What is 5/4 as a decimal?

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    Answer: 1.25

    Fraction to Decimal Conversion

    Converting 5/4 to a decimal involves dividing the numerator (5) by the denominator (4). The result is 1.25. This conversion from fraction to decimal is important in mathematics as it enables different forms of numerical representation. Converting fractions to decimals is practical in various scenarios, including financial calculations, engineering measurements, and scientific research, where accurate decimal values are needed. Mastery of this conversion is essential for precise calculations and understanding of numerical data in fields requiring detailed measurements and complex calculations.

    FAQ on Converting Fractions to Decimals

    What is 3/8 as a decimal?


    What is 7/16 as a decimal?

    Approximately 0.4375

    What is 9/10 as a decimal?


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