Best Geometry Games for 2nd Grade

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    As kids learn geometry at a young age, they get enchanted by the many shapes and how they can recognize them in real life. Your goal as parents or teachers is to ensure that regardless of how enchanted they are, they remember what is essential and what they need to learn. One way to ensure that your kid is learning geometry and understanding its rules is by using Geometry games for 2nd grade as resources when teaching them math. 

    Overview Geometry Games for 2nd Grade

    There are many geometry games for 2nd grade online. You can buy geometry board games or download any other geometry math games from the comfort of your home. 

    But if you are unsure which ones to go for in the sea of online options, we’re here to help. Here are some of the top geometry games:

    Shape Bingo 

    Shape bingo is one of the fun geometry games online that you can play with your kids.

    Craft bingo cards designed with patterns like dots, stripes, zigzags, and checks. When calling out the shapes and patterns, describe the patterns instead of their names so that the children will mark the corresponding pattern on their cards. 

    Shape Scavenger Hunt 

    Geometry sport games allow kids to engage in physical activity that can be considered sports while they solve geometry problems. Shape scavenger hunt is one of those games that can be considered part of geometry sports games.

    Hide shapes cut out of paper all over the classroom or at home, and then send your kids on a scavenger hunt with a list of shapes. For every shape they find, they get a reward. 

    Pattern Block Puzzles

    While kids may not be the biggest fans of geometry puzzles games, they are some of the most exciting geometry online games that improve critical thinking in kids. And they are pretty easy to set up and teach your child.

    Simply use pattern blocks (shapes like triangles, squares, hexagons, etc.) to create puzzles on a board. Afterward, the kids have to replicate the patterns using the blocks.

    Geoboard Creations

    Geometry transformations games do not have to start and end with creating shapes from existing ones. Creating shapes from scratch can also qualify as part of transformation games.

    In Geoboard creations, kids create shapes using geoboards and rubber bands. This game is fun, exciting and spurs the creativity of the kids. The game helps you know what image the kids have in their heads when you call a shape for them. 

    Build a shape 

    Like geoboard creations, Build-a-shape is one of the free online geometry games that encourage independent creativity. In this game, you will give the kids different materials like pipe cleaners, straws, and play dough. Challenge them to create different shapes using these materials.

    Shape Memory Game

    This game is one of the math geometry games that tests what you have been teaching the kids and, more importantly, their cognitive skills. In the Shape memory game, create cards with pairs of shape images.

    Flip them over and play a memory-matching game where the kids must find matching shapes. This game helps to build the ability of the kids to remember shapes, their names, and how to draw/create them. 

    Symmetry Art 

    Math games geometry often helps kids understand symmetry as a part of geometry, and Symmetry art is one of those games. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw half of a shape on one side.

    Have the kids complete the other half to create a symmetrical shape. This game will reduce your workload because explaining symmetry to second graders can be a little tedious, but they have hands-on experience with the game. 

    Geometry Jeopardy

    If you want to know where your kid’s level of understanding is when it comes to every concept within the world of geometry, then you need online geometry games like Geometry Jeopardy to help. Create a simple Jeopardy-style game with questions about geometry concepts like shapes, symmetry, and spatial reasoning.


    Geometry puzzle games like Tangrams are the ultimate cognitive test for 2nd-grade kids.

    They do not have to be good at it, but you push their creativity by engaging them in this game. Provide Tangram puzzles or shapes and challenge the kids to recreate larger shapes or animals using the smaller Tangram pieces.

    Shape Sorting 

    Shape sorting is a fun geometry game that may become unruly if you are not active, but it is such a fun game that the kids are left exhilarated at the end. Provide a collection of different objects and have the kids sort them based on their shapes. For example, they could sort buttons, stickers, or cut-out pictures into groups of circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. The kids will have a better knowledge of shapes, names, and types at the end of the game. 

    Outdoor Shapes Hunt

    Playing geometry games outdoors is an excellent way to ensure that kids have fun, get physical exercise, and learn geometry simultaneously.

    So, take the kids outside and have them find objects in nature that resemble different shapes. They can collect leaves, rocks, sticks, and more to create shape collages.

    Guess the shape 

    Kids often know how things look but not what they are called, especially if they are visual learners. So, play Guess the Shape with them in class–describe a shape without naming it and have the kids guess what shape you’re describing. For example, you could say, “I have three sides, and all sides are equal.”

    Geometry Story Charades 

    Test your storytelling skills and give kids an exciting experience to remember and learn from with geometry story charades. Narrate a short tale involving various geometric elements like circles, squares, or triangles, and let the kids guess the shape you are talking about. 

    To make this exercise even more fun, have the kids create their own stories; they may give out the shapes themselves, but what’s fun if kids do not make funny mistakes?

    Shape Shadow Match 

    Some geometry games are seasonal, and the shape shadow match is one of those games. You can play this game during Halloween because it involves shadows and darkness. Shine a light on different objects to cast shadows, and have the kids match these shadows to corresponding cut-out shapes, aiding them in recognizing shapes in various orientations. 

    Do not leave the rooms too dark in case you work with kids with a phobia of darkness, and remember to let their parents know what you are doing and check that it is okay with them.


    While geometry at early levels is not complex, it requires a degree of tact if you are teaching second-graders, which is why you need geometry in video games to assist you. The geometry shapes games listed above will help your kids understand geometry better. If you are searching for where to get geometry games online free, sign your kids up on This online platform connects you to professionals who teach your kids math concepts like geometry using fun videos and geometry math games. So, register now!

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