In which quadrant is the number 6 – 8i located on the complex plane?

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    Answer: Quadrant IV

    Complex Numbers and Quadrants

    The complex number 6 – 8i is located in Quadrant IV of the complex plane. In complex numbers, the horizontal axis represents the real part, and the vertical axis represents the imaginary part. The number 6 – 8i has a positive real part (6) and a negative imaginary part (-8i), placing it in Quadrant IV. Understanding the position of complex numbers on the complex plane is crucial in fields such as engineering, physics, and mathematics, where complex numbers are used to represent and solve problems involving two-dimensional quantities like electromagnetic waves, quantum mechanics, and signal processing.

    FAQ on Complex Numbers

    Which quadrant is 4 + 5i in on the complex plane?

    Quadrant I

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    Quadrant II

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    Quadrant III

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