Express 4 divided by 6 as a fraction

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    Answer: 4 divided by 6 can be expressed as the fraction 4/6, which simplifies to 2/3.

    A number that is a portion of a whole is referred to as a fraction. Both four and six may be divided by two in this particular scenario. It is their highest common factor or HCF for short.

    There are two distinct methods to write the fraction four divided by six.

    First Method: Through Division

    • Step 1: One way to show the fraction four divided by six is to divide. That’s 4/6 for you.
    • Step 2: Divide the numerator and denominator by their highest common factor (HCF), which is 2. You get 4/6 divided by 2/2. We get 4/2 and 6/2, which gives us ⅔.

    The answer is ⅔.

    Second Method: By turning them to Ratios

    Another way to look at four divided by six as a fraction is to represent it as 4 parts out of 6 wholes.

    The answer becomes ⅔.

    FAQ on Basic Fractions

    What is 4/6 as a decimal?

    4/6 as a decimal is approximately 0.667.

    What is 6/4 as a decimal?

    6/4 as a decimal is 1.5.

    What is 1/6 as a decimal?

    1/6 as a decimal is approximately 0.167.

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