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    Does the sight of math homework trigger anxiety in both you and your child? Modern AI-based tools can help your kid to grasp study material times faster. Check our article to determine the 4 best AI for learning in elementary, middle and high school.

    How can AI tools help with studying

    AI tools can help with studying by providing help with any type of web research. These tools can often explain some complex concepts by breaking them down into simple and clear explanations.

    You can find many free AI study tools for students to ease their writing and explain complex math in an easily accessible manner. These services can help students create personalized efficient study schedules, manage deadlines, and break down large tasks into manageable chunks. 

    Benefits of AI technology in studying

    Artificial intelligence tools for studying offers many advantages, such as:

    • Personalized education experiences. These services identify your math strengths and weaknesses. Later, they will use it to provide more personalized studying.
    • Enhanced understanding. Services like ChatGPT and Google Bard can explain complex concepts with plain words. 
    • Increased creative spark. Your child can use AI tools to create mind maps to ease the research and AI art services to generate math charts or sketches. 

    Overall, AI study tools can empower your child to become a more efficient learner, facilitating the study process.

    Education with Brighterly

    While AI services can provide on-demand explanations, a skilled human tutor offers a unique blend of empathy, critical thinking prompts, and the ability to tailor their approach to your specific learning style.

    Brighterly has hundreds of expert math tutors who use various engaging tools to boost a child’s efficiency while maintaining human contact.

    If you want to use AI tools in tutoring sessions, we are OK with it. We will gladly implement it into child’s workflow.

    Best AI to use for school


    Type of tool: writing assistant

    Grammarly is one of the best AI tools for students who do a lot of writing. It helps identify and correct common grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It also provides suggestions for synonyms, word choice, punctuation and sentence structure.

    Unfortunately, those suggestions are not always right since Grammarly AI prefers sentences in the active voice with an overly positive manner of speech. So, a child’s messages will always sound like Joy from Inside Out. Meanwhile, school thesis content requirements often tell children to write in a neutral tone in a passive voice.

    So, Grammarly is still a great tool, but you shouldn’t consider all information from it to be the only right one. It also has basic anti-plagiarism and ease-of-read tools. So, your child can use this service in multiple ways.

    Reviews from users


    The tool has a free plan, the premium starts at $12/month. You can purchase an annual subscription with 50% off on Black Friday.

    Chat GPT 4o

    Type of tool: conversational chatbot

    Chat GPT 4o is one of the best AI for school since you can use it as the “fasten version of Google” for teachers and students. We highly recommend you and your child double-check each statement that you’ll receive from this chatbot. However, it is still a great tool to enhance child’s learning experience, improve their understanding of subjects, and assist with their studies.

    Even South Park students use Chat GPT

    This platform can clarify complex concepts, solve math problems, and help your child write essays. Chat GPT can structure, search for data, and generate topics and ideas for essays.

    It’s one of the best AI tools for educators since it can summarize lengthy texts, create study outlines and help explore new topics and unlock students’ skills outside the classroom.

    Reviews from users


    Has a free plan. The Plus plan costs $20/month.


    Type of tool: AI-based transcriber

    Fireflies.AI is one of the best AI tools for school, as it is specifically students who don’t like to write. It’s not just a recorder! It’s a sophisticated helper that transcribes and sumarizes any videos, including online lectures. The student can focus on the subject, without scattering their attention.

    Save the child’s time on scribbling notes. Let the AI do this tedious job

    Fireflies.AI keeps all lecture notes, recordings, and lists organized in one central location. It makes this tool the best AI for school, work, or exam preparation. With transcripts and recordings readily available, your child can easily review lectures at their own pace.

    Reviews from users


    The tool has a limited free plan. It also has three pricing levels: Pro for $10/month, Business for $19/month, and Enterprise for $39/month.


    Type of tool: AI search engine

    Tavily is one of the best AI tools for studying since it acts like a “research machine on steroids” allowing you to conduct ultra-fast research on any topic.

    This service isn’t designed for general web searches by humans. Tavily helps AI systems find relevant and credible sources for research tasks.

    Let AI control other AIs. They know how to do it best

    While Tavily.AI isn’t a direct help tool for students themselves, its “Research Assistant” plays a behind-the-scenes role in powering other AI-based educational tools. Elicit can analyze your search results and suggest related papers or topics to explore. 


    The tools have a free plan. The Project tariff starts at $30/month, while the advanced Bootstrap tariff costs $100/month.


    Type of tool: AI detector

    Copyleaks is one of the best AI tools to catch other AI writing tools at work. While students began to use AI tools to write essays, teachers began to use these tools to spot this cheating. 

    There are already AI tools to detect other AIs. Is it a Skynet? We don’t know. But does it help your kid? Definitely!

    Copyleaks is one of the best anti-AI tools that catch unintentional plagiarism and AI usage. We all understand that your child will use AI tools at some point of their studying. This tool will show them that even the best AI-writing service is detectable, so they will need to rewrite the essay manually.

    That way, your child will unintentionally memorize the essay and all the details of its context. Use anti-AI tools wisely and teach the child to understand the concepts that they learn in school, not just copy-paste material.

    Reviews from users


    The tool has 5 free daily checks. If you need more, use the AI Detector plan with 1200+ monthly checks.


    AI tools are slowly revolutionizing both the general workforce and schools, so it’s important to use these new tools from a young age. However, it’s important to remember that AI serves as a supportive teammate, not a replacement for human guidance.

    So, if your child will need a tool to speed up their research, Tavily suits them perfecty. Fireflies service can be used to summarize teachers’ and tutors’ lectures, while ChatGPT and Grammarly will help them rewrite them. To ensure that students’ essay texts look human-made they can use the Copyleaks service.

    However, as we said, no AI will replace an actual human tutor. Take charge of your child’s success and unlock their full potential with Brighterly. Sign up today for your free first lesson and see the difference a human touch can make!

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