Rachelle Bencio Yu

Rachelle Bencio Yu is a qualified tutor with more than 15 years of experience teaching math to children from Pre-K to 12th grade. Currently, she is one of the best teachers at Brighterly educational platform and an author of educational content on the Brighterly blog.

Education and professional skills

Rachelle graduated from Leyte Normal University in 1999. This is where her passion for the educational process was born and grew. She then studied at and successfully graduated from Philippine Science High School, Eastern Visayas Campus.

Rachelle graduated from Eastern Visayas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electronics in 2009. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications from the Cebu Institute of Technology.

Major areas of expertise after university:

  • Electronics and communications engineering
  • Computer networking
  • Technology and realization
  • Research and development

Rachelle Yu has achieved excellent academic results in both high school and university.

This education laid a solid foundation for her love of learning new things and teaching others. Also, during these years, she developed technical skills in computer networking, technology usage, and creative problem-solving.

As Rachelle said, «Everything in the complex works very well for students learning». She approaches each student from a different, individualized point of view.

What other qualities make Rachelle invaluable as a tutor?

SMART Problem-solving, effective planning, innovative, creative, resourceful, initiative, organized
DYNAMIC Leading by example, inspiring children, positive attitude, active listener, time management

Rachelle’s experience before Brighterly

Before Brighterly, Rachelle had been teaching for a long time. She started in 2009 as an online English teacher for Asian ESL students at Leyte Park Hotel (Eigo de Syabeitai).

After that, Rachelle worked for about four years as a teacher and School Coordinator/Manager, and as an Online English Teacher for Japanese Students, home-based (Mukogawa Women’s University-Hyogo, Japan).

Rachelle taught Chinese ESL students at Acadsoc (Academic Society Online) and ESL students globally at Novakid Online ESL School in Tacloban City.

Current activities and approach to students

Rachelle has been working as a math tutor at an online math learning school Brighterly for almost three years. Teaching math to children gives her great pleasure, so now she devotes herself not only to teaching English but mostly to math.

Rachelle enjoys being able to help children learn math. She likes to convey complex information in a way that raises a child’s interest in this academic subject. This is her biggest mission.

“I love teaching because how we impact the children we teach determines the outcome of our future and being a part of history in a minuscule way is a very big deal.”

I want to be an instrument in aiding children to grow and blossom while on their educational journey.
Author Rachelle Bencio Yu
Rachelle Bencio Yu
Math Tutor at Brighterly

Rachelle strives to develop a life-long passion for math and education in her students. She knows how it works because her teachers were extremely important to her, too. They played a pivotal role in her life and encouraged Rachelle to reach her full potential.