16 in Words

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    We write the number 16 in words as “sixteen”. It’s the count after fifteen. If you have sixteen crayons, it means you have fifteen crayons and add one more to them.





    How to Write 16 in Words?

    The number 16 is written as ‘Sixteen’ in words. It has a ‘1’ in the tens place and a ‘6’ in the ones place. Think of it as having sixteen candies; you say, “I have sixteen candies.” So, we write the number 16 as ‘Sixteen’.
    1. Place Value Chart:
    Tens: 1, Ones: 6
    2. Writing it down: 16 = Sixteen
    Learning to write numbers in words like this is a fundamental skill in mathematics.

    FAQ on 16 in Words

    Can you write the number 16 using words?

    The number 16 is written as ‘Sixteen’.

    What is the word form for the number 16?

    Sixteen’ is the word form for 16.

    If you count to 16, how do you spell the number?

    Counting to 16, spell it as ‘Sixteen’.

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