Top 13 Math Games for Grade 2 for Playing Online and Offline

Once I had a conversation with a fellow teacher, and she said her kids loved doing math exercises in class and at home. She guesses it’s because she uses plenty of math games in her teaching routines.

Indeed, little kids love playing. So why not make math more engaging with fun games? Check these 13 math games for second graders.

Fun 2nd-Grade Math Games to Play at Home and Outdoors

Check these fun interactive math games for 2nd graders to play outdoors and indoors.

Math Solitaire

You need to get a deck of playing cards for this game. Skip face cards – you will need only pip ones.

Put all cards face down. Then, place a card in the center of the table. Let it be 9. Then, ask your kid (kids) to draw three cards.

Afterward, ask them to add/subtract from a value of their card to match the card in the center of the table.

As long as your kid has practiced the base game enough, you can introduce a few modifications. Let kids multiply the value of their card by the value of the center card. This game develops counting, addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills.

Math Bowling

Math Bowling

This game is super fun, and you can play it outdoors and indoors. Ideally, you should play it with a bowling ball and pins. But you can go with these supplies instead:

  • A ball (volleyball or soccer-sized and preferably quite heavy).
  • Ten bottles or aluminum cans to represent bowling pins.
  • A waterproof marker.

Here is how to play:

  1. Mark ten pins with random numbers.
  2. Throw the ball to strike pins.

The game implies a few math challenges you can come up with to practice math skills:

  • Challenge 1 – strike the biggest number.
  • Challenge 2 – hit the smallest number.
  • Challenge 3 – strike numbers within a specific range.

This game develops addition skills, rote counting, and skip counting.

Spray Water Math Game

Spray Water Math Game

This is one of the funniest second-grade math games that will help your kids stay fresh and wet on hot summer days. It’s also a helpful addition to math practice during the holidays to keep math skills sharp.

For this game, you need:

  • A pair of dice.
  • Spray water bottles or spray guns.

It is a game for two players with spray guns. The idea is to throw the dice and add up the numbers. Then, kids shoot each other with spray guns/bottles as many times as the dice show.

You can make it a turn game. Thus, player one throws the dice and shoots player two. Then, player two sprays water at player one.

Hopscotch Math Game

Hopscotch Math Game

Hopscotch is an excellent chance to work on math agility and balancing skills. You need only a chalk to play.

Draw hopscotch on the floor. Number it from 1 to 10, 20, or 30. Then, practice the following math skills:

  • Skip jumping by 2 to refine counting skills.
  • Odd and even jumping to strengthen the knowledge of odd and even numbers.

Capture the Flag Math Game

Capture the flag is a fun outdoor activity, but it’s usually all about the fastest kids. Who runs better wins.

A little math twist can make this team game even more thrilling.

The game involves two teams, three players each. You need to come up with at least 12 math problems – six for each team. The idea is to make children solve math problems to reach the flag.

For this, you need to set the flag in a neutral zone at an equal distance from the two teams’ stations.

The teams can move forward only if they solve math equations. The team wins if they solve enough equations to reach the flag.

You can adjust this game to practice one or several math operations.

Math for Kids

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Math Salute

Math Salute is a fun guess game that involves numbered cards. It requires two players.

Here is the idea: two players sit in front of each other. Each player draws a card face down and sticks it to their forehead face up. They don’t know the value of their card. The other player, however, sees the value of the opposite player’s card.

They should make a math problem so that its answer is the value of the opposite player’s card. The other player should guess their card value by solving the math problem.

You can ask kids to practice simple math equations – addition and subtraction.

You will have a hard time adjusting this game to multiplication as the card values are too small for most multiplication problems taught in the second grade.

But if your children are far ahead of the curriculum, they can play this game to multiply, subtract, or add decimals.

Math Scavenger Hunt

Math Scavenger Hunt

With this game, you will occupy children for the whole day. Here is the idea: children should find and collect objects around the garden that will match the weight and size parameters you give them.

For instance, you ask them to find objects that match:

  • Length – four inches/10.16 cm.
  • Weight – 20 ounces/ 500 grams.

You can play with dimensional parameters like width, length, and height. Children can find objects that match the parameters approximately.

It’s an excellent chance to practice measurement units, conversions between imperial and metric measurement systems, and decimals.

For this game, you need rulers and portable weights.

Toy Car Race

The toy car race is yet another chance to practice measurements at home. For this game, you need:

At least two toy cars for two players and two measuring tapes. Here is the idea: kids run toy cars and measure the ride length.

This game helps children practice length units and understand the fundamentals of physics – cars run faster and for longer if you push them harder.

Math for Kids

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Hot Potato Math Ball Game

It is a fun game to play in class or with a group of children at home. For this game, you need:

  • A waterproof marker.
  • Duct tape or masking tape.

Get a beach ball and draw equations on its surface. Mask the equations with a tape.

The idea is to pass a ball among children. Once a child gets the ball, they can peel the tape off and answer the math problem.

You can reward children with sweets for correct answers.

2st-Grade Math Games and Apps

These days, kids spend a lot of time playing video games on desktop or mobile devices. These games offer sophisticated rewards, captivating plots, and immersive gameplay features that attract children far better than board games.

Sometimes, little fellows become reluctant to do homework, anticipating playing their favorite video games.

The good news is that so many dedicated math games for the 2nd grade complement learning while entertaining children at the same time. Check these best digital 2nd-grade math games.

Marble Math Junior


Marble Math Junior

Marble Math Junior is a math game for children aged 5-8.

Kids move through game levels by collecting marbles and solving various math equations. Children have to act swiftly to avoid obstacles and collect points. Check the gameplay features below.

Multiple Math Concepts Taught

The game features three levels with activities you can toggle at any time. Select math skills your child needs to work on and start the game. Marble Math Junior teaches the following math skills:

  1. Geometric shapes.
  2. Addition, subtraction, and multiplication up to one hundred.
  3. Time telling.
  4. Fractions.
  5. Money.
  6. Number values.

Interactive Gameplay

The game tracks your device’s orientation sensors. You can roll, move up and down, rotate, and incline your device to move the game pawn through obstacles on the screen. Drag the character pawn to move it across the game level and collect marbles.

Cross-Platform Support

The game is available on iOS and Android devices. Your kids can play the game without the internet connection, anywhere, at any time.

Mystery Math Museum


Mystery Math Museum is one of the best immersive math games for 2nd-graders on Apple devices.

A player should go to the mysterious museum and help a little ghost find and rescue lost dragonflies. Check the game features below.

Math-Driven Gameplay

Players should find dragonflies across eight museums dedicated to:

  1. Wild West.
  2. Sports.
  3. Arts.
  4. History of the ancient world.
  5. Dinosaurs.
  6. Vehicles.
  7. Aerospace.
  8. Music.

Each abandoned museum has many rooms to unlock. Kids should solve math equations to walk across the museums and find dragonflies. Additionally, kids will encounter entertaining characters during their adventures.

The exploration-based gameplay centers around four arithmetic operations and number representations (like those in dice).

Real World Museums

The game is called a museum for a good reason – it teaches kids the world around them. The little ones can discover history, arts, biology, and more. It’s not just about math.

Multiple User Accounts Supported

The game can host unlimited user accounts with custom settings and game progress data sets. If you’re a parent of two or three, your kids can play this game on a single device.

Math for Kids

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Math Game Time


Math Game Time is an educational website that features math games, videos, and worksheets for the PreK-7 math curriculum. Thus, it will match your second grader’ knowledge and skills perfectly. Check what features this resource offers.

Free Math Games for 2nd Graders

Math Game Time has a clean, convenient layout with math games categorized by grade and subject. You can choose from games dedicated to math operations, measurements, place values, geometric shapes, etc.

We suggest that kids play free math games for the 2nd grade on the desktop for the best user experience.

Math Videos and Worksheets

Additionally, Math Game Time offers dozens of educational videos and fun math worksheets to practice numeric skills. You can access learning resources on the platform for free.

Prodigy Math


Prodigy Math is an adaptable 2D fantasy game that tailors math difficulty to student capabilities.

It features a vast fantasy world where children win battles, collect pets, and complete immersive quests while practicing math skills. Check the features below.

Monthly Progress Reports

The game collects user activity, in-game statistics, and math performance indicators to generate detailed reports for parents and teachers. You can receive monthly reports in your inbox to check how your kid gets better at math.

Online Environment

Prodigy Math has a multiplayer mode that allows children to cooperate in an online environment, which adds to retention and better math focus.

How Much Does Prodigy Math Cost?

Prodigy math is entirely free for parents, students, and teachers. You can create an account and access a parent dashboard at any time.

The Bottom Line

Math games help children focus on math skills that are boring to learn with notebooks and worksheets. You can diversify children’s learning activities by mixing outdoor, indoor, and online math games.

However, note that math games are complementary activities that can’t substitute face-to-face learning with a professional teacher.

That’s why you can address Brighterly to enroll your kid in the second-grade math course. Your child will learn math with gamified activities and play lessons that show how math works in the real world.

Math tutors at Brighterly combine theory, assessment, and game-based math lessons to increase children’s retention and interest in the subject.

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