Exploring Geometry Through Play: Geometry Games for 5th Grade

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    As students start learning, they have fun with shapes, angles, and puzzles about space. This helps them understand basic geometry. To make learning more fun, it is essential to spice it up with fun videos, games and other interactive activities to boost their understanding of the concept. 

    Let’s explore some fun geometry games for 5th grade that make learning exciting, grab kids’ attention and help them improve at math.

    Overview Geometry Games for 5th Grade

    Geometry games spread across different types and styles depending on the learning method of the kids involved and what the teacher thinks would work at a particular time. There are geometry sport games, geometry puzzles games, geometry board games, and many more. The goal is to ensure you use interactive geometry games for 5th grade. 

    Here are some fun geometry math games:

    Shape Scavenger Hunt 

    A shape scavenger hunt is one of the geometry math games where you can engage the entire class. It is a fun game where you look for things in your house with specific shapes. Shapes are like outlines or patterns, like circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. 

    So, in this game, you would go around your house and try to find things that look like those shapes. For example, you might find a clock with a circular face, a book with a rectangular shape, or a piece of pizza shaped like a triangle. It’s a fantastic way to learn about shapes and have a treasure hunt simultaneously!

    Angle Bingo 

    In 5th grade geometry, kids must learn about angles, the different kinds, and how to calculate them. Angle bingo is a game that’s a bit like regular bingo, but instead of using numbers, you use “angle measurements.”

    So, in angle bingo, you would have bingo cards with different angles shown on them instead of numbers. The game leader would call out angle measurements, like “a 90-degree angle” or “a 45-degree angle,” and players would mark off those angles on their bingo cards if they have them. 

    3D Shape Explorer

    3D Shape Explorer is one of the cool geometry games online. it is an interactive game for 5th graders to learn about 3D shapes. Students manipulate shapes, explore properties, and compare them. 

    This hands-on approach enhances spatial skills and critical thinking. Challenges, rewards, and progress tracking keep learning engaging and independent. Overall, it’s one of the math geometry games suitable for grasping geometry concepts.

    Space Geometry 

    Space geometry is one of the examples of geometry in video games. It is an engaging space-themed game tailored for students. They navigate through an intricate geometric maze, all while collecting items that align with specified properties of shapes. 

    By blending entertainment with education, the game facilitates a more profound comprehension of geometry concepts enjoyably. As players explore the cosmic setting, they simultaneously enhance their spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills, making “Space Geometry” an ideal tool for geometry education.

    Polygon Playground 

    Polygon Playground invites students into an interactive space where they can craft and manipulate polygons freely. The game teaches them to experiment with shapes, angles, and sides, offering a tangible understanding of geometric properties. 

    Through this game, students enhance their spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills, unraveling the intricacies of polygons excitingly and educationally. It is one of the geometry online games which can be used as study material at home. 

    Shape Splat 

    Shape Splat is one of the best online geometry games. It is a fun game for students. They match falling shapes with categories based on sides and angles. It helps them excitingly learn about shapes. By quickly making decisions, they improve their geometry skills. 

    The interactive game makes learning about shapes enjoyable, boosting critical thinking and decision-making abilities.

    Basketball Angle Shootout

    If your kids like sports, you should consider geometry sports games like the Basketball Angle Shootout. Set up a basketball hoop and mark different spots around it. Each spot represents a different angle measurement. 

    Students take turns shooting the basketball from these spots, and they earn points based on the accuracy of their shots and the angle they shot from. This helps reinforce angle concepts.

    Shape Origami

    Shape Origami involves giving students origami paper and step-by-step folding instructions to create different shapes. They then take it further by transforming the shape they folded and drawing the resulting shape on the paper. 

    This hands-on activity enhances their understanding of shapes and transformations and encourages creativity and spatial thinking as they manipulate the paper to visualize changes. Shape Origami is one of the most popular geometry transformation games. 

    Geometric Tic Tac Toe 

    Geometric tic-tac-toe is a version of the classic tic-tac-toe game but with a twist. Instead of using the usual grid of squares, you use a grid of different geometric shapes, like triangles, circles, and squares.

    The game is played by two players who take turns placing their chosen shape (like a triangle or a circle) in one of the spaces on the grid. The goal is still the same: to get three of your shapes in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 

    So, if you make a line of your shapes using the particular geometric grid, you win the game, just like in regular tic-tac-toe. Adding a new challenge and learning about different shapes while playing a classic game is fun!


    Tangram is one of the best free online geometry games kids can play with friends. Kids are presented with an array of distinct Tangram pieces, each possessing its unique configuration. The objective is to manipulate and position these pieces skillfully, adjusting their orientations to fit them into the desired target shape seamlessly. 

    A captivating aspect of the game lies in its ability to adapt to players of varying skill levels. It offers diverse difficulty levels to cater to beginners and experts alike. With each progressive level, the complexity of the puzzles increases, demanding greater precision and spatial understanding from the player.

    Pentomino Puzzles 

    Geometry games involving puzzles fascinate kids. Pentomino puzzles offer fifth graders an engaging way to enhance geometric understanding and problem-solving skills. These puzzles involve arranging twelve unique shapes, each consisting of five squares, to fit into a rectangular space without overlapping. 

    Students practice spatial visualization, pattern recognition, and logical thinking by manipulating and arranging the pentominoes. These math geometry games puzzles come in various difficulty levels. They can be found in puzzle books, educational websites, and online platforms, providing an enjoyable and educational challenge for young minds.


    Geometry shapes games are essential for parents and teachers who want to ensure that their kids understand geometry as a math concept. You can find geometry games online, free and paid versions. However, if you do not want to go through the stress of finding the right math games geometry, you can sign your kids up for Brighterly. 

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