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An ancient field of mathematics called geometry deals with shapes and their spaces as well as how they interact with one other in relation to each other. First-grade concepts are real-world concepts that students can see in their immediate surroundings, such as on furniture like chairs, sidewalks, beds, and tables. To put it another way, if you start teaching your kids geometry at a young age, they’ll be more prepared for school.

You may help your youngster develop on their previous knowledge by teaching them geometry. As soon as your child grasps a concept in one grade, they’ll face it again in the following school year. You may use geometry games to assist your kids have fun while investigating the world around them. This article will help you learn numerous geometry games so that you can help your child improve their math skills and discover new ideas.

Kindergarten Geometry Games

Think again if you believe that your kindergartener is too young to learn geometry. Your child’s foundational skills in matching shapes, distinguishing 2D and 3D, fitting shapes together to create new forms, and completing patterns will be honed with kindergarten geometry games. Use these kindergarten math games to help your child enjoy arithmetic.

1. Dino Crunch: 3D Shapes

This beautiful geometry game introduces your kindergarteners to learning early geometry concepts. The game features dinosaurs hungry for 3D shapes, but they need assistance to differentiate between shapes such as rectangular prisms, spheres, pyramids, cubes, and cylinders.

It is possible for a player to play alone or with another dinosaur. Dinosaurs need players to assist them figure out what shapes to consume.

Dino Crunch: 3D Shapes

2. Shapes Hopper

Kindergartners benefit greatly from playing this game since it aids in their development of shape discrimination skills. Cuz-Cuz, a character in the game, is a fan of getting dirty like many children. 

Your children’s job is to aid Cuz-Cuz in his mud-rolling endeavors by applying their shape-knowledge. As Cuz-Cuz continues to roll around in the muck, you can have your child compare and contrast the shapes they see. As soon as the child correctly recognizes a certain shape, Cuz-Cuz will leap headfirst into the mud bank with pleasure.

3. Three Dimensional Shapes Ice Cream Attack

As a way to cool down during a hot summer, kids can play this fun geometry game. To keep the ice cream from melting, students learn to identify 3D shapes in this game.

When a player correctly identifies a three-dimensional shape, the sun is effectively frozen. Players must also exercise caution when answering questions regarding shapes because each incorrect response brings the sun closer to the ice cream, speeding up the melting process.

hree Dimensional Shapes Ice Cream Attack

Geometry Games for 1st Grade

Students in 1st-grade learn to build shapes, describe them, recognize conventional and non-conventional shapes, and more. Geometry games can help children build a solid foundation in the subject and prepare them for more difficult concepts. 

1. 2D and 3D Shape Sort: Car

Muggo and Floyd are two characters in the game who have opposing views on character design. Muggo is fond of two-dimensional shapes like triangles and squares. On the other hand, Floyd is a huge fan of 3D shapes like cubes and cylinders.

Assist Muggo and Floyd by packing their favorite shapes in this game for first graders.

Learners can practice using visual features and labeling different shapes in this online geometry math game. In addition, your youngster will learn how to distinguish various forms.

2. Square Tangram

Your children will have a blast playing Square Tangram, an online geometry math game, while they do reconstructive surgery on a robot named Muggo. Students can use this tangram to have fun and learn about larger forms like triangles, parallelograms, and squires while trying to bring Muggo back to life.

Square Tangram

3. Dino Crunch: Attributes of 2D and 3D Shapes

Using Dino Crunch, your children can distinguish between 3D shapes with and without flat faces. Shapes, including cubes, rectangular prisms, and spheres will be introduced to your children as they play.

A fun dinosaur-themed workout routine and refresher of geometry concepts are provided by these online games for grade 1 students.

Determine which features are best suited for a certain shape by testing your critical thinking skills. 

Geometry Games for 2nd Grade

For grade 2 pupils, geometry games are an excellent way to get prepared for the world of shapes. A variety of shapes can be identified, and parameters can be sorted by playing geometry games.

Math for Kids

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1. Hexuzzle 2

Students in the second grade can take off into space and learn more about hexagons thanks to this game. Hexagons can be formed by putting several shapes together in the correct order.

Rotating the hexagon allows a child to see a simpler side of a form that at first glance appears to be incredibly complex.

2. Three Dimensional Shape Building

It is possible to give your kids precious materials to use in this game to make 3D objects. Toothpicks and marshmallows can be substituted for the straws.

If you want your students to make curved objects, give them laces, licorice, or any other flexible material. The ideal material for this activity is the one that is difficult to work with but also useful in that it can be shaped into numerous different shapes.

If you have a class of pupils, assign them to groups and give them a list of shapes to build in those groups. Some examples of these geometric forms include squire pyramids, rectangular prisms, cylindrical shapes, spheres, and cone shapes.

It’s possible to declare two winners at this point in time: one team that completed the most shapes in the time limit and one that obtained the most votes for the greatest shape creations.

Three Dimensional Shape Building

3. Space Hunt for Edges and Vertices

“Vertice Space Hunt” follows an ice cream officer who requires help to be successful in his pursuit of vertices within space. Three-dimensional shapes are being sought by the officer in search of various points of intersection.

Prisms, cubes, rectangles, and more geometric objects are all part of the student’s journey in this action-packed geometry game. Players need to prepare for the next adventure after identifying shapes as instructed.

Geometry Games for 3rd Grade

Grade 3 geometry games teach your students how to divide an object into thirds, halves, and other fractions. Shapes like quadrilaterals and triangles will also be taught to the children. These geometry games are a great way to have fun while learning:

1. Question Claim Game

The more questions a teacher can put up on the classroom wall, the better off he or she will be. A topic-based question bank is an excellent resource. A question on fractions might be placed on the wall in one corner. On the other side of the room, you’ll find questions about multiplication and division, as well as questions about geometry. If you’d like, you can also mix and match your answers to the questions.

Dividing your students into groups and assigning them a color will help the students learn more effectively. Students in each group should be able to use the same stickers or felt pens to mark their group’s color.

Students should be gathered in a central location in class, where they should be asked to answer any and all questions that are posted on the classroom walls. For the purpose of answering the question, each group is required to choose the color of their choice to write their responses on a piece of paper.

Other groups are prevented from answering the same question if two groups successfully answer it during the answering session.

When the timer goes out, the teacher will award points to each group based on how many questions they successfully answered. The winning group will be the one with the most points.

2. Dino Bones: Perimeter

Dino Bones: Perimeter is a math game for third graders that teaches perimeter calculations in a fun and engaging way. Players must pay attention to the word problem prompts in order to progress through the game. After that, they’ll use the text hints to work out geometry problems. It is much easier to find the archeological assignment when a child accurately answers questions.

Dino Bones: Perimeter

3. City Building: Square Unit Practice

A journey on the moon awaits those students in grade 3 who can construct a colony for future generations. The goal of the game is for players to create structures for their moon colony while adhering to a set of instructions.

This game also serves as an engaging and participatory way to teach students to the notion of area.

Geometry Games for 4th Grade

Geometry games for grade 4 kids are perpendicular and parallel line games, line games, angle games, and other types of activities. Engaging geometry games like the following will help your students grasp these difficult concepts easily:

1. City Building: Missing Area Factor

It’s up to the players in this geometry game to set out on an adventure into outer space. In the event that a player accepts this mission, they will be sent to the moon to begin building a colony.

The expedition to uncover the missing dimension for the development of new moon dwellers will be a lot of fun for children. The educational aspect of the game is to assist kids improve their arithmetic skills in area calculations and better grasp the relationship between length and area.

2. Circus Angle Measurement

This is a circus-themed mathematics game for fourth graders that helps kids learn about angles by taking measurements.

Help the clowns hit their goal by playing this game. You’ll have to help them find the perfect angle and aim it precisely in order to send the Bozo careening across the tent with no resistance.

Learners will benefit from this game’s emphasis on angles and lines. Benchmark angles of 30, 90, and 180 degrees can also be taught in a pleasant approach to the students.

Circus Angle Measurement

3. Spot the Lines

Grade 4 is the year when your child begins to grasp the concept that a line is more than a line. Lines can be applied in a variety of ways in mathematics.

Learning about line segments and numerous sorts of lines is made easier by this game. The game of line geometry is based on Penelope’s drawing, and it challenges players to swiftly click on the correct line when the game’s in-built narrator calls out the lines.

Playing this game teaches children important life skills, such as listening and following directions.

Geometry Games for 5th Grade

Understanding common characteristics of shape and volume and coordinating planes are some of the principles that students study in grade 5. These geometry math games for 5th graders make it easy for you to instruct your kids.

1. Angle Measurement: Circus Edition

To assist your children study geometry while having fun watching the flying clowns, this free geometry math game is the best choice. This amusing game will help your children learn how to make the appropriate angles to send the clowns flying in the right direction.

Students can practice their understanding of angles ranging from 0 to 180 degrees using this game. While taking aim at the Big Top’s resident clowns, your child will develop an understanding of acute and obtuse angles. Your youngsters will enjoy playing the game repeatedly.

Math for Kids

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2. Polygon Playing Cards

To keep up with the quick pace, players must design and name random polygons. Students can be asked to draw a card and measure a straight line in millimeters by their teachers. It is possible that the card’s number will be reflected on the line as well. There are ten Toms, twelve queens, and so on and so on.

Draw a new line in the direction of your choice or at the end of the original line, whichever is more convenient for you.

Students are tasked with creating as many polygons as they can while also giving each one a unique name. A pupil gets a point for every polygon they build. A student can score a lot of points with regular polygons because they have sides. Students can receive three points for an equilateral triangle and eight points for a normal octagon.

You may make the game even more exciting by requiring kids to write down the perimeter or area of each form they create. is a great place to locate these kinds of fantastic games. As a result, parents and instructors should sign up on Brighterly to gain access to a wide variety of geometry games aimed at helping pupils learn and enjoy geometry.


Every year, many parents and educators worry about their children’s development. An excellent technique to assist children develop specific life skills while having fun is through the use of online geometry games.

Even while geometry is chock-full of core ideas that can aid pupils in developing crucial abilities, not every child learns best by doing countless repetitions in the classroom. To guarantee that children are actively engaged in the learning process, teachers and parents can tie the geometry lesson plans to the real-world application by employing relevant games. Finally, geometry games can help develop a child’s reasoning abilities, such as logic, analytical reasoning, problem-solving, and deductive reasoning.

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