Best Homeschool Math Curriculum for Struggling Students

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    Many adults still face difficulties understanding math concepts like geometry, fractions, and even basic operations as they do not have a solid math foundation. So, imagine how draining it would be for them to help a youngster learn mathematics. One way to scale through this problem is to provide kids with educational resources even if they attend a traditional school.

    Since every parent wants what’s best for their kids, here is a list of the best homeschool math curriculum for struggling students, whether homeschooled or attending traditional schools.

    Before we start

    Homeschooling statistics show that in February 2020, around 9 million US students had been homeschooled at least once. Homeschooling parents may find it challenging to follow the math curriculum developed for public schools. Also, breaking everything down into specific classes could be just as tricky as choosing the correct curriculum since there are so many.

    Finding the right one for your kid requires careful consideration, so contact us and talk to our homeschool tutor if you want to save time and find the perfect curriculum for your child. At Brighterly, our math curriculum for struggling learners is personalized and tailored to your child’s unique learning style while conforming to the national common core math standards.

    Benefits Of Online Math Programs For Struggling Students

    Many parents have reservations about math homeschool curriculum for their children because they believe their children learn best in a traditional classroom setting. They believe children develop crucial life competencies, including social skills, via classroom interactions. But, as you will see in this article, online maths curriculums have obvious benefits for students struggling with math classes.

    Individualised Lesson Plans

    Lessons are available in online maths curriculums specifically for students with difficulty. Now, children have more freedom to study when and how they choose. Online math classes may accommodate students’ unique needs by providing personalized lesson plans, age-appropriate resources, and instructional videos. Often, teachers in traditional classes designed their classes with the average student’s level of expertise in mind. On the other hand, online classes allow students with trouble keeping up with math classes to watch or record their lessons and review them whenever necessary.

    No External Interruptions

    Bullying, inappropriate sexual advances, and unhealthy levels of competition among students are all acts that can distract students in the learning environment. On the contrary, when kids use online math curriculums to study, there are fewer interruptions. Your children will not be bullied or made fun of by their peers at school. This way, kids may develop their feeling of autonomy while still learning correctly. Also, online tutors can help students struggling with maths work towards their objectives.

    There Are Helpful Resources On The Internet

    Kids who struggle with math might gain a lot from the many teaching materials online math curriculums provide. In addition to what they learn online, your child can continuously have access to e-books and YouTube movies.

    The Best Homeschool Math Curriculum Programs

    Every kid learns uniquely, so choosing the best homeschool math curriculum for difficult children may be challenging. If your kid is having trouble with maths, you may choose from various homeschooling choices that will work for them.


    If you want your kid to have fun while learning, you can use the Brighterly platform, which incorporates engaging activities and entertaining games. Brighterly offers the most fabulous maths curriculum for children with math difficulty. Your child will have the opportunity to work with highly skilled educators who tailor the lessons to the specific needs of each student.

    Brighterly serves students in grades Pre-K through 5 from three to eleven years. Lessons are exciting and entertaining, and the service is competent. Different math course packages exist, so you can choose which excites your child most. Before you commit to a course, you can have a free demo and see how the course works.


    With its all-encompassing K12 math education and focus on specific abilities, Math-U-See is a top choice among homeschool math curricula for struggling children. The curriculum has thirteen levels, beginning with algebra and concluding with calculus. The curriculum uses methods that simplify maths to combine knowledge from earlier levels.

    Your struggling kid may learn more math concepts at a comfortable pace with the Math-U-See curriculum. The curriculum will benefit your children by incorporating video lessons, textbooks, and online resources. At every grade level, an interactive strategy may be used to maintain the student’s interest in learning.

    Singapore Math

    For children with difficulty with mathematics at home, the Singapore Maths curriculum can also be beneficial. This curriculum is built on the tenet that students will struggle with more advanced mathematical ideas if they do not have a firm grasp of the basics. The curriculum stresses the need for memorization and creative problem-solving in mathematics, two skills that may greatly benefit students’ critical reasoning abilities.

    The Singapore Math curriculum includes textbooks, worksheets, and instructions for teaching math at home. Students may build a strong foundation with this curriculum and always return to earlier classes since the instructor’s guides are accessible. The program’s design ensures that students focus on one mathematical concept at a time until they’ve mastered it.

    Horizons Math

    If your child is homeschooled and falling behind in math, Horizons Math is a fun math curriculum that will effectively get them back on track. The curriculum is designed to assist your kid in learning fundamental math concepts and includes engaging exercises to help cement those lessons in their memory. As it offers a balanced and organized approach to learning, the curriculum helps students grasp algebra concepts.

    Horizons Math boasts two vivid, well-organized manuals with 80 lessons for a total of 160 courses offered every year. In addition to providing ongoing practice, it includes daily lesson plans, instructor replies, hands-on activities, and printable worksheets for kids to develop their mathematical abilities.

    Khan Academy

    Every student has their preferred learning method, and Khan Academy is sensitive to this fact. Regarding maths, some students need more time and effort than others. Kids can learn mathematics, physics, history, economics, etc. Among the many resources available to pupils at this school is an extensive library of high-quality courses covering various topics.

    Khan Academy offers free curriculums for kids of all ages with difficulty with mathematics. Your children may study for various tests, including K–14, the LSAT, the SAT, and Praxis, with its instructional videos and personalized learning dashboard. Your child’s potential is boundless with the Khan Academy curriculum, especially with the solid groundwork they’ve already laid.

    Making it easy for instructors to know their student’s progress and help them is always a goal of the Khan Academy team. Also, it’s easy for parents and instructors to see whether a student is struggling or needs more clarification on a topic. Plus, there is no cost for the lessons, which is a huge plus.

    Saxon Math

    Saxon Maths is a systematic approach to education, starting with the most fundamental concepts and building up to more advanced ones. Knowing that a child’s capacity to comprehend new mathematical concepts depends on their earliest math knowledge, the creators of this homeschool math curriculum for struggling pupils considered that. You may provide a solid foundation for your child’s future mathematical success with this curriculum by introducing and building upon the many mathematical topics covered throughout the school year.

    The child is subjected to assessments and examinations to gauge the extent to which the student has internalized and retained the material. This method encourages students to fully understand and practice a mathematical subject before moving on to the next. Also, more chances for youngsters to practice and comprehend maths are created in this manner.

    RightStart Math

    Even before a dyslexia diagnosis is made, many children struggle with mathematics. Students who struggle with reading and writing may also have trouble solving mathematical problems because they cannot learn via rote memorization or sequential skills. Not only may dyslexia impact your child’s math skills, but it can also impact other parts of their lives. Math difficulties and dyslexia will be a thing of the past with the help of the RightStart Math curriculum.

    The math lessons in RightStart Math for elementary and middle school students use pictures to help students understand concepts like counting, fractions, and measuring. The curriculum includes the AL Abacus to engage the children’s sense of sight and touch. Additionally, it provides activities that children may play to grasp maths topics at different levels and foster an appreciation for the subject.

    VideoText Math

    Since students are more likely to connect with visual representations of course material, VideoText math curricula may be an effective tool for helping students enhance their math abilities. VideoText Math provides engaging and personalized math lessons that foster autonomous learning in youngsters. You may check in with your kid or student’s progress by pausing the video and asking them questions as they watch. If you have questions, leave your name and number on the hotline, and an instructor will return your call.

    Children more easily retain visual cues than auditory ones. Instead of rote memorization, students may see several steps to solve a problem with VideoText Math. Independent study and learning are fostered when children watch television cartoons explaining mathematical concepts.

    In addition to promoting the use of movies, online resources, and downloadable materials, the curriculum divides mathematics into Algebra and Geometry. If a first grader is having trouble with math, VideoText math might be just what they need. All you need is a device that can connect to the internet.

    Life of Fred

    Adding Life of Fred to your children’s maths curriculum is another excellent idea. Life of Fred is not only a curriculum but a fantastic math story. The stories follow Fred on his adventures, which he approaches mathematically. The books are designed to engage your kid while teaching them maths, with each one focusing on a particular concept like addition, subtraction, etc. 

    Students won’t need a manual or course outline with this maths curriculum. They may better grasp the notion of maths by continuing Fred’s story. Children with difficulty with mathematics may benefit from the story’s plot since the ideas and concepts build upon each other.

    The  Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)

    At AoPS, teachers make maths exciting and engaging so kids may learn and like it. Children may ask other students for help with their maths problems since AoPS is a community. With the skills they develop in The Art of Problem Solving, children are better able to tackle increasingly complex mathematical problems on their own.

    Additionally, it offers an exceptional homeschool math curriculum that challenges children to their full potential. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of maths and encourages students to study more.

    Students in AoPS classes can relax and work through problems until they comprehend them better. Together, students and teachers tackle challenging assignments, and the result is creative problem-solving. The courses also use math worksheet activities, movies, textbooks, and online resources to assist students to commit mathematical ideas to memory, 

    For your children’s advanced maths needs, this curriculum offers both digital and physical copies of textbooks. Additionally, it aids students in getting ready for standardized tests like the SAT.

    Beast Academy

    Beast Academy bridges the achievement gap by helping children see mathematics as a fascinating and engaging field from a young age. According to the Beast Academy, children may be better prepared to solve mathematical issues with a firm grasp of more advanced mathematical concepts. Young people may learn the skills needed to become influential thinkers and doers at Beast Academy.

    Beast Academy uses comic books as a teaching tool to engage and motivate children struggling with mathematics. For learning, this curriculum presents children with visual explanations. Beast Academy pros bring their A-game by introducing mathematical ideas via comics, but knowing that an appealing curriculum may also be challenging.

    Homeschool Math for Struggling Learners VS Traditional Classroom

    The relative merits of homeschooling versus traditional educational settings are a common topic of discussion among parents and children. Your child will not get the individual attention they need from a teacher in a conventional classroom setting when there are ten to twenty students in the same class. Since they may study at their speed, children with difficulty with maths in school might benefit from homeschooling.

    If you want to help your child develop a love of mathematics, one of your roles as a parent is to tailor lessons to your child’s interests and passions. With homeschooled math, you may tailor your children’s learning experiences to their needs rather than expecting the instructor to cover all the material following the state’s math curriculum.

    Any way a child wants to express themselves is acceptable when homeschooled. Students in more conventional educational settings may face unneeded stress due to factors such as unhealthy levels of competition, monotony, and bullying. The lack of pressure for homeschooled children to fit in with their classmates may do wonders for their confidence.

    Learn Math with Brighterly!

    If you are looking for a high-end course online maths platform for your children, Brighterly is an excellent option. Since the tutors at the platform are so good at incorporating games and entertainment into maths lessons, they can assist pupils with difficulty. Teachers gauge their students’ learning styles by their interactions with them.

    These educators invest more time in raising your children’s spirits than assigning tasks and grading work. Thanks to this tactic, the kids will feel more at ease in Brighterly’s classroom. The math tutor collaborates with the family to ensure the kid has all the necessary resources for math class success.


    The demands and routines of traditional educational institutions are too much for some students, so only the best online math curriculum can provide the security that some kids require. Additionally, you may merge traditional schooling and homeschooled math for other kids. The use of curricula and strategies mentioned in this article can help you better understand how to help students struggling with math

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