Best Math Apps for Kids

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    Teaching kids math has evolved from a tedious process to an enjoyable one. At this point, technology is integrated into our daily routines.

    Kids can learn online as apps, software, movies, audiobooks, and digital manipulatives have made maths education more accessible.

    This article provides a rundown of some of the best math apps for kids now available for download on app stores.

    Best Math Apps for Kids

    Given the abundance of choices on the internet today, it may be challenging to choose appropriate maths applications for children.

    While there are several fun and educational free math applications for kids, you will get value for your money if you select premium apps, for example, some of those mentioned in this article.Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best math apps for kids available to instructors and parents.



    Brighterly is a platform that uses the most straightforward and entertaining approaches, like gamification, to guarantee that pupils understand the lesson. Gamification enhances the platform experience for kids learning new math concepts with each round.

    Parents wanting to be there while their children study may do so with Brighterly by scheduling or rescheduling maths courses to times that fit their availability.

    Even the most complex mathematical ideas may be learned and retained using Brighterly. Parents can directly connect with maths tutors to modify or cancel lessons.

    Teachers who engage with students via Brighterly not only provide them access to course materials but may also offer homework assistance if needed. If you are seeking the top maths app for children, Brighterly is an excellent choice for all these reasons.


    • Suitable for kids between the ages of 4 and 10
    • Available on web
    • $31 Basic pack, $29 Smart pack, and $28 Genius Pack, with more value when you subscribe for more classes

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    Prodigy is one of the best math apps for kids that correlates with the school curriculum. Many parents and instructors use Prodigy as a maths tool for their children since it is a fantasy-based game.

    In the Prodigy games, kids compete against one another in a form similar to video game duel modes. Getting the math problems correct is crucial for players to win. Prodigy covers over 1500 skills integral to a child’s understanding of math and its application. The Prodigy app is one of the top maths apps for kids because it is sturdy.


    • Ideal for kids aged 6-14
    • Available on the App Store, Amazon, Google Play Store, and the web
    • Free with premium memberships



    DoodleMaths is one of many mathematics apps for kids that employ adaptive learning technology to tailor a child’s study routine to their individual needs. It evaluates the students’ development in learning using a strategy known as 7-a-activity. Also, parents may see their child’s progress on the dashboard and make any necessary adjustments to the learning approach.


    • Recommended for ages 4-14
    • Available on the App Store and Google Play Store
    • Costs $7.91/ month, $73.94/ year, $224.49 for a lifetime subscription

    The Math Learning Center


    The Math Learning Centre developed eleven math applications based on the Bridges curriculum’s visual models. This app is highly regarded by children and parents alike. Bridge is a tool that assists educators in pursuing and achieving the state’s minimum educational requirements.

    Unlike other children’s math applications, the Math Learning Centre offers worksheets for homeschooling parents and instructors, providing only a list of activities to assist kids in understanding math.


    • Suitable for kids aged 4-11
    • Downloadable on the App Store and the website
    • Free to use



    The adventure-like gameplay of Buzzmath is a big reason why it’s one of the math games app for kids. The platform is designed for kids who learn best via stories. Kids may practice their maths skills while playing the game as Alfred. In Mathlantis, a mythical country, the hero Alfred must go through the village to revive the math skills of the locals and restore Mathlantis to its former glory.


    • Ideal for kids between 8 and 14
    • Available on the website
    • $20/month, $40/quarter, $60/year subscriptions

    Elephant Learning


    Compared to other applications, Elephant Learning stands out because of its bold claim that kids can master an entire year’s maths in only three months. Kids can learn maths with this software that provides exercises and a way to track their progress. However, the exercises don’t follow the standard school curriculum.


    • Versatile as it is valuable for kids between 2 and 16
    • Available on the App Store, Google Play Store, and website
    • $35/week subscription

    Splash Learn


    The maths software Splash Learn offers two different grading systems for children. There is an app that caters to children of all skill levels in mathematics and grade-specific applications that help students study for certain maths classes. With 351 activities, this math app is perfect for helping your child review and understand what they have learned in class.

    Splash Learn is one of the best free math apps for kids. Everything from your child’s progress in classes to their ability level and how well they are learning is visible to you. Because there is a Parent Connect App, you won’t have to open the kids’ maths app to see how your child is doing.


    • Targets: kids aged 4-14
    • Downloadable on the App Store and the website
    • Free with in-app purchases



    For kindergarten to 12th-grade students, IXL provides individualized math lessons that align with the state curriculum. Using a personalized system and statistics it helps teachers make better teaching choices and provides a thorough curriculum that teaches more than 8,500 skills.

    The most appealing aspect of IXL is its real-time diagnostics, pinpointing a child’s areas of weakness in a specific topic. It establishes a framework that facilitates learning for both students and educators.


    • Suitable for children between 4 and 14
    • Downloadable on the App Store and the website
    • Free with premium membership

    Khan Academy


    Imagine a big classroom where kids of all ages and grade levels work on maths alone. Khan Academy is one of the free math apps for kids that operates in such a manner. Every student at any level may take advantage of Khan Academy’s individualized learning plan, which considers their strengths and weaknesses.

    Khan Academy’s design allows students to work with a system they feel comfortable with, even when acquiring a personal teacher-to-student approach may not be easy. On both the Android and iOS platforms, you may find Khan Academy, one of the top maths applications for children.


    • Suitable for all ages
    • Available on the App Store, Google Play Store, and Khan Academy website
    • Free

    Dragon Box


    Dragon Box is a robust platform among the many Android maths applications available for children. The applications include basic mathematics concepts like counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

    Dragon Box has math games for kindergarten through 12th grade that cover many themes, from basic math to more complex ones like algebra and geometry.

    This resource helps kids understand mathematical ideas, how they can be used, and the thinking behind them by getting them excited about maths. In Dragon Box, it isn’t enough to know how to answer math problems; you also need to understand why these problems exist and why your solutions are correct.


    • Suitable for students between 4 and 14
    • Downloadable on the App Store and Google Play Store
    • Costs between $5 and $25



    For CK-12, you have one goal: ensuring pupils can study maths for free. This app is more than simply an after-school maths resource; it’s a full-fledged educational environment where youngsters from all walks of life may get a solid grounding in mathematics.

    CK-12 provides free instruction in all STEM areas, not just maths, so students are exposed to various courses when they enroll. CK-12 simplifies complex mathematical concepts into manageable chunks that students can understand. The app’s math lessons include text, pictures, experiments, and flashcards.


    • Ideal for all students
    • Available on the App Store, Google Play Store, Web.
    • Free to use


    Every math tutor should put the fantastic notion of using an app for helping kids learn math. Getting your pupils to like kids’ maths applications doesn’t have to cost a fortune, which is the most significant part.

    All of the applications in this list are excellent choices for your kid, but when it comes to maths, Brighterly is still the best because of its incredible value, convenience, and great experience.

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