What should be the next number in the following series? 100, 96, 104, 88, 120, 56,…?

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    Answer: The next number should be 136.

    Sequences and Series

    Understanding patterns in sequences and series is a fundamental aspect of mathematics. This particular series alternates between subtracting and adding multiples of 8 (100-4×8, 96+8×8, 104-2×8, 88+4×8, 120-8×8). Following this pattern, the next operation would be adding 8×8 to 56, resulting in 136. Recognizing patterns and predicting the next number in a series is not only a key mathematical skill but also critical in various scientific and economic analyses where trends and forecasts are made based on historical data.

    FAQ on Sequences and Series

    What is an arithmetic series?

    An arithmetic series is a sequence of numbers with a constant difference between consecutive terms.

    What is a geometric series?

    A geometric series is a sequence where each term is found by multiplying the previous term by a constant.

    How do you find the nth term in a sequence?

    The nth term can be found using the specific formula for the sequence, often involving the initial term and the common difference or ratio.

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