Basic Subtraction Practice Test for 1st Grade – [Easy]

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    Hey young mathematicians! Welcome to Brighterly’s guide to basic subtraction for 1st grade. Subtraction is like the magical art of taking away, and today, we’re going to embark on this exciting adventure together.

    What is Subtraction?

    Subtraction is one of the fundamental operations in mathematics, just like its counterpart – addition. If you’ve already mastered adding numbers together, you’re halfway there! In essence, subtraction is the opposite of addition. When we subtract, we’re taking away or finding out the difference between two numbers. For instance, if you have 5 apples and eat 2, how many are left? With subtraction, you’ll quickly discover you have 3 apples remaining!

    Subtraction Keywords to Know:

    • Minus: This is the key word for subtraction. It’s represented by the ‘-‘ sign.
    • Difference: The result or answer we get after subtracting.
    • Subtrahend: The number you’re taking away.
    • Minuend: The number from which another is being taken.

    Simple Steps to Subtract:

    1. Line up the numbers: If you’re subtracting vertically, make sure your numbers are lined up by place value.
    2. Start from the right: Begin subtracting from the smallest place value, usually the units or ones place.
    3. Borrow if needed: If the top number is smaller than the bottom number, you need to borrow from the next place value.

    Basic Subtraction Practice Test

    Get ready for math lessons with Brighterly! This easy-level test has been carefully crafted to challenge and reinforce the fundamental subtraction skills acquired by your little ones. Each question is designed to boost confidence, solidify understanding, and pave the way for more advanced mathematical adventures

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    Jenny had 10 marbles. She lost 4 while playing. How many marbles does Jenny have left?

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    There are 8 balloons at a party. 3 balloons popped. How many balloons are left?

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    A farmer had 7 cows. He sold 2 cows. How many cows does the farmer have now?

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    There were 6 kittens in a basket. 1 kitten jumped out. How many kittens are in the basket now?

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    Peter collected 9 shells at the beach. He gave 2 to his sister. How many shells does Peter have now?

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    In a bouquet, there were 5 flowers. 1 flower wilted. How many fresh flowers are left?

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    A toy store had 8 toy cars on a shelf. 2 were sold. How many toy cars are still on the shelf?

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    At a pond, there were 7 ducks. 3 ducks swam away. How many ducks are left?

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    Clara bought 10 stickers. She gave 4 stickers to her friend. How many stickers does Clara have now?

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    There are 6 cupcakes in a box. Jake ate 2 cupcakes. How many cupcakes are left?

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    A basket has 9 apples. If you eat 3 apples, how many are left in the basket?

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    At the playground, there were 5 swings. 2 swings were occupied by children. How many swings were free?

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    Lucy has 7 pencils. She used 2 for her art project and left them at school. How many pencils does she have now?

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    There are 10 birds on a tree. 4 birds flew away. How many birds are still on the tree?

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    Sammy had 8 candies. He gave 3 to his friend. How many candies does Sammy have left?

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