15 Best Summer Math Programs for Kids 2024

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    Have you ever thought your child is good at math but could be even better in the ideal environment? Then, you need to enroll them in one of online/offline summer math improvement programs.

    Summer is usually packed with activities that are most likely non-educational. That is okay but you can also use this period to continue to develop your child’s academic skills. Math summer programs are perfect for kids & teens looking to get better at math, and here is an overview of the best programs.

    What are summer math programs?

    Summer math programs are carefully curated math lessons for youngsters who are either already skilled in the subject but want to push themselves beyond their current limits or those who are struggling.

    For the more advanced students, summer school math programs provide an opportunity to explore more complex concepts and improve their critical and analytical thinking. For those who need extra help, some patient teachers and tutors will bring them to a higher level.

    Best online summer math programs

    The best math summer programs online: more about each of them

    So why online camps for studying mathematics we put in the first point? Because not everyone can and wants to attend such camps offline. Both children and teenagers will feel the joy of summer more if they can practice remotely.

    Now let’s look at the 5 best math enrichment programs online:


    Brighterly is a platform with online math summer programs, which is the best option for those children and adolescents from 1st to 12th grade who want to be ready for the new school year, develop even more math skills, and uplevel their knowledge.

    So parents, if you want to help your child upgrade their strengths, work through weaknesses, and prevent summer slide, this is the summer math camp to choose.

    Benefits for kids & teens 
    • The platform has an Award Winning Math Curriculum for children and teenagers from 1st to 12th grade. So, here are from elementary to high school math programs.
    • Brighterly is popular among children of all ages because of its interactive approach. On this platform, students learn math topics through fun videos, worksheets, and games.

    • Each student is assigned a tutor who is matched according to their grade level and has summer math tutoring programs. The teacher can adjust their teaching strategies to personalize classes.
    Brighterly online math summer programs: review

    Khan Academy

    Khan academy has a long list of questions and problems that students have to finish in the summer. While kids go through math tasks looking for possible solutions, tutors are available to guide them. By the end of summer, the academy will provide parents with children’s performance summaries.

    Online math summer programs from Khan Academy: benefits
    • With Khan Academy, kids and teens can do exercises to learn and revise math material conforming to their age and level of knowledge. There are math programs for PRE-K to 8th grade, algebra, and geometry.
    • It is possible to start preparing for upcoming exams in advance. For example, for SAT.
    • In the summer, students can develop their knowledge not only in math, but also in other school subjects such as history, physics, and biology.
    Review of Khan Academy


    IXL is a specialized math website that helps children develop their math skills. Here, they can not only learn difficult topics but also track their learning progress.

    The site is not free so it includes membership fees. The website features levels, and kids will only advance to higher ones after correctly answering most of the math questions at their current level.

    Online math summer programs from IXL: benefits
    • Opportunities to learn math for children and teens. There are various useful summer math learning programs for children from kindergarten to grade 8.
    • IXL offers summer break strategies and recommendations for better math learning. 
    • With the help of diagnostic tracking worksheets, you and your children can track your kids’ math learning progress.
    Review of IXL


    Outschool Math Summer Camp offers a wide range of 5-star teachers who will help improve your child’s math skills through interesting online lessons. So, your kid doesn’t need to go to a tutor and interrupt their holidays, they can just study from home.

    Online math summer programs from Outschool: benefits
    • On this website, children from three to eighteen years old can work on and upgrade their math skills in the summer.
    • Classes and individual math enrichment programs are available online. Here, you can independently choose a tutor for your child.
    • Students can have not only math lessons but also English, Spanish, biology, music, etc.
    Review of Outschool

    Note: Some of the academies and agencies we’ve recommended provide free summer math programs online. You can register with the others for a token to give your child a better math education. If you want physical camps, turn on your device location and search for “summer math programs near me” in your Google search bar. You will find the information you need.

    Summer math programs for high school students

    The best math summer programs for high school students: more about


    AlphaStar is one of the best programs for high school students who want to devote their summer to useful tasks, namely, studying advanced math. This intensive program helps teens prepare for the premier competitions in this academic subject.

    The AlphaStar intensive course for math geniuses lasts for three weeks at Missionary College: session 1 from June 17 to July 5; session 2 from July 15 to August 2.

    The price starts at US$1,350.

    High school math programs from Idea AlphaStar: benefits 
    • Preparation for prestigious math competitions.
    • In-depth study of the most challenging math courses in algebra, geometry, and number theory.
    • Throughout the program, students can participate in national and international math olympiads.

    Idea Math Camp

    Idea Math Camp provides online summer math courses for high school students that last two weeks. They include an in-depth study of essential topics in this academic subject. It takes place in Plano, Texas, from June 4 to 14, and in Nashua, New Hampshire, from June 23 to July 4. 

    The locations for the summer course are John Paul II School and Rivier University. The program costs US$1,935 – US$3,895.

    High school math programs from Idea Math Camp: benefits 
    • Advanced study of key mathematical disciplines.
    • A combination of an interactive approach and group training seminars.
    • Studying the following subjects in 65 academic hours: algebra, combinatorics, geometry, and number theory.

    Summer Academy for Math and Science

    The Summer Academy for Math and Science (SAMS) is an intensive math program for high school students who don’t need to come to camp every day, but instead, they have to live there for six weeks. 

    SAMS is free of charge and is created specifically for those who have a strong interest in this academic subject. The camp takes place from June 22 to August 3 at Carnegie Mellon University. Students are selected on a competitive basis.

    High school math programs from SAMS: benefits 
    • Students from low-income families and those who have never attended high school are encouraged to participate in the competition for admission to the summer camp.
    • Those who showed a great interest in mathematics and extracurricular activities also had an advantage in participating in the competition.
    • The material taught in these summer courses will allow students to develop a deep understanding of STEM.
    • Courses will be taught by well-known teachers who are motivated to give a strong start to those who plan to develop as a higher specialist in this field (math teacher, engineering, robotics). A successful completion of such courses will help with entering the university in the future.


    AwesomeMath provides a three-week summer program for high school students that will allow them to improve their math skills, including algebra, combinatorics, geometry, and number theory, and prepare for such competitions as AMC10/12, USAMO, and AIME.

    The course consists of three sessions, the first from June 10 to 28, the second from July 1 to 19, and the third from July 22 to August 9. The AwesomeMath summer program will be conducted online, and the fee ranges from US$1,175 to US$1,475.

    High school math programs from AwesomeMath: benefits 
    • High school students can sign up for one or more sessions as they wish.
    • This course is a perfect chance for talented high school students to practice and enhance their math skills.
    • The AwesomeMath summer program prepares for such competitions as AMC10/12, USAMO, and AIME.
    • In-depth study of algebra, combinatorics, geometry, and number theory.

    Research Science Institute Program 

    The Research Science Institute Program is one of the most well-liked courses for high school students. There, they learn the most complex topics in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). The intensive training will be available for free at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    High school math programs from AwesomeMath: benefits 
    • About 100 of the most talented high school students in mathematics will study an intensive STEM course.
    • In-depth immersion in advanced theories and research in mathematics, science, and engineering.
    • Work on their own projects under the guidance of experienced scientists.

    Summer math programs for middle school students

    The best math summer programs for middle school: more about


    MOSA is a free online summer math program specifically for middle school students. These summer courses were created by former Stanford University Math Camp students. The structure of the advanced math program lasts approximately 10 days.

    Benefits of MOSA online summer math programs for middle school students

    • A session on number theory and geometry will be useful and very interesting for those students who want to take a deep dive into mathematics.
    • A program on combinatorics is also included, along with other related topics.
    • The program was created at the highest level by former Stanford University students. Their main goal was to create a rigorous, demanding, but also joyful and inspiring course on important math topics for middle school students.


    MathPath is an offline summer math program (math activities, math exploration, problem-solving, etc.) for students aged 11-14. This summer camp is not only an excellent educational program for middle school children, but also an opportunity for children who like math to find like-minded friends, learn together, play together, and live together for 4 weeks.

    Benefits of MathPath online summer math programs for middle school students

    • The students receive a full program with intensive math learning at the children’s level, with rest breaks, delicious lunches with friends and teachers, and accommodation in summer camp.
    • The opportunity to discuss all the questions that students don’t understand or are curious about from lectures and homework with teachers who will be conducting sectional courses.
    • Between lessons, students can take part in SET tournaments, soccer, dance, yoga, chess, etc.


    MathILy-Er also has the best online summer math programs focused on advanced math concepts for middle school children. The course will last five weeks offline.

    Benefits of MathILy-Er online summer math programs for middle school students

    • Students of this summer program will be able to uplevel their skills in solving math challenges.
    • The children will also learn many new topics in advanced math and will be able to polish their math knowledge from what they learn at school.
    • Fun learning of complex topics to make studying enjoyable. MathILy summer courses are created not only to grow the best and most talented mathematicians but also to help children’s personal growth.

    Summer math programs for elementary students

    The best math summer programs for elementary students: more about

    Epsilon Camp

    Epsilon Camp has a summer program for talented children from the age of 7 to study math topics, with an intensive growth program in this academic subject. This camp isn’t only for young minds, but also for their families. The educational program will take place from July 7 to 21, 2024 on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

    Epsilon Camp summer math programs for kids: benefits
    • Here, children with similar interests gather, making this summer educational camp also a wonderful option for young geniuses to make friends within a like-minded group.
    • Epsilon Camp offers lectures on advanced math concepts for elementary school children.
    • This summer camp will introduce children to professional math and will be able to inspire an increased interest in this academic subject.


    Explo’s summer camp for children offers a number of programs to improve academic knowledge for students in grades 4-5. Young math enthusiasts will also find interesting things to do, as Explo offers lectures on Business, Math + Economics, and other topics.

    Explo summer math programs for kids: benefits
    • Explo’s course focuses on studying complex math topics practically to help students realize all the info they’ve learned (even the most complicated topics seem easy to understand).
    • Exciting lectures that will help children think about such serious questions as «how to turn an idea into a successful business».
    • Also, students learn how robots work by writing code to control them.
    • And more.


    Zearn’s free summer math programs for elementary students are popular due to their high-level mathematics lessons. Kids can easily understand even the most complex topics thanks to the way math is presented by real on-screen teachers.

    Online math summer programs from Zearn: benefits
    • Zearn offers math programs for students from 1st grade.
    • On the platform, it is possible to work on topics that cause difficulties for your child, to improve their math skills in the summer.
    • Here, children can study mathematics with their parents at home or add it to the training program with a tutor they already have.

    Major benefits of math summer programs

    So, as you can see, the benefits of such programs work along with a child’s mental and educational growth. Read details about each of these points below 👇

    They provide more effective learning approaches

    For children who want to understand math better, summer math camps are the easiest way to do that. In summer math camps, tutors have time to break down math concepts for kids. They give them more than one perspective to view and solve a math problem, teaching them to think outside the box.

    Curricula for these summer math programs are detailed and tailored to fit the time frame. They also help polish students’ existing knowledge and skills. This approach makes learning more effective and the process of skill acquisition faster.

    They cover more complicated math concepts

    Sometimes, the material teachers teach in class is not challenging enough for gifted children; such kids often need more stimulation. That is where special schools and programs that meet the needs of children who are interested in math come into play.

    In summer math programs for elementary students, tutors introduce more complicated math problems and guide students through their solutions. They also use fun exercises to drive those points home and ensure that at the end of the program, kids remember what they’ve learned.

    They teach students to solve math problems creatively

    Critical thinking is a big part of solving math problems, and sometimes, because of the repeated nature of teaching, kids fail to acquire this ability. When a child encounters math problems, they have two options: either use the solution they know or find other ones. When they seek non-conventional ways to solve a problem, they develop creativity.

    Summer math programs facilitate this kind of thinking and even teach it. So, if you have a concern about helping your child develop critical thinking, let them spend their summer holidays in a math camp.

    Looking at the benefits of math summer programs, you may want to sign your child up for one of the options to strengthen their math knowledge and help them explore their math potential. However, you do not always have to wait for summer to achieve that goal.

    Signing kids up for Brighterly can upgrade a child’s math skills faster. Kids can take Brighterly’s math classes before, during, and after summer holidays, ensuring continuous learning.


    A math summer camp ensures your child spends their holidays for educational purposes. 

    Moreso, there are so many topics and concepts in math that it’s impossible to learn them all at school, and this is why summer math programs exist. Whether you register for an online math class this summer or opt for offline summer classes, your child will be better off by the end.

    The main thing is to choose which online platforms or offline camps have the best math summer programs for your child and provide the best elementary, middle, or high-level training courses.

    Brighterly has tutors for children from 1st to 12th grade. So we can prepare a personalized program specifically for your child/teenager. Book your first demo lesson with one of our math teachers today.

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