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What Preschool Math Concepts Do Children Learn in Pre-Kindergarten?

Brighterly provides comprehensive preschool mathematics classes that center around:

Numbers & Counting
Addition & Subtraction
Numbers & Data

Numbers and Counting

The Pre-K curriculum introduces children to numbers and teaches them to recognize quantities. Kids learn to count items and associate them with numbers.

Basics of Addition and Subtraction

Alongside counting, preschoolers learn to add and subtract simple numbers. They get introduced to the concept of gain and loss. If they add one to one, they will get two and vice versa.

Numerical Relationships and Comparisons

Preschoolers get introduced to relationships between quantities. They learn to associate concepts of more, less, and many with objects and numbers.

They learn to compare numbers and tell which one is bigger. The same goes for the properties of shapes and figures. Kids learn about size and length, differentiate between bigger and smaller objects, and compare groups of similar items.

Fundamentals of Geometry

Preschoolers learn about basic geometric shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles, and so on. They compare geometric figures by size and quantity.

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Why Choose Brighterly’s Math for Preschoolers?

Brighterly aims at personalized, results-driven education. Our students get brilliant results and drastically improve their school performance due to:

Image Professional Math Teachers

Professional Math Teachers

We believe that efficient tutoring comes with years of experience and true dedication. That’s why we hire professionals only – all our tutors have sufficient experience teaching math to preschoolers along with relevant academic degrees under their belts.

Our experts know the ropes of teaching math online. They combine the latest teaching advancements with time-proven practices to deliver the best results.

They know how to explain seemingly daunting math concepts to preschoolers using fun games.

Image Best Math Teaching Practices

Best Math Teaching Practices

Our experts know that preschoolers discover the world around them through play – they build math plans around interactive activities that children can relate to.

We explain math topics using the simplest words and real-world examples preschoolers can understand. You will get measurable results as early as the first lesson at Brighterly.

Image Student-Oriented Approach

Student-Oriented Approach

Because of the class setting, teachers can barely dedicate a couple of minutes to a few struggling students. The rest of the class has to digest math theory themselves. As a result, over a half of college students can’t handle math courses and require in-person tutoring. On top of that, 50% of Americans eventually develop math anxiety.

Our mission is to reverse this situation using a student-oriented approach and highly personalized tutorship.

At Brighterly, your kid will learn math in a one-to-one setting – our teacher will dedicate 100% of their attention to your preschooler. We will adjust the math curriculum according to your child’s needs and math level.

We won’t feed your child with an excessively complicated theory that doesn’t match their needs. We will let them feel comfortable during the lessons and learn math at their own pace.

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Brighterly Hires Caring Preschool Maths Tutors

We hire tutors based on their educational background, experience teaching math in preschool, and personal qualities. We believe that teachers are second parents – they spend enough time with children, taking care of their personalities and learning abilities.

That’s why we pick tutors who care about children sincerely and enjoy teaching them. Lastly, we select only tutors with good communication skills to ensure that students and parents interact with them comfortably.

Math for Pre-K: How Can My Child Learn It Online?

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Math for Pre-K: How Can My Child Learn It Online?

How Does Brighterly’s Preschool Mathematics Work?

Want your preschooler to excel in math? Check how Brighterly’s math for preschool children work:

Book a Free Preschool Math Lesson

You will pay nothing upfront to check how our tutorship works. We offer a free full-fledged math lesson to let you test our service without paying a cent. If you like it, you can subscribe to one of our packages.

Image Book a Free Preschool Math Lesson

Complete an Order Form

Complete an order form to book a lesson. Fill in your kid’s math abilities, grade, and an appropriate time for the online class. Afterward, relax, and we will prepare a lesson for you.

Image Complete an Order Form

Enjoy a Math Lesson

We have no secrets - once our online class begins, you can park yourself next to your kid and watch the process. At Brighterly, you can make suggestions, discuss the math curriculum, and set the direction for the studying process. We will determine your kid’s strong sides as well as weak points. On top of that, you will receive detailed feedback on your kid’s math skills at the end of the class.

Image Enjoy a Math Lesson

Keep on Studying Math with Us

Once you finish the demo lesson, you can schedule upcoming math classes. You can order 8, 48, or 144 lessons and rest assured that your kid gets high-end math tutorship regularly.

Image Keep on Studying Math with Us
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Will The Tutor Also Help My Child with Their School Homework?

Brighterly develops math curriculum based on your child’s needs – it often differs from school programs, and we give students homework too. Therefore, we won’t be able to assist you with school homework. Only by choosing 144 classes package our math tutors can help your kid with a school homework.

Do I Need to Attend the Classes with My Child?

You can participate in a demo class to see whether our teaching methods satisfy your needs. As for the subsequent lessons, you don’t need to attend them as our teaching format implies one-to-one interaction between a student and a teacher.

Are These Classes Safe for My Child?

Our classes align with the highest educational standards – your kid will improve their knowledge and perform better than children who don’t attend personalized math lessons. Additionally, our tutors follow student-friendly ethics that promote stress-free learning. Therefore, your kid will be entirely safe during our math classes.

When Will My Card Get Charged?

We will charge your card after the demo class if you subscribe to one of our math plans. You can cancel the subscription at your discretion at any time. In this case, we will provide you with a refund and our support team will guide you through the process.

How Do I Schedule a Class with a Math Tutor?

Follow these steps to schedule a class with a math tutor: Select the math course you want your kid to attend; Select a lesson date and time; Our system will find and assign the best tutor for your lesson automatically.

Can I Reschedule a Class?

You can reschedule a math class via your dashboard on our website. However, a flexible schedule option is available only for 48 and 144 classes packages.

Can I Choose a Math Tutor?

You don’t need to choose a math tutor – our experts have equally strong teaching experience. Our system assigns tutors automatically to reduce wait times up to 95%. You can rest assured that you will get professional tutorship whenever you want.

Does Brighterly deliver classes for special-needs students?

We help kids of all backgrounds, and we have teachers with relevant experiences, so there is nothing to worry about.