Geometry Practice Test for 3rd Grade – [Easy]

Welcome to the vibrant world of 3rd-grade geometry! As your kiddos journey through the exciting realm of math at Brighterly, they’re sure to encounter mesmerizing shapes, intriguing angles, and an appreciation for the geometrical wonders of the world around us.

Introduction to Shapes: More than Just Squares and Circles

When most people think of shapes, simple figures like squares or circles come to mind. However, the world of geometry is much richer! By 3rd grade, children are ready to delve deeper into the variety of shapes available.

  • Triangles: From equilateral to scalene, the world of triangles is as varied as it is fascinating. These three-sided figures teach students about angles and sides.
  • Quadrilaterals: Beyond the well-known rectangle and square, there’s the parallelogram, trapezoid, and rhombus. Each with its own unique properties and charm.
  • Polygons: Dive deeper into multi-sided shapes, understanding the difference between a pentagon, hexagon, and octagon.

The Magic of Angles: Turning the World Around

Angles are everywhere, from the bend in a river to the tilt of a sunflower towards the sun. In 3rd grade geometry, children will discover the secrets behind these tilts and turns.

  • Acute Angles: These are the tiny, sharp angles less than 90 degrees. Imagine the top of a mountain or the pointy end of a slice of pie.
  • Right Angles: Perfectly square, these 90-degree angles can be found everywhere, from the corners of a book to the intersections of streets.
  • Obtuse Angles: These wide angles, greater than 90 but less than 180 degrees, can be seen in the spread of eagle wings or the arc of a drawn bow.

Solid Figures: A 3D Adventure

Move over flat shapes; it’s time to add some depth! With 3D shapes, the world becomes more tangible and real. It’s an introduction to how geometry shapes our very surroundings.

  • Cubes: Just like the dice in board games, these six-faced figures are everywhere.
  • Spheres: Think of the planet, soccer balls, or even an orange.
  • Pyramids & Cones: From ancient structures in Egypt to the tip of an ice cream cone, these shapes have a point to make.

Geometry in 3rd grade isn’t just about recognizing shapes and angles. It’s about appreciating the structure and beauty of the world around us. So, let’s embark on this geometrical journey with Brighterly, exploring, learning, and most importantly, having fun!

Geometry Practice Test for 3rd Grade

Get ready for math lessons with Brighterly! Dive into this specially designed test, created to ensure your little mathematician gets to grasp the basics of geometry in a fun and interactive manner. Through a series of engaging questions, they'll explore the wonders of shapes, angles, and the mesmerizing 3D world. 

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What shape has 3 sides?

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Which of the following is NOT a type of angle?

3 / 15

How many corners does a rectangle have?

4 / 15

If a shape is a quadrilateral, how many sides does it have?

5 / 15

Which shape is round and has no sides?

6 / 15

How many sides does a hexagon have?

7 / 15

Which angle is exactly 90 degrees?

8 / 15

What 3D shape is similar to a can of soda?

9 / 15

Which shape has 5 corners (or vertices)?

10 / 15

A basketball is shaped like a _____?

11 / 15

Which of the following is a flat shape?

12 / 15

If you stack blocks on top of each other to form a tower, which 3D shape does it resemble?

13 / 15

Which shape does not belong in the group?

14 / 15

Which shape has all its sides of equal length and 4 right angles?

15 / 15

Which angle is wider than a right angle but less than a straight angle?

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