Subtraction Math Practice Test for 3rd Grade – [Hard]

Hello young mathematicians and guardians of future Einsteins! Welcome to Brighterly, the magical land of math for children where learning and fun intersect at every corner. Are you prepared for an engaging journey into the world of subtraction? Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into the core of 3rd-grade subtraction!

Understanding the World of Subtraction

Subtraction is more than just taking away; it’s about understanding differences, calculating change, and comprehending how much is left. Every time you buy a toy and get change from your allowance, or when you share your candy and want to know how much you have left, you’re essentially performing subtraction.

Remember the good old number line? Well, that’s our trusted tool! Imagine you’re at number 10 and you jump back 3 spaces. Where do you land? That’s right! On number 7. So, 10 minus 3 equals 7. Simple, isn’t it?

The key terms to remember here are:

  • Minuend: The number we start with.
  • Subtrahend: The number we subtract.
  • Difference: The result after subtracting.

Top Tips for Mastering Subtraction

  1. Practice Makes Perfect: The more you practice, the better you get. So, never shy away from tackling those subtraction problems head-on.
  2. Double-Check: Mistakes happen, but they’re also a great way to learn. Always double-check your answers to ensure accuracy.
  3. Break It Down: If you’re struggling with a tough problem, try breaking it down into smaller, more manageable bits. This can make the process smoother and more understandable.
  4. Use Visual Aids: Sometimes, visual aids like worksheets or counters can be a great help in understanding subtraction better.

Let’s Dive into the Practice Test!

  1. Question 1: If you have 15 apples and you give away 7, how many are left?
  2. Question 2: Imagine you’ve saved up 100 coins. After buying a toy worth 35 coins, how many coins remain?
  3. Question 3: There are 50 birds in a tree. 20 of them fly away. How many birds are still in the tree?
  4. Question 4: A library had 80 books on a shelf. After lending 30 books to students, how many books remain on the shelf?

Wrapping Up

Subtraction is a wonderful skill that not only helps in school but also in day-to-day life. It’s the essence of understanding how much we have, how much we’ve spent, and how much remains. Keep practicing, stay curious, and remember, every mistake is a step closer to becoming a subtraction master. Here at Brighterly, we’re committed to making learning a delightful experience. Until next time, keep shining bright!

Subtraction Practice Test for 3rd Grade

Get ready for math lessons with Brighterly! Dive deep into the intriguing world of subtraction with this advanced-level test crafted specifically for our 3rd-grade prodigies. This is not just another subtraction test; it's a thrilling math journey that pushes the boundaries of your skills.

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You have 543 candies, and you gave 298 to your friend. How many candies do you have left?

2 / 17

A library has 726 books, and 354 books are borrowed. How many books remain?

3 / 17

The mountain has an elevation of 850 meters. A storm erodes away 314 meters. What's the new elevation?

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A bakery baked 901 cupcakes. They sold 658 by evening. How many are left?

5 / 17

A marathon race is 1000 meters. After running 659 meters, how much more do you need to run?

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A reservoir has 987 liters of water. After a hot day, it evaporates down to 634 liters. How many liters evaporated?

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A museum had 810 artifacts. 379 were moved to another museum. How many artifacts are left?

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In a forest, there are 1234 trees. A storm knocked down 689 trees. How many trees are still standing?

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A shopkeeper had 678 marbles. He sold 367. How many marbles are left?

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An aquarium has 999 fishes. 678 were transferred to a bigger tank. How many fishes remain?

11 / 17

There are 789 students in a school. 467 went on a field trip. How many students are in the school now?

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A farmer harvested 864 carrots. He sold 568. How many carrots are left?

13 / 17

A stadium can hold 1100 people. After 789 people left, how many people remained in the stadium?

14 / 17

There are 1200 balloons in a fair. 875 balloons were sold. How many balloons are left?

15 / 17

A game has 1000 levels. You completed 678. How many levels are left to complete?

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A toy store has 945 toys. After selling 578 toys on a busy day, how many toys are left?

17 / 17

A factory produced 1109 pencils. 699 were packed for shipment. How many pencils remain?

Your score is


Poor Level
Weak math proficiency can lead to academic struggles, limited college, and career options, and diminished self-confidence.
Mediocre Level
Weak math proficiency can lead to academic struggles, limited college, and career options, and diminished self-confidence.
Needs Improvement
Start practicing math regularly to avoid your child`s math scores dropping to C or even D.
High Potential
It's important to continue building math proficiency to make sure your child outperforms peers at school.

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