Basic Geometry Practice Test for 1st Grade – [Easy]

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    Welcome to Brighterly’s introduction to basic geometry for young mathematicians! Geometry isn’t just about complicated formulas and high-level calculations. For our 1st graders, it’s all about recognizing and understanding the wonderful world of shapes that surrounds us every day.

    Introduction to Shapes

    The first thing you’ll notice when looking around you – from your favorite toys to the building blocks you play with – is that everything has a shape.

    • Circles: Like the pizza you enjoy on weekends or the clock on the wall.
    • Squares: Think of your beloved board games or certain puzzle pieces.
    • Triangles: Seen in the pyramids in Egypt, if you’ve ever flipped through an math worksheets.

    Recognizing these shapes and more helps us describe the world and even solve everyday problems!

    Exploring Angles

    Even in 1st grade, we can begin to understand the idea of angles. Think of an angle as a twist or a turn.

    • When you open a book halfway, you form an angle.
    • When you completely open a toy box’s lid, another angle is formed!

    By understanding these tiny turns and twists, we can start building the foundation for more advanced geometry in the future. Wondering how? Check out Brighterly’s advanced geometry for older kids!

    Why Geometry Matters

    You might wonder, why should 1st graders bother with shapes and angles? Well, geometry is everywhere!

    1. Building Skills: When you stack blocks or fit puzzle pieces together, you’re using geometric understanding.
    2. Describing Things: It helps you describe things better. Instead of saying “that thing over there”, you can say “that round ball” or “that square box”.
    3. Problem Solving: Believe it or not, geometry can help solve problems. For example, knowing how big a space is can help you figure out if your big teddy bear will fit in it!

    Basic Geometry Practice Test

    Get ready for math lessons with Brighterly! This easy-level assessment is specially designed for our budding mathematicians to confidently recognize and understand fundamental geometric concepts. From circles to squares and angles in between, this test promises a blend of fun and learning.

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    Which shape looks like a stretched circle?

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    A flat surface of a 3D shape is called a:

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    Which of these shapes has no corners?

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    If a shape has 6 sides, it is called a:

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    A soccer ball is shaped like a:

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    Which shape has more sides: a triangle or a rectangle?

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    What shape is the base of a pyramid?

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    Which shape does NOT have straight sides?

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    Which shape has all equal sides and angles?

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    How many long sides does a rectangle have?

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    If you put two triangles together, you can make a:

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    Which shape rolls easily?

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    How many vertices does a rectangle have?

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    What is another name for a corner of a shape?

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    Which of these is round and not a polygon?

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    How many sides does a pentagon have?

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    What shape is like a flat ring?

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    How many corners does a square have?


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    What shape has 3 sides?

    20 / 20

    Which shape looks like a box?


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