What is the length of line segment LJ?

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    Answer: Without additional context or a diagram, the length of line segment LJ cannot be determined.

    Understanding Line Segments

    Line segments are part of a line with two endpoints. The length of a line segment can be determined if the coordinates of its endpoints are known or if it’s part of a geometric figure with known properties. In practical applications, understanding line segments is crucial for measuring distances, constructing diagrams, and solving geometric problems.

    FAQ on Understanding Line Segments

    How do you find the length of a line segment?

    Use the distance formula or geometric principles, depending on the context.

    What is the difference between a line segment and a line?

    A line segment has two endpoints; a line extends infinitely in both directions.

    How is the length of a line segment used in geometry?

    It’s used to calculate distances, perimeters, and areas in geometric figures.

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