sheet.

    7. Fly to 100

    Colored dominoes will be used in this preschool counting to 100 games activity. Counting the dots on a domino is a fun activity for your child.

    After that, a child will make a line through all of the scribbles on a piece of paper. You can use markers. But stickers, stamps or crayons would work just as well.


    Many people believe that the best memories are created when people come together with their loved ones and participate in enjoyable activities. Developing your children’s mathematical abilities can be greatly aided by engaging the youngsters in pleasant counting games for kids.

    Counting games for kids can be a great way for parents and teachers to engage their children in math lessons while also teaching them valuable skills and concepts. Children’s counting games foster learning of basic math concepts like adding and subtracting numbers. As a bonus, counting with your child helps them build their number sense and mental math skills, which will serve them well in the future.

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