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    When a child starts learning numbers, they often need visual cues to see what the numbers look like and as an auditory aid for the sound. The first number a child learns is the number 1. Kids must be able to recognize, spell, and pronounce the number 1 before moving on to other numbers. Luckily, number 1 worksheets for preschool kids help students learn basic math and introduce them to number 1.

    Number 1 Preschool Worksheet

    Number 1 Preschool Worksheet

    Writing Number 1 Worksheet

    Writing Number 1 Worksheet

    Preschool Number 1 Worksheets

    Preschool Number 1 Worksheets

    Types of Number 1 Worksheets

    Brighterly is a math learning platform that offers parents number 1 worksheets for preschool children. Numerous number 1 worksheets are available on the internet; you just have to find the one that works for your toddler. A worksheet may have a printable version like the number 1 tracing worksheet and others on this list.

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    Number 1 color worksheet

    Toddlers need help identifying the numbers they are working with, and a color worksheet for number 1 helps with that. The pages of the number 1 worksheet contain different numbers including the number 1 that are scattered in small circles. A child has to look for the number 1 on the sheet and color it. This exercise helps kids recognize the number 1.

    Number 1 addition worksheet

    In addition to recognizing the number 1, children can also learn the effect of adding 1 to any number. They have to add 1 to every number laid out on the addition worksheet to get the answer. Often, the numbers they have to add are two-digit numbers like 10 or 11.

    Practice tracing 1’s

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    Number 1 Worksheets For Preschool

    Number 1 Practice

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    Number 1 Worksheet

    Number One

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    Number 1 Worksheet For Preschool

    Number 1 (One)

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    Number 1 Tracing Worksheet

    Number 1 tracing worksheet

    Tracing the number 1 is a fascinating exercise for children. The number 1 worksheets often have a faint outline of the number 1; your child will have to use a pencil or crayon to trace the number. This exercise helps a child remember the number easily.

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